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I just came from merles bait and tackle and picked up some premium Chinook salmon roe. Great Price for the amount you get. 12 bucks. No tax. I'LL be up at the vedder this weekend working the run.

It's decent roe I've caught lotsa springs of it ...but I prefer to cure it my self.

It's Berry's Bait and Tackle's roe, Merle just sticks his own label over top, LOLLOL.

And it's not Chinnook roe, it's farmed Atlantic Salmon Roe, not that it really matters but in some peoples mind it does I guess.

Can you say "hook,line,and sinker", lollol

I have family down commercial fishing Chum, I could probably hook you up with FRESH roe next week

Just catch a fish and cure it's roe.... you'll have tons. On that note... got to go cure yesterdays roe

It's a tough job Mr grey1, but someones gotta do it. LOLLOL

Here's the latest batch

Hmmm looks good there i hope to get myself some more today, i only have 4 mason jars left. Always trying to find different ways to cure roe. Some times i fing its good to have a variety of it.

Hey Moe, try this next time you do some roe up, it works incredible for coho and it's so super easy.

Get an empty sprinkle bottle {I use an empty seasoning salt container or an empty Parmesan cheese container}

Use 3 to 1 of the Orange Special borax and Peach Jello Powder, just use a tablespoon to start and then mix another batch as you need it.

Sprinkle the mixture on, making sure you get inbetween all the flaps of eggs on the skein. Leave it out to dry a while and your done. Works great man !!

Remember, 3 orange special borax, 1 jello powder.

for storing roe, if you put too much borax in the package before freezing, it will dry out more over time.

For storing roe I use a big Tupperware container and layer the roe in between sheets of newspaper, slightly covered with borax. When i need some I just grab a piece and go, no apple or garlic needed, why would you want to get away from the original scent of the eggs ?? It's not like it's tobacco Mr Grey, you don't need it to keep it good or moist if that's what your doing, Idunno, maybe I'm off here.

For singles, Natural color is best for eggs when just using singles, rarely do you see dyed colored eggs floating down a river in spawning season, lollol. I use carbonated water with coarse salt, I boil it for about 15 minutes, then I cool, toss the eggs in and let it sit for a while until i get the texture I need, nice and rubbery and still a good shine. I cool them off completely then put in sea salted water in a mason jar and use when needed. They will last quite a long time this way.

When I make my roe bags I tie them in 3,4,5,6,7 eggs sacks, and then store them in a small container with a few drops of anise oil. They also last a long time, but I usually just tie some the night before I know I'm going fishing.

Bently you just questioned scenting them with garlic, then told us you scent yours with anise? I'm confused...

I have bought artificials that are anise flavoured and always thought it odd. I don't like licorice why would a fish? The garlic thing I get though, it is actually used as an appetite stimulant for finicky aquarium fish.

How stinky can water and salt be ????????

Bently,I too am curios about the carbonated water.
Mr Grey,I do my singles much the same.I just leave them in the brine,in the fridge.Why do you use oil?

Grey, I only boil the water so the "coarse" salt I use dissolves, I feel the mixture is more thoroughly blended that way, like you, this is just "my way" of doing things. Carbonated water ? Again, an old timer showed me a long time ago and I just repeat what I learned, all I know is that my singles are some of the best I've ever used and my buddies always want to buy them off me, of course I just give them some and say "you owe me one" LOLLOL.

Anise oil has been used for eons for scenting and storing fishing related baits and lures, some like it, some don't. I have many different scents that I can use, but I try not to use them as I like to have the bait I'm using as natural as can be.

There's no "BEST WAY" of doing any of this stuff, it's all preference. I just do it the way I like to, just like the Grey does, if it works good for ya, why bother changing, that's my motto on this.

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Fishing forum > Chinook salmon roe


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