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Well I know absolutely nothing about fishing. The only time when I caught a fish was 3 years ago, when I went to Salt Spring Island at St. Mary's Lake. This is the restort I stayed at then (you can get a nice view of the lake)

So I'm going to need all the help I can get from you guys. I live in North Vancouver, and the only "fishing" store I've ever been to to get some bait has been wal mart. I need to know what kind of bait I need, should I be fly fishing (Ill have to get a rod then), etc. Any help at all would be apreciated

"Rainbow and cutthroat trout, and small mouth bass are found in St. Mary lake. St. Mary is a jewel among lakes, it is a shallow lake, flanked east and west by sheltering hills making it ideal for flyfishing. The shallows, and there are lots of them , are chock full of bass easily fished for from shore. Over the years the lake has coughed up some trophy bass up to 7-8 pounds although the average is about 1 1/2 pounds. Three - five pound rainbows and cutts are routinely caught both baitfishing and flyfishing"

thats some more info I found about it..anybody know what I should use?

I know that lake well-you'll be a month late for decent fishing.
Being only about 40 feet deep the lake warms up by about now and fish go off their feed.
Maybe some Smallmouth early/late in the day but you have to know how to cast a spinning reel-can you at least do that?
Forget Flyfishing which IMO is a BS waste of time and money and boring to boot.
If you can't cast Spinnerbaits or Crankbaits then soak some Powerbait on the bottom-maybe you'll catch a Perch.
If you visit Harvey Wong @ 3 Vets in Vancouver he can set you right-show you what you need.

yea of course I can cast a spinning reel. I have access to boats at the restort I'm staying at, should I go near the centre of the lake and cast as deep as possible? Also I'm planning on getting a new fishing rod, does anybody know of any cheap ones that will do the trick or should I just go down to that store you mentioned?

alright, I bought some spinningbait and already had a crankerbait. I have some white trout powerbait stuff but I havent really found it that helpful, of course I only went fishing 3 times at Rice Lake since going to St. Mary's lake last time. Also does anybody know of a fishing store closer to north vancouver, not in downtown? 3vets is a bit too far away..

not sure about the fishing stores in North van but I can tell you the smallies in St Mary's were loving my Chartreuse blue fox vibrax spinner. Between that and the good old fashioned worm and a weight, they struck often. With the warmer water I definitely recommend just lowering a worm on a hook down with a weight, and drift along where the depth drops off drastically...which is pretty close to shore on that lake.

I got a blue fox spinner but its silver..I got copper one of a different brand too, hopefully that'll do the trick

With the spinner should I let it sink to the bottom and then start reeling it up or cast it as far out as I can and retrieve it right away?

damn you can't edit posts..

I got some jigs too and those powerbait little tail do you think that'll do?

Fishing forum > Going to St. Mary's Lake 15th-23rd


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