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Anyone know if there would be any fish in this river yet ?? maybe the odd spring here or there pending on the water flowing through the hatchery area any help would be great I looked in the synopsis book on the dates its closed and unless im blind wich I may be, I couldnt find anything on when it was opened and closed for fishing anyway Thank you for the help

ya, there one in there right now! go get em man!

That last post is full of S**T. I know the river pretty well and other than one mending winter, I saw NOTHING but smolts and small trout kicking around. We covered a lot of the river on Saturday and probably hiked more than fished (which is important to do on a river that has changed as much as the Chehalis). We covered some really nice water and only hooked some small rainbows.

Just so you guys know, the pool infront of the hatchery channel is almost almost still water. The run below it is 6 inches deep! There is talk that they will be diverting the river...its can't happen soon enough from my stand point. Most of the common fishing holes are dry now so be prepared to do some walking if you go.

Wish I had gone bar fishing instead although it was a great day for a hike!
bug pumper

and just to answer yoyr question, the Chehalis opened June 1. BP

Fishing forum > Chehalis River


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