Lindeman Lake

Angler BeerDust
Date of fishing Jun 12, 2009
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Votes 5
Fishing experience Excellent
How busy is the place Busy
Fly fishing Fishing Method
Midwater Fishing depth
5 # of fish caught
Rainbow Trout Species
35 cm (14 in) Average size
10 am - 11 am
Best time
n/a - n/a
Best time

Lindeman Lake

Boat launch
Sedge grass


Halfback   Doc Spratley Black   Green Baggie Shrimp          


Air Temperature Unknown
Water Temperature Unknown
Overcast Conditions
Very high Water level

My first time.. and what a pleasure. To hike up with a floattube you're looking at a good 45 minutes. Very steep in some sections. We did the hike up about 7am.. and we were a mass of sweat when we got to the top. If it were any later in the day.. wow, I can't even imagine. Once on the lake.. the hike was forgotten. What a beautiful setting to put a floattube into. Calm, green, and VERY cold water. The fishing was slow until about 9. It picked up and topped out for us about 10:30. The fish had beautiful colour. More red on the gills than I'm use to. They were a tad skinny.. and had almost no fight. I checked a stomach and found a couple shrimp.. not much else. I'm sure when the lake warms up in the next month or so.. the fish will be much more ready to party. The hike down took about half an hour. Just be careful.. the hike is steep in sections and the rocks are plentiful. One wrong step could be tragic. Be cautious and take'er easy and you'll have the time of your life! Cheers.

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