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Author Topic: Massive poisoning of 3 interior lakes!!!!

dont know if you all of heard or not yet, but three interior lakes were poisoned last night, Tunkwa, Big OK, and Roche, were devastated by some type of toxin. Its speculated that during the night some people rolled large drums of toxic material into the lakes, these lakes are relatively close together therefore it is beleived that the same people are responsible for all three poisonings. Thousands of fish are washing up on the shore of all three lakes, and its only going to get worse, it is expected that they will all be nearly completely killed off. at this point the drums have been removed but its feared its far too late, its a real shame that some people will stoop to such a level. three of the best lakes in the interior are totally lost.




Above See Picture of a Really Really Bad Troll

It's total bullsh!t. We've talked with people all day who've been fishing Tunkwa and nobody's seen a dead fish. Tunkwa and Roche resorts are fielding phone calls, as well as us, and there's is absolutely no truth to this malicious rumor.

You can call our shop any day between 9:00 and 5:00 for confirmation....

Georgi Abbott
Logan Lake Fly Shop
(250) 523-9711

you sicko!!!! don't mess with us like that!

You think THAT'S bad??! A reliable source told me today that the entire PACIFIC OCEAN has been poisoned!! Yes, it's true!!! Everything is dead!!!! O God, save us!!!!!!!! If only Ronald Reagan were alive ... or if only Bruce Willis would PLAY Ronald Reagan, and save us!!

What a putz. Maybe we could turn him on to Playboy as a better source of material for self-gratification.

Hey labito, try and see if it is acually true/ Witch it is not, before posting Bullsh!t like that on a public forum

It was just a troll, the guy's a F***head.
fish on

labito-Roe Pig-get real. GET A LIFE. Throwing a thread like that out there only shows your a true hashole. OH YOU LIKE THAT, FEEL better!! DINK
Louis Vuitton

Hey, nextime you scare us like that, im going to get my friend from the government to trace your thread. You do it again and we'll fuckin "...cut you up so bad you wish i no cut you..."
Ever seen the movie Signs with Mel Gibson?
Your the dork that couldnt get a girl friend that the brother talks about in the movie.

Fishing forum > Massive poisoning of 3 interior lakes!!!!


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