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has anyone know anything about hatzic wht baits to use im useing a spinning reel ? any info ?
The Yak

I heard that Hatzic has Bass in it. Anyone know if this is fact or fiction?

Yes. Hatzic is one of the few places in Lower Mainland where you can find bass. But don't get too excited. Fish tend to be small.

Hatzic is known for carp fishing.
Louis Vuitton

Where is this Hatzic?
And what gamefish are in it?
I heard there are bass in it, but are there enough to go fish for them, or doyou just sumtimes encounter them when fishing for other fish?
What works in ther, and what type of flies?

Tight lines!

umm small orange flys work for squaw fish i know that,below the bridge on the left side when the water is low there is a weed bed along the beside that is where the squaws hang out.worms work best for bait in there. dont grab the sqwas too hard or theyll foam like hell from the mouth
fish"n feind

Louis,Hatziclake is just past Mission on the lougheed hwy
There are some nice rainbows and cutts in the deeper part of the lake by neilson park[signs on the hwy]Best bet is a boat but if explore around the lake for streams and you might have some luck

You might want to fish a hundred yrds. off the north end of the Island,good for cutties,useing A muddler late fall,a weighted dragon nymph fished deep.You can also fish west end near rock bluffs ,lots of small rainbows,and some fair cutties(10-13").Big carp (5-10)lbs. up the creek north end, sluggish bulldogs. Occasional small mouth bass.
stink finger

hatzic also has coho in there little late now but therein there

Isn't Hatzic lake directly connected to the Fraser? I used to get drunk at a friends up there all the time.

You can also catch some decent black crappies from hatzic lake. A friend and I pulled out some that were about a ppund to a pound and a half. While fishing for crappie we also hooked many small bass. My friend did hook into a 14 in bass, but it got off just before he could land it. So there are some larger bass around. try fishing on the other side of the railroad tracks on the right side of the highway. there is a culvert that connects hatzic lake to what I believe is hatzic slough. We were jigging with yellow and white tubes, and worms work well too.

check out the west coast bass anglers forum

Is hatzic lake any good in the spring time,(late april), for bass, if so what should I use and where do I fish? Thanks

Is hatzic lake any good in the spring time,(late april), for bass, if so what should I use and where do I fish? Thanks
Harry Buns

Good in Spring. Last year I caught about a half dozen with the largest being about 4 pounds.
Harry Buns

I used power bait with(believe it or not) a tiny piece of carp's tail.
Harry Buns

Please don't hurt any carp.
Fish'n BC

Ha Ha Ha; The carp probably tastes better than the bass there. Right now the bass are down deeper and not that active, so I would try drop shotting or dead sticking plastic until the water warms up more.

Look for deep water near structure.
Harry Buns

Thanks where is the best place to fish from shore?

Is the lake fishable by shore, is so where?
Fish'n BC

Your best bet for shore fishing is probably along the north end of Nielson Park. It would be ideal if you can get out on the long dock just north of the park, but get permission first.


Harry Buns you need to read the freshwater regulations. Illegal to use parts of fish for bait. Page 9.
Fin fish... the use of fin fish (dead or alive) or parts of fin fish other than roe is prohibited throughout the province, with the following exception: You may use the head of fin fish or the headless body of fin fish as bait, only:
(a) when sport fishing for sturgeon in Fraser River (Region 2 only), or
(b) when set lining in lakes of Region 6 or in lakes of Zone A of Region 7.

Calm down guys I know (harry buns) lol he is joking about the carp tail lololololo , just a joke

Hatzic lake ..crappie?


Black Crappie

That's one large small mouth bass! What bait did you use and where is that spot located, if you don't mind me asking?

The upper picture looks like a black crappie. Not sure if both pictures are the same fish as the second one is a little dark.

Smallmouth Bass:

Black Crappie:

The pictures are a Black Crappie and a Largemouth Bass. As for the location, the topic is Hatzic Lake so that should give you a big hint, lol.
On The Dry

Thats a large mouth bass---wow im there fast to getem all

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Fishing forum > Any info on hatzic lake?


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