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Author Topic: Coho in the mouth of the Vedder?

How long before you think there will be any Coho in the mouth of the Vedder @ the Fraser River?

basic fishing forum etiquette a bit, use the search function and remember google is your friend before asking lazy questions......JMO

Already there and already catching in the river itself as well.

You are making an assumption that I have not searched.
Thanks for your opinion, but did you not think that perhaps I have searched google and the forums and could night find an answer to my question.

Yes, I did consider that as im sure every other person that read this and did not reply did as well (hence why you have not gotten any other replies)....not really an assumption though as we all know that with 5-10 min max of searching or reading through old posts here that this is answered many times.....example....I just googled vedder coho and in about 30seconds seen that they start coming in there late aug/early sept, gets better near the end of sept and into/through oct.

Not arguing or being a dick about it, just answering your question and letting you know why you didn't get any replies in order to make it easier for you in the future to have your questions answered.

and there is a thread called "coho" below on this page which talks about coho on the vedder right now. take the time to read then ask any questions. that way you look a lot smarter and will get replies.
the moderator
the moderator

Ill be fishing there tommarow at the mouth. Ill post an update tommarow night.

And it matters where I live why??.....Do you know what my experience or knowledge of the Vedder is?.....I think not. Definitely well enough fish caught/time put in there that I can confidently give info on thanks.

Answered his question as well as let him know that the info is easily accessible through various search's that also would have given him his answer immediately rather than having to wait for someone to possibly respond.

Blah.....Blah Blah.....Blah......Blah :/

Of course there's some coho in there, it's mid September for Christ sake, definitely not what will be there in a months time, and when a "GOOD" amount of rain falls, you'll see a push of fish immediately.

Gotta admit, some of the questions on here from members is pretty lame. If you have any inclination at all about fishing salmon, you shouldn't have to ask about this.

I think "some" people who ask, already know the answer, they just want a little more confirmation so it will set their mind at ease. That to me is lazy and that's why I personally will not give out too much advice, even though I may know a thing or two about the where what when and how in regards to salmon fishing the rivers.

10 years hard core salmon fishing and im still reading every bit of info i can. Always best to read on your own before asking questions. But the old saying goes "there is never a dumb question"

Reading is one thing, but asking if coho are going to be near the river in the middle of September is pretty stupid.

Wouldn't you say ??

UL's 3rd post and already calling people names, funny. Just who's the asshole here ??

How many friggin threads does there have to be on the subject before you know when and where the fish start to show up ? Do some "searching" that's what part of the site{s} are for.

I presume your just another "wish list" candidate. Catch ya later, lollol.

BTW, Did you know there are coho near the mouth of the Vedder, LOLLOL

my sentiments exactly bently about the post that was above this until i deleted it. if anyone thinks they can come on this site for the sole purpose of being a jerk will join the ranks of the banned members.
the moderator

If someone came up to me at the river mouth with rod in hand and asked if there were any fish there then then yes my reply my might something smartassish...and deservedly....(even though thats not what I did here)....meaning that if a question is asked when you are right there with the tools in hand to get the answers you're looking for then why not use them? Also a bit more rewarding finding out on your own.....same as when one finds a honey hole on his own rather than through someone else.

Each to their own.
Unreel Luck

Why do you think that I haven't posted much? It's because I don't want to deal with patronizing answers like the one you just dished out. I've put in the time and effort searching and reading as you so suggest and i have read enough to know that many of the old timers on this website greatly lack people skills. I'm just sticking up for newbies, which includes myself, who are still getting used to navigating this site. So far any questions that I have had has been asked on the river or lake because that's where I would get a respectable answer, unlike here.

So then why are you still here ?
Fish'n BC

Personaly I don't mind answering newbies questions, lazy or otherwise. This forum is for newbies too, obviously a newbie doesn't think their question is lame or they wouldn't be asking it.

If a senior member doesn't care to answer a question for whatever reason, then why not leave it unanswered or for someone else to answer rather than making rude, belittling or hostile remarks?

Isn't the purpose of this forum to provide a place to discuss fishing topics in an open and friendly environment?
What part of "friendly" is calling someone or their question stipid or lame?

I have to agree with ethicalbonker and Unreel Luck. Why are some members so quick to attack or belittle newer members, just because they may have less to no fishing knowledge? Respectfuly pointing out errors and providing guidance of where to look for their answers is fine, but belittling people and being a general asshat is not and is contrary to forum policy.

Just my opinion

All mzmann did was tell him where to get more information,faster.And he still answered the question.
Fish'n BC

Yes, my previous post was a little more general and not aimed at mzmann specificaly.

You fit right in with all the newbs ChrisS, lets have "YOU" answer all the newbs questions from now on, maybe it will make you feel "experienced" LOLLOL.

BTW, coho fishing is on fire right now !!, that's if you know where to go.

bently has firmly established himself as a dick, just ignore him. As far as asking dumb questions, that's what forums are for but dont get your back up if someone gives you a smartass reply because someone else will eventually give you a proper one.

you know people, I answered this question as well as gave sounds advice to the op on how to better and faster find answers and look what its turned into. Definitely not something to add all the bullshit and drama over!.....Seriously...So now people that come to this site and see the post "Coho in the mouth of the vedder" rather than see info related to that or info on how to better find the info people are now seeing this crap. Bravo.

The irony is...if you google "coho in the mouth of the vedder"...Sharphooks pops up 1st.That's funny...the imformation super highway at it's best


Chris and Unreel have both picked fights, only then was when the "rude" comments began. It is a universal forum manner of etiquette to search an answer first, not just ask it because you want someone else to do the work for you. However unfortunately the younger generation is used to having everything at their fingertips and offered up with no effort. (I know that comment makes me sound older than my 35 years.) If you search first and still have a question or an aspect that was not discussed in an old thread, then by all means fire away with a new topic and we will all jump in and discuss.

I personally think that Bently is too quick to jump on Chris (and vice versa), yes Chris is a bit of a noob here, but he is trying, learning and helping others less experienced, so maybe he and Bently can just give each other a break for a bit. To summarize a member as just being a dick is not fair unless you read every comment he has posted first. Well I have read most of Bently's and although he is a little rough around the edges, he has helped a lot of members and has a lot of background and experience to share.

As for Unreel, "Who the hell are you?". YES, it is way too early to start judging people's character, throwing your weight around or playing Shindler to the poor oppressed noobs. There have been some ignorant posts lately from new and old members, your approach is not the solution, it is just more of the same-old. IF you are going to stick around, try a different approach.

As for where members live, yes Mzmann lives in the North Okanagan, and so do I. How does that make us any less qualified to answer a question about another area (under 4 hours away) in our province. I could tell you more about the Alberni inlet than most people that live in "Port". I could also get you lost, likely in your own home-town. Just because someone lives elsewhere, that does not make their opinion or experience worthless. I grew up in the lower mainland for 25 years before moving to Edmonton for 7 and to Vernon for another 3. My experience in Edmonton alone outnumbers many new member's experience in their own home-towns, let alone what I have done in the GVRD and on the island.

About 2 months ago there was a post from some lazy-ass asking about the sludge pond out at Gloucester Industrial park. I told the guy to look at a map or google earth - no reply. So i sent him a google earth image with the lake circled - no reply. Then another member posted actual driving directions to where you park (on this puddle). Only then did he reply, verbally-reach-around the guy and negatively comment on my responses to him. Like I was some nuisance, giving flippant responses. Some people just want to you carry them there, cast and reel in their fish while they thumb-type catatonically on their phones or post instagrams. These are the types that do not get a response and really almost identical to what happened here.

My new response: "Get the f@#$ off your lazy ass, go spend your time and gas money and go find out yourself." After all it is what most of us had to do to find these spots and learn these techniques. Even the most devoted forum member cannot improve his cast or catch rate by simply sitting in a fishing forum...

Gotta agree with ChrisS completely well said.
sharphooks moderator

the thread started with a question that should not have been asked . the answer was well discussed in the top third of the first page of this forum (ethicalbonker's coho thread was near the top. it certainly said there were coho in the vedder and the fraser, let alone the mouth of the fraser). as chaka so eloquently pointed out it is proper etiquete to do some checking before asking questions. it is also common sense.
as for the new member thinking he can come onto this site and call people names. as long as i am the moderator of this site such behaviour will result in banishment from the site very quickly. if you do not like what you see either leave or try and improve the site. labeling old timers etc is not a good start let alone your post which i deleted. you make the choice which route you want to take.
chris, you are absolutely correct that the purpose of this forum includes helping new fishermen. that does not remove each members "duty" to check out the forum a bit before asking. this post is the perfect example.
not that bently needs any "protection" the personal attacks and name calling are not called for. i suggest again you read what chaka so eloquently said. he has been back with us for a few months and in that time has provided more valuable and interesting info in that short time than a couple of the members who have responded to this thread have or will in thier life time. we do not have to agree with bently or any other member. name calling is a childish way of responding.
i hope i have made myself clear and this thread can end now. i also hope it was not a waste of time. ask questions by all means but first at least look on the first page of the forum to see if the answer is already there. when questions are asked someone will generally come through with a good answer, just a mzmann did in the first place. that should have been the end of it .
one last thing, beerdrinkerfew, i assume you live in the lower mainland. amazing you could question mzmann's ability to answer this question because he lives in vernon. give your head a shake. your post was thoughtless and for the sole purpose of causing ill feelings.
i expect more out of you !
now everyone get back to fishing!

Thank you ChrisS. i was fishing the mouth today and got a coho.
I am new to fishing and I guess after reading the posts in this forum, i should have done a better job searching, but regardless it appears this forum is full of a bunch of stuck up A holes, who figure their knowledge makes them superior to the average fisherman. What a big dissapointment joing this forum.
If the moderator wants to ban me, thats fine, I'll try find some friendly fisherman elsewhere.

you have it all wrong . nobody wants to ban you or anyone. and noone thinks they are superior. don't look for problems and do your part to make it a better site.
the moderator

ps glad you got a fish !
Fish'n BC

Just glad you got a coho Jay! Hope to see a report of your trip.

How do you acces the mouth of the vedder, I looked at the maps and I couldn't seem to find it out. Do I need a boat or can I fish from shore? Thanks so much.
Fish'n BC

The "fishing spots" and "trip planner" on this site provides information as to access of manny spots. In this case it lists the vedder mouth as "boat only".
Hope that helps.

Jay, nobody on here thinks they are superior. You apparently have never been on another forum before? If you expect everyone to do everything for you, with no investment by yourself to do anything independently to find answers to your question, then yes you are going to annoy most of the members. On other forums I am on you would have been flamed to oblivion, both being so lazy (see also self centred) and taking a run at the moderator. If you cannot understand why people expect you to put in as much work as them answering a questions that was thorougly covered previously (in plain sight), then yes, please go bye-bye. Otherwise, let's try this again with less sense of self-entitlement and whining and snivelling...

If we could just leave this divisionist schoolyard bickering for the kids in the schoolyard and get back to "adult talk" and fishing, that would be amazing.

Thanks ChrisS, would a 12 ft aluminum with a 9.9 outboard motor do?
Fish'n BC

Yes it will do just fine, I use the same. I launch from the Dewdney Nature Park on the Nicomen Slough, but there is also the Sumas River boat ramp.

Which one would be better for a beginner launching a boat? and do I float fish from the boat? Thanks a lot.
Fish'n BC

Sorry I'm not familiar with the Sumas River ramp, but the Dewdney Nature Park ramp is very easy for a beginner with lots of parking and the water there is relatively still.

I find it best to cast or troll spoons and spinners, or twitch jigs in the mouth of the Vedder.

Fred's Custom Tackle might be able to tell you what's "hot" right now for lures there, but make sure you specify that you are fishing in the mouth of the vedder.

I wonder what all these guys would do with out the internet? One of the best things about fishing is exploring new waters and finding spots on your own. I find it sad that people expect to be told when, where, what to use and how to fish. Get out there and figure it out for your self. And dont believe everything freds webpage tells you, They are gonna say whatever just to sell more tackle to newbs

just got back from the sumas launch. when i went out the tide was down and i started kissing the bottom a bit with my motor i had to padel a small section of the sumas canal, when i came back up the tide was up a bit and i just made it without touching botom. i would say the barrow town boat launch "sumas launch" is your best bet for fishing the vedder but you need a 4x4 to launch there right now because the water is so low we're actualy launching like 15' behind the concrete launch part. there was guys getting stuck there all day, i even got stuck in my f150 when i launched, i had to get pulled out.
Unreel Luck

I've been hesitant to launch in the sumas canal with the water being so low. Was it worth it Abe? Or should I wait for rain? I've got a 12' with a 9.9hp too and i'm just learning how to navigate the rivers. I launched there for the first time last year when the water was up and it's a great place to throw you boat in without the hassle of dancing in the Fraser.

PS - its funny how the more people talk the more my point and Chris' point is made clear.

unreel, please just stick to the fishing talk and quit trying to stir the pot or start crap with regular members. if you are indeed right, wouldn't you just let it go?


unreel, some day there might be a question that superman, oh no his name is chris s , cannot answer. do you really think any of what you and chris s refer to as senior members will even think for a second of answering your questions? not a chance in god's green earth!
chris s, i'd suggest you start your own "forum" . just post your email address so that all of your newby friends can contact you directly and not waste the time of those "senior" members who belittle your friends for no reason other than they ask questions without even reading any of the recent posts or doing a small bit of searching first.
oh and chris s, eventually you will realize that, although you think you know everything about fishing, there are people who frequent this site who have forgotten more about fishing than you will ever know. i guess this means your newby friends will never really know the proper answers and will not know how to find the answers themselves. oh well. have fun answering their emails. sure will be nice not to have to read all the bs !

ohh, cagey. take it easy!!!
the moderator

Wow and i just walked in, i could see a few boaters snickering but the joke was on them. I cant belive someone would use a boat with all the gas and headache. I just dont see aby advantage it it, unless salt water boat fishing.

Hmmm... Wrong thread maybe?

the canal was even lower today. there was guys beaching there boats every where at low tide, it was kind of a gong show not very many fish caught to either. i hit my motor on botom in the sumas canal again today, i wasnt so lucky today though i snapped my sheer pin and had to get a friend to tow me back to the launch.
Fish'n BC

Cagey- Junior and senior members alike have been regulary asking "lazy" questions for which the answeres were readily available on google or elsewere on this site, manny of which I answered. Yet everyone including the mod looked the other way. Why the discriminatory double standard? Why would a "lazy" question of a new member be any more anoying or rude than all the equaly "lazy" questions of regulars?

I've also seen regular members double post and ask questions when the answeres were already posted on the same page, the only response was to refer the member to the previous string. Why wouldn't a new member deserve the same courtesy?

Yes as you indicated there a few members here that have forgotten most of what they know and some even bost about it, so since they don't really know anything any more they would have no credibility.

go back to the original post and tell me that mzmznn's response was anything but the correct response. you inferred this response ridiculed the originator.
the response answered his question and tried to provide him with some guidance as to best utilize this forum. others agreed but chris to the rescue had to make everyone who agreed look stupid as chris can save the world. i have no reason nor any wish to argue with you but you need to have a look in the miror and realize that chris to the rescue is not always the answer. by the way did you find prunehands oars even though he had already told you they were not there ? i actually very much enjoy reading your many helpful posts, even if the do not include a lot of experience speaking. you try hard and obviously love fishing. just think for a second before coming to the rescue.
think for half a second before posting your bs. and remeber most everyone here , includine bently, mr grey1, chake, mzmann, prunehands, and many others are glad to try and help the new fishermen. we just want them to at least read what is going on before pooping their questions. is reading the first page of the forum too much to ask any new member. i sure as hell dii when i joined. i also read the next two pages.
one more thing. a lot of members ask lazy questions. new and old. when they do they generally get referred to the answer just as this member was. the only diference is chris to the rexcue doesn't jump in to their defence when they did not need one. the moderator tries very hard to stay out of things. don't use him as an excuse ! he has made this site a lot better in the last year in case you did not notice. think about whaqt i ahve said and get back to fishing and making this a better site. sometimes it includes educating people with respect to how to best utilize this very usefull website.
Fish'n BC

Yes as I indicated the post was more general and not aimed at mzmann specificaly. I posted because of what was going on on other strings and what was being posted after mzmann's answer.
Like the mod said; it should have ended there after mzmanns and ethical bonkers posts. I have also expressed apreciation for the work the mod is doing and I respect what you are saying cagey.
As for the oars, someone could have just moved them to a spot he didn't see or chucked them in the water or something...didn't hurt to look around if I was there anyway.
Unreel Luck

Time to move this thread over to the jerry springer section...."Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

This thread is officially exhausted. Let's stop posting and move forward with some new threads that relate to more of the fishing discussion variety.

EB: you walked to the mouth of the Vedder?

Thank you for sharing this. It was helpful. Keep sharing such things. Also try COC Mod.

wow, nice one...Wow and I just walked in, I can't believe someone would use a boat with all the gas and headache.Fishing Equipment Dubai I just don't see any advantage in it, unless saltwater boat fishing.

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