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Big Dan

Good morning all.
This might be a little off the fishing subject but I'm interested in buying some sort of hand held radios to keep in touch with my party while in the woods.
What are you all using if anything (other then yelling at one another) lol
Big Dan

Handheld cb's usually keep one in my jeep for 4x4, hiking, hunting, fishing etc just in case something happens they really aren't that big.
Hi Speed

we have been using 2 way radios or refered to as walkie talkies they are small and you can buy batt replacement type or rechargable you just pick a channel and set them and you can talk available at canadian tire

When hiking we use a walkie talkie. make sure to buy a decent distance/ waterproof one.

when I used to 4X4 i had a CB radio and switched to HAM. HAM got better distance.

I've got a set of Cobra's I could sell you, One of the first models to ever come out I think, I never use them anymore. They're good for about 5kms away from each other. They come with a stand and wall charger as well as a 12volt charger too, $40 and you can have them Dan. I think we used them twice, LOLLOL
Big Dan

Get back to me via my email.

You've got mail sir

handheld cb's are good for a km at most really if you need to communicate farther get your lisence and a vhf radio much further distance and more capability. i have a litle 5 watt handheld and can easily reach 5 km with the little antena and with a magnet mount on the roof of my car i can reach 30+km and further with a repeater.

it's the size of a deck of cards.

How can you say that their only good for 1 km. I used the ones I mentioned with my wife and i talked to her plain as day well over 3 kms away from each other.

bently, sorry to hear you were separated from your sweetie!
in all seriousness, i have used them several years ago and found similar results to what bently describes. we were at least 5 k's apart and could communicate clearly.

Buy something with digital communication capability. Analog sucks. The radios we were issued during the Olympics were awesome. Home base was under the Burrard st bridge and as a driver I could talk to them from anywhere in the lower mainland. Where I had problems talking to them was within about 6 blocks of them. Guess the signal was too strong. I would have figured I would need line of sight or something along those lines but no, communications were clearly understood and if you know the terrain of Vancouver I could talk to them from Cambie and Marine drive or Boundary ave. and Marine drive.

Fishing forum > Means of communications


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