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Any pics? Are you sure those bulls werent dollies?

Well I guess you know what your next two drawing subjects are then... LOL


Where abouts did you catch those dollies?

I used to get em below the red bridge.

Oops, I thought it was you that did the drawings obviously, my mistake...

hey FishSlayer:
Congrats on your catch.
You might want to remove or edit your post about where you caught the fish and even change "**** river" to something like "coq river." Announcing to the world the best spot to fish can cause some issues especially on a small river system like the coq. river. The last thing you want to see this Saturday is about a dozen of your new friends standing shoulder-to-shoulder at your new favorite spot when you arrive.
Anybody Googling Fishing and ***river will now know exactly where to go.
Just a thought.
Again, congrats on your catch and i'll probably see you there this Saturday.

sweet! That is awesome good job!

i bet the river is full of people thanks to this post. Not that it matters to me but Ive seen it numerous times where a novice angler is excited about his catch and posts it not realizing that next time he goes to the spot its gonna be plugged with beaks.

And 8 5lb bulls? hmmmm. You shouldve bought a 6/49 ticket after that day

Go take a flying leap smokin, I've seen nothing but troll behaviour out of you. Let the kid enjoy his catch. Hey at least he has the cajones to post his own thread, I have never seen you do likewise. All I've seen you do is just nay-say and troll other people's threads. Beak this, beak that...yeah you should know.

I just calls em like I see em. Anyone who fishes local rivers would have to be insane to not question anyone, let alone a teenager, about catching 8 5lb bulls. Especially on the coquitlam. All I see in your pics is fish caught out of lakes so I assume youre not a river fisherman. Not that I need to justify anything to you but I fish full time and know a thing or 2.

This isn't a pissing match about fishing, this is about whether you are a contributor or leach, presume what you like about me. Post report one, post thread one, stop calling down kids to make yourself feel better. So sick of all you little beyotches that think that there are "secret rivers" or that they should only be known and accessible to you, so then you think you should go tell people what to do and say. Shit, I've lived out of the lower mainland for over a decade, never fished that spot, yet I know about this hole. If you have to pick on someone too young to know to tell you to go piss up a rope, I'll do it for him. Have you really convinced yourself that you are doing us all a public service by shit-talking on everyone's posts. If you knew your shit, you'd have something to contribute, not just detract from every post on the site. Fish pillage pics don't impress me...a real man doesn't bully kids and knows enough to let a fish go now and again.

I think if taken as constructive advise...Smokin's first post would actually improve the youngster's future fishing experiences

Ya the coq is no secret, been fishin that river my whole life.There will always be losers there no matter what.Good job on the fish kid.

That river is actually one of the 10 most endangered rivers in British Columbia due to heavy sedimentation and urbanization.

BC’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2012;

1. (tied). Sacred Headwaters of Skeena, Nass and Stikine (coalbed methane, new mines)
1. (tied) Kokish River (IPP proposal)
2. Kitimat (industrial development, pipeline proposal)
3. Peace River (hydro-electric dam proposal)
4. Kettle River (water extraction, development)
5. Fraser River, “Heart of the Fraser”(urbanization, industrial development, habitat loss)
6. Taku River (mining development, road proposal, leachate concerns)
7. Elk River (development, increasing selenium levels, wildlife migration issues)
8. Big Silver Creek (IPP proposal)
9. Coquitlam River (excessive sedimentation, urbanization – some progress evident)

Curious who the dude is that joined tonight to state this fact (albeit completely out of context). Yes it is the 10th river listed, but the Fraser-fookin'-River is #5!!! :O I didn't see any of you "secret river stewardship" hero's voluntarily avoiding this year's gong shows (AKA salmon run snag fests). So if we are going to get all misty-eyed about a river that a novice teen is catching fish in left, right and centre, maybe we better also not talk about the Fraser anymore and especially not refer to it online, nor subject it to any further fishing pressure. Yeah secret rivers should only be fished by the chosen few...

Oh and fishslayer24, sorry for participating in making your thread go completely sideways.

It's ridiculous to compare this river to the Fraser .Chaka,you are the only one using the word "secret" here.What a few of us are saying here, is that smaller rivers like this one, simply don't need internet notoriety .The kid got his ass out the door and into some good fishing.Good .Fetoids response was polite and an opinion others share.Just trying to caution on how much info one might want to share.

Ya, just to be clear: Congrats Fishslayer, that's a great catch especially if you are new to the river.

The reason I asked you modify some of your posts was not necessarily because the river is Endangered. The reason is because, as you know, it's a very small river and if a dozen people show up at your favorite spot, it will get crowded.

Yes, the river rises and falls quickly based on the rains. However, there's also a dam at the top of the river so both last year and this year water levels were high early in the season due to release. Check out:

The other cool thing about the river is that you can drive up Shaugh. rd and Pipe. rd, see where cars are parked and check out those fishing spots. Don't be afraid to explore the upper river.

I have Thursday and Friday off and will be checking out your spot. I'll let you know how it goes.

is the original post not a slight misprint. was it not supposed to be "a 5 lb bull trout" not "8 5 lb'ers".i understand how the naysayers would question this.
and for those who do not think such a day should be posted, quit worrying about having the variious spots all to yourself. his post has probably attracted 10 fishermen. smokin's picture of 8 coho probably attracted 20 fishermen. you should be ashamed of yourself for posting that!(it was nice to actually see that you do catch fish and are not just a talker).
as for the coq. river being dead, it is much improved if it has fish in it. they were pretty well extinct 50 years ago when the river was pillaged for gravel, along with the allouette river.

Prunehands, that is an opinion, like a belly button we each have one. How is comparing this river to the Fraser ridiculous? According to our new 'mystery poster", the Coquitlam River is endangered...sure it is, but it is 10th on the list while the Fraser is 5th. I trust you are still following the mathematical logic here? This is not my personal top ten list, this was compiled by the provincial government, nor was I the one that brought it up, I'm just clarifying (after a partial truth was posted). Do I agree with these rankings, I doubt it, but according to their methods the Fraser ranks twice as high as the Coquitlam River. Ridiculous maybe, so take that up with them, I just quoted their rankings verbatim.

Okay nobody said "secret", so no I paraphrased "secret" after everyone acting like we can't refer to this river by name, shamed the kid to name it something else, remain hush hush etc etc. You guys are hilarious, even before the internet, there has always been a grapevine. I have heard things about the Vedder and Coquitlam going all the way back to junior high (nearly 25 years ago). Why can't someone search a forum to find out new fishing spots to try? What are only those over the age of 40 (pre internet age) allowed to fish there? If I use Google Earth to find a new fishing hole, is that unethical too? Am I expected to check in with you guys to see if I am allowed to fish a new spot? If you have a problem with the pressure this river is enduring, take it up with fish & wildlife (which might actually cause some change). Bitching people out about naming names does not save a river? Want to actually help, write a letter to someone that can institute such a change, grumpy-old-man troll behaviour has never saved a single fish. Talk is cheap, if you really care, take action.

You are correct, Fetoid was diplomatic about his approach, so I don't have a problem with what he suggested. Not coincidentally, that is why I have not referred to him until you brought it up. But why couldn't it be left at that? Everyone else jumping on the kid was just bully, pack mentality. Tactful suggestions are reasonable, telling someone what to do is not. Really if this kid wanted to make an entire, top google ranked website telling everyone to go out an fish this river daily, that would be his own business. I myself wouldn't suggest it, but come on, lets acknowledge the freedoms our charter provides. They do extend to SharpHooks too after all.

As has been said before, there are no secret fishing holes in the lower mainland. You will have to travel far far more remote to find such a thing. Lets stop this elitist hush hush (dare I say "secret") crap. I already touched on how to be part of the solution. To me it is ridiculously ironic that those that are trying to limit who can fish a certain system, themselves seem oddly very familiar with the particular system. So does that mean that you don't also fish this system, you just study if from afar in hopes to revitalize it? If not, there is a word for this, "Hypocrisy"...

Although some methods have improved,the gravel plundering continues.Not right from the river itself, but right beside it.The run off is tough to watch some days

So stop watching and start doing...

If the fishing regs and environmental laws allow it, nothing short of working to change those laws will help. Prunehands, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against you, I am just debating this with you respectfully and trying to understand your approach.

My approach is simple.Small,urban flows don't need Internet attention.My own hypocrisy of bumping this is starting to get to me, so I'm done.Gotta get to work .PS The closest I came to fishing there this fall was taking my 4 yr old to cast for cedar bales, so it's no a case of me wanting this for myself.

^^..I agree little man, though just part of forum that sometimes posts just go to shit once in awhile....and I have to agree 100% with prunehands earlier post with smokin in that "I think if taken as constructive advise...Smokin's first post would actually improve the youngster's future fishing experiences"

Wow, you too. Fine, I'll just butt out and let this revert to a trolls bullying children forum, fishing and personal freedoms be damned. Wow!

I have to agree with fishslayer24 and mzmann. Seems to be ChakaRaka is the one swearing and bullying by calling people a douchebag.

don't let them bother you chaka.
maybe there will be a few guys going to the _______ river because of his post. the only problem is according to smokin they are all beeks (he uses that word a lot. a member recently asked him what beek meant but got no response. i was kind of wondering what it means too. ) if they do then he will be more careful what he posts. if he meets a great fishing partner as a result he might not think twice. that is his decision, just as it was his decision to post this experience. it was also his right, as long as he didn't say something wrong to get the moderators shorts in a knot. one member politely suggested he be careful what he posts. should have been the end of the story except for questions about the water rising with the rain and a maybe see you on the river. but no, smokin and others have to make a federal case of it . good for you for jumping in but you have a lost case. it seems that many of the members are very protective of their rivers. i guess if we were forced to live down there instead of in god's country we would think like that. somehow i didn't develop that sickness during the first 30 years of my life when i did nothing but hunt and fish and i haven't developed it in the 30 years i've spent away from the zoo.
i like bently's aproach (where the hell is the old bugger lately?). he does his best to try to help the other members without telling them where and when he is fishing. some members seem to prefer to only complain and never offer advice. in my opinion if you are going to complain you had better offer something positive as well. enough ranting chaka, got to go.
and you protectors. i do understand but give it up ! it was a lost cause when i was a kid. the word will get around even without the internet. instead spend your time responding to threads by young fishermen asking how to catch a dammed fish !

I would have an iota of respect for these "heroes" if they got off the troll-train and actually did something to address the problem. But trolling online will never save one body of water. Go lobby a politician, go educate other anglers, something valid. Bullying kids is no acceptable adult behaviour. Ever notice that all those opposed to me have never contributed one positive thing to the site. No worthwhile thread, no reports and never helped out a newbie on here...

I have a pretty good idea where Bentley is, whenever this place loses all its class he vanishes and I'm doing likewise. Keep in touch Cagey...I'm done with this short bus, at least for a good while.

ya I asked what a beeker is. still no one told me.

Up north we didn't use slang for poachers. they were called tourists. hahahaha

usually germans or italians. and I'm suprised the kitimat is the second 'endangered' river in BC.

I know eurocan killed the oolichan back in the 80's and the sockeye stopped running shortly after.

nice work fishslayer, I think it would be incredibly difficult to enjoy fishing here in the lowermainland being so young and not driving. the distances are vast, and congrats on acually catching something.

I'm heading there but not cause of this post. I live like 5 min away and its easier for me to go and cast a few times after work for a couple hours on the weekend. Why would I want to drive for an hour and a half to go to a far away destination, spend all day and all my gas to hear my wife moan that I've been gone all day. I can get my fix down the road and everyone is happy.

Besides my fly fishing skills are rusty so I need to practice a bit.

If we are allowed then what is the problem? Thousands of people know about the place. The only reason you don't see as many guys fishing there is cause you can not keep any of the fish. C&R ONLY. I've never seen any one keep there catch there. Although I think you can keep trout? correct me if I'm wrong.

Fished this morning all up and down your spot w/ no luck at all. Went up to the RR br. and got one ~3 pound trout. I'll try again tomorrow if the weather isn't to horrible.

I was there this morning with no luck. FishS, any luck with you?

First the rope swing, then under the rr bridge. Not even a bite. As I was leaving, I think I saw you and your friends crossing the blue bridge heading to your spot. Steelhead will be here soon.

It must have been lost.The hatchery does not raise steelhead in the Coquitlam .Just salmon


Had a good sized one on yesterday. Just as I was reaching down to take out the hook, it snapped my 8# leader and took off. I pinched the hook, of course, but if you catch a steely w/ a #3 blue fox (silver blade w/ red bullet) tell him "hi" for me. I'm looking for him again this afternoon.

Trout caught this morning. Again, I had something bigger broke off. I need to check my knots.

Small pink worm. You can see it in the photo. I caught it close to the areas that we have talked about before; however, look for downed trees, branches, etc and fish around there. Remember, you can only keep clipped trout.

It's closed right now ??

Ya ok... i'm sure there are pebbles like that in the background somewhere downstream from maryhill bypass.

read the regs, poacher.

uh, ur commenting on a pic of team fwr, good comeback... still doesn't changed the fact that u were fishing in a closed area. read the regs, poacher.

go to some place where it is very hot beak. the member made a mistake for which he is apologetic. he has learned his lesson and as a result will be an even more valuable member to this website. unlike yourself who contributes nothing.

he edited his last reply. my response was to what he wrote previously, otherwise i'd seem like a dick wouldnt i lol...

if ur gonna write something and then remove it because u cant handle the heat, dont write it in the first place

you are very good at that beak.
I do not disagree with what you started out to do . why do you always use the word poacher.....the kid made a mistake.
he has tried very hard and as a result become a very good member of this site. unlike yourself, he is not perfect.
I will leave it to your imagination how you are perfect.
now crawl back in your hole.
Red Wool

Hey Beak.....This kid made a mistake. This kid could be out galivanting, breaking into cars or houses, or doing something else destructive that a lot of kids his age or a few years older are doing. Instead of being a menace to society and causing hard working people money out of insurance claim deductables, he's fishing.

There's a time and a place. This isn't one of them. We've all made mistakes like this. Lighten up. He's fishing, and learning properly from people on this site who care, and who play by the rules. Instead you attack the young guy.

I agree with Cagey.....Not cool. The Scarlett Letter doesn't apply to everyone. Man, I'd love to see you patrol the Vedder after dark when the red necks or the ESL's start fishing with nets or with two to three inch triple barbed hooks and no bait on them. Go nuts on them. Kids need time to learn. This is what he's doing.
sharphooks moderator

just be more careful in the future.
as you can see not everyone is as miserable as Beak 007!
it was good that he pointed it out to you and that you learn from it and continue to file your wonderful reports.
End of discussion !

Accidents happen, learn from your mistakes, move on. Right?

You can fish the lower river past the bridge if you have a Tide license, which you might want to get for Pinks this year.

BTW, the Alouette River is also closed above a certain point (216?) right now. And that river has some funky regs all year.

Just remember to read the regs next time you decide to go out. Never hurts to double check.

I remember the first time I realized I had broke the regs, crapped bricks, but I did learn from the experience. Sometimes the best way to learn is the hardest. better to do some research before getting into a situation, but if you do find yourself in a situation, fess up and learn from your mistakes.

amazing how roe bandit and beak come out of no where the same day as this kid made a mistake . are they the same person or are the tow total jerks out there. you contribute nothing to this site . I actually commend beak for noticing it after which he had to be beak. as for you, roe bandit, what more can I say. and to think, Bentley said there was only room for one on this site so he left. wow , did we all loose on that exchange. we gained you and lost a valuable, extremely knowledgeable member.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse for poaching or any other crime.

Maybe no1important, Roe Bandit and me are all the same person. I mean, what are the chances three people all agree poaching is a behaviour not to be taken lightly? LOL!!!!!

What a horrible thread. Starts off with a false unrealistic fishing report. Lots of arguing between a teen and adults. Fishslayer nothing good came from this thread. Think twice before posting about small steams as many locals don't want 30 snaggers in their backyards. Also it's unresponsible to claim ignorence not knowing the regs as it is your resposibility. Always check the regs before your fishing trips. If anyone spots illegal fishing or retention, call or email RAPP 1-800-465-4336

I think you have said your were wrong and sorry for it is definately time to delete this thread..!!

A poacher is one who hunts or fishes with intention to keep and/or kill whatever they catch. Catch and release is NOT poaching in my books. Therefore, if the guy who clearly just made a mistake and fished, and released everything he caught, he is not a poacher. He is simply someone who neglected to check the regulations. An honest mistake. He's a kid.

River is now open, JS


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