Buntzen Lake - South

Angler sam6140
Date of fishing Sep 14, 2011
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Buntzen Lake - South

Boat launch
Sedge grass


Black Wooly Bugger   Live CANADIAN NIGHT CRAWLERS              


Air Temperature 16 °C (60 °F)
Water Temperature Unknown
Overcast Conditions
Very high Water level

Water wasn't very cold. Fished the rock bluffs on the east side of the lake with worms under a bobber, and also a Black Wooly Bugger fly with a bobber. Not even a single bite. Then went over to the south beach. The water wasn't too cold, so I waded in, about 4 feet deep, then casted and fished the drop offs. Again, not a bite, which is weird using a worm and bobber, and not even getting a bite. Tried the fly, and again nothing. No fish rising either. Lake was calm. Didn't see anyone else fishing. The water has been elevated again, and the beach is flooded, and there is no access to the public dock anymore. The water level has been increased since the past weekend. I don't know what is with this lake. So hard to catch fish without a boat. I don't think there is a lot of fish in this lake. Maybe the water was too warm? I fished the lake between 4pm - 6:30pm. The problem is that due to the gate closures, the lake closes at 7pm (closes way before sunset, and opens way after sunrise). You can never get there at the peak fishing hours. Maybe things will improve in the fall.

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