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The Yak

This being able to make posts and replys without signing in is getting a little out of have... Too many "Anonymous" posters are being belligerent and making unnecessary comments and hijacking peoples threads and it is hurting the integrity of this forum and the ability to share information about FISHING in a courteous manner. I would think the the paying users of this site would appreciate it if everyone had to sign in with a unique name Before you could make a post.

The recient new topic called "breakinrods with these bad boys!!!!!" is a perfect example of what I am talking about with the "Anonymous" posting...

Lets not keep it gutter...[As Shizzy would say (i still love that phrase)]....heheh lets keep it a forum for inforamtion about all of our favorite pass-time, fishing....

Well sorry guys but this is the last time i am logging on to this site,
If the people who run this site cannot controll or block this bad stuff then the site is not worth logging onto.

Alex, webmasters , yak has a good point. if you read the posting on "coho on the cap" by gone fishin, "
thats because your gay. and cant fish buddy
AAAHAHAHAHA eat shit! " that crap was said by some asshole thats just trying to piss everyone off. maybe this anonymous issue has gone too far, and we all gotta remember this is a site where we share fishing info, stories and so forth as yak said. and i think we all want more people to come and share their stories with us and not leave. Just a comment and suggestion John


As The Yak put it rightly, I'm also getting very frustrated with the way these anonymous people are posting. My subscription is coming up shortly and frankly with the way this site is going, I dont see much value for me to continue my subscription. Hope something can be done soon.

We are dealing with a tricky issue tho...aside from my nickname, you guys don't know anything about me and I am virtually annonymous except for that nick name. If people are going to be pricks, they will just sign up bogus accounts and post what ever they like.

Maybe the web master can identify the IP addresses making offensive posts and block it or tie the IP address to an account and ban it too...just an idea.


Hello guys,
I'm new to the site and posted a request for info on fishing in Ucluelet. I got a couple of helpful answers and really appreciate it. Too bad about the few bad apples making it unpleasant for the others. In my posting I did not notice the address issue and it came out as "anonymous". If the webmaster could just make it a bit more obvious where one should leave his/her name or just make it automatic it might help. Otherwise the site should be monitored and the offenders addresses blocked. I'd hate to see this site ruined by a couple of knuckleheads.

i am the one who post coho on the cap, it pisses me off when i see this stuff, this is not the first time, on that discussion about bottom bouncing there is lots of anonymous's posting stuff to get people to get off topic, i just wont to know how things are going on the other river's, lakes, ect. if this dosent stop i am also going to stop checking out these forums because of the dummies

my 2 cent

tight lines

Yup I think it's about time for registration.
shizzy now sighning over my copyrights of "keep it gutter" to the yak...

Thanks for the input on the Anon issue. Yes, this has been a pain for all of us, though some good comments came from unknown authors as well.

We are going to make registration obligatory.

Fishing forum > Help us webmaster...please...


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