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Anybody here have any thoughts on using red hooks? I hear two theories on why they work better:
-Fish see the red and think it’s a blood trail and go for it.
-Fish can’t see the hook because of the way UV light works underwater under a certain depth.
I know, the two contradict each other.
Two weeks ago I was fishing a run w/ about 6-8 of us bunched together. The guy using wool on a red hook was bringing in Chum (all released) one after another. This was no scientific study, but still interesting to me.
Red hooks, marketing hype or a good tool in the tackle box?

I was doing some googling on the topic and found this posted on another forum:

It's a gimmick designed to catch a single species Gulibis fishermanus, or the common fisherman.


i use red and silver hooks. one seems to work the same as the other colour. me thinks it is a gimic all right to suck us into buying more. i even have some blue gamis in 2/0's!

I use the red gammy's, I like em.

hahaha, You mean youre flossing em

He's just being a troll, he should just beat it and bale before the inevitable happens.

My guess is, his name will be on the "list" within the next day or so, so say your goodbyes while you still can, LOLLOL

Fishing forum > Red hooks, thoughts?


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