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Hi guys, this is my first post, but i've been lurking and reading for about a year.... it's kind of a rant.

so I moved to vancouver from kitimat 3 years ago now. When I first got here a few friends took me fishing to scale bar on the fraser, then the stave river by the dam.

Those were the two worst experiences of my life. So I gave up on fishing.....something I've done nearly all 35 years of my life.

so as a true fisherman, that burn, that itch (not an std thanks) was always there, I needed to get on the water again...... so I did start again this summer.

I am glad I did, however it's still pretty f-ing bad down here. I know I was spoiled in kitimat. But some of the stuff I've seen here is ridiculous.

I have never seen such nice fishing equipment in the hands of the incompetent as I have seen on the capilano. I've fished it twice and given up because of people casting over you, snagging fish and just being silly. Just because you own an islander reel and a g-loomis rod doesn't make you one half of italo and henry.

people getting into fights on the river is pretty hilarious. you should be more concerned with what your wife is doing while your out being an assclown on the river.

the fact that the fraser river... the second biggest river in canada has no retention for wild stocks is absurd. really. I had to reflect on that for a day after reading the regs down here...... say it to yourself. "the second biggest river in canada is closed to wild stocks" it brings a tear to my eye.

I like the vedder. I hate the shoulder to shoulder though. and the chehalis is nice. at least you can hike away from people.

I really have to give a few of you guys a thank you. There about 10% of you that I've spoken to that are genuinely nice and care about the species your targeting.

you call DFO on idiots and verbally tell people to stop snagging fish.....

I've been using setups that aren't traditionally used down here. (no one floats a corky in kitimat) yet every time i head out i have some yahoo come up to me and call me "stupid, crazy, or insane" for using what i do..... then i catch fish.

so guys, to the 90% of you. take a 15 hour drive and go explore this gorgeous province and see what fishing is really like. there should be no one around except your buddy and your dog.

and to the 10% of you. a genuine heart felt thank you. without a few of you, this sport, this hobby, this way of providing protein would not be something I continue to enjoy.

good luck, and hope to meet more of you on the water.

* that's my daughter catching a spawned out chum with her bare hands ( in kitimat). if that was the stave, someone would have bought it off her.

welcome aboard. great post. i am fortunate not to live at the coast although i spent the first half of my life there. every once in a while i get up enough courage to fish when i am down there. i know exactly how you feel !

"my experiences in the lower wasteland" lololol

I need to add that what I have seen on the tamihi? or chilliwack river, where there is a course for kayakers to go through............thats not fishing. you should be ashamed of yourself for even dipping a line in the water there.

that whole area from the bridge up should be off limits for fishing. such a disgusting site watching people dip their line in for 4.3 seconds then pull up. repeat.

if you snag a fish in the face. it didn't really bite....
fished the kitimat, skeena, copper, and tseax systems. never once called DFO.... been out 8 times this year in the lower mainland and had to call em twice.

Very well put. There are some spots above the rapids, that some of us use to fish properly here. Assclowns everywhere there with the odd respectful guy sprinkled in there. Its all about enticing the fish to bite. I guess thats why its called fishing and not catching.

well, it's kind of funny. One weekend i took the wife out camping and fishing to stacey lake out by harrison mills... I had read reports about it here and compared it to some map books i have. it was close to vancouer and i thought what the hell.

soon as we basically set up camp, I meet the one guy fishing the lake... he's the guy who's fishing report i have in my truck from this forum. can you believe that $*^!

out in the middle of the sticks. the one report i decided to print out. I meet him.... nice guy, for sure. I know fishing spots are 'secret' but a lil sniff once and a while doesn't hurt anybody.

Get a boat, fish the Harrison River. Never a gong-show there.

Fish the Upper Pitt River (access is a "female dog", though) and you'll catch fish and probably see more bear/cougar tracks than fellow fishermen...well, at times.

Get a boat and fish the Stave lower down the river.

Fish Nicomen Slough. Plenty of elbow room when I drove by the other week.

Get a boat and fish the saltwater....not as crowded, all things being equal.

Fish the incredible LAKES of BC.

Lots of options.

i've fished nicomen a couple of times in the last 10 days. it's a decent drive but nice out there. and yes there wasn't too many people.

I bought a boat when i moved to vancouver, well a 9 foot inflatable avon and minn kota riptide motor. it's been a blast on the lakes around here.

i'm hesitant to purchase a river boat. first i don't think the wife would be too happy about it. secondly, i've been around boats my whole life and fished the chuck up north. the maintenance involved as well as the cost of fuel is a serious deterrant. it was a lot easier to hand my buddy 100 for gas and not worry about cleaning the boat, and everything else associated with keeping it in prime condition.... used to hear 3 hours working on the boat for every hour of enjoying it.

so i will stick to fishing lakes for trout. fly fishing, and using the baitcasters for the rivers.

just need to explore more.... though i've been liking the squamish area more than the valley. just less people i believe.

I am using corky as well. You are not the only one. That is way I never had a snagg even though I was fishing shoulder by shoulder in Stave river and many around had the tailled hook.

Somebody was saying about fishing in the great lakes of BC. Lakes are equal as river or worth. I can name Como( people going home with trout and coming back 20 min later one of his buddy keep the spot taken), Buntzen lake (some people using more than one rod ar double hook setup, keeping fish alive in water tank not too much water planty of sun) Rice lake keeping over quota or under decent size.......... And other many. I stopped going to Deer lake because of couple person fishing over quota hiding the fish under the dock
Do I have to say about all those who's fishing in the spot where DFO relase the fish one hour after they stocked the lake?
I do not judge anybody , i disagree with their procedures but I have to accept that for the moment the man as human being is on top of the predators chain.
The world population is the total number of living humans on Earth. As of today, it is estimated to number 7.054 billion and few people cant change everybody. We can only try to educate part of them.

reporting the offenders will help.
what we need is a bunch of imposter co's to hang around the bad spots such as the vedder . get dressed up in a co uniform and hang out. i bet their fishing practices would change. as it is the chance of getting caught is nill unless they are reported.

love man, i did it for a woman. i think history shows that most of mans illogical decisions can be attributed to the power of the p*$$y

I need to update this as i'm completing my first steelhead season here.

I want to change my ratio of 90% idiots and 10% normal people. it's more like 65% idiots and 45% good people.

I've met numerous good people at the rivers during this steelhead season. discussing and accepting of different techniques and strategies.... possibly because only the die hards are out in the freezing cold chasing these fish.

learned quite a bit chatting with some old foxes. and it really changed my perception of fishing down here. hopefully enough to accept the idiots and not get deterred by them.

so i'm hoping this upcoming salmon season will be filled with positive experiences and meeting more good people. and of course a full freezer.

Well done, I find that most of the idiots that are on the Vedder are durring the salmon run. After that 90% of the people you will meet are great. Keep going and best of luck!
Fish repellent

Your ratio of 45% normal people and 65% idiots will change for the worse if you fish the Pink run on the Vedder, I certianly have had bad experiences there.

Lol how does 65% idiots and 45% normal people add up to 100%?

new math?

well what i meant was 55/45

math skills have served me well.... it's the typing thats the problem.

same problem with me!!

banx, it was nice talking to you up at Stacey last year, I have bumped into a few people off this site on the lakes and rivers, and for me fishing is as much about getting out and experiencing what this great country has to offer, both in natural resources and the great people, as it is about playing with fish.

it was nice meeting you too. thanks for the worms also. ended up going through all of mine AND yours. caught quite a few nice lil trout there.

we are planning on returning to that lake again at some point this summer.... I agree with you completely, just being outside is enough.

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