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ya they have been doing that for years down there. then they go sell it to all the sushi restraunts in vancouver.

we should arange a smash the fish traps day where we get a big crew down there to kick all there rocks over and bash them in the head with a stick.

calm down abe !
the moderator

LOL, I feel your frustration Abe, however some thoughts may be best kept as just those.....thoughts, lol.

just disgusting!

Aint nothin new, been going on for decades.

The only thing that has changed is the loin cloths are now ball caps turned sideways and pants that look like they're in desperate need of a belt.

damn thats bad when they just kick and beat the shit out of the fish,and were are all the elder ???? i think they call that sport fishing the running back to get more,,,,

I'm not FN but this doesn't bother me too much.Aside from the carts and the aluminum nets, the process is the same.The Cap is heavily supplemented by the hatchery so it's not like a wild,at risk run is being exploited.It's too bad some of the fish were clubbed in the meat but that's there problem.I'm also assuming this was a legal harvest ,approved by the band .hope that's the case

Im pissed off by the fact that every native will tell you "the wild fish are our fish" and its our right to fish them. The problem is that these are mostly hatchery fish they are grabbing in the cap. Now i wouldnt have a problem with this if they paided thier taxes like all other canadians. The hatchery is run with government money and the natives arent taking all wild fish, a good percentage of theae fish are paid for through us. So yes that band are thieving and have been for years.

That made no sense at all Mr Bonker.

The dip net fishery is a fishery intended to harvest certain fish, in this case the only fish that were to be taken by the Squamish band {that's who it was, just so you know,not the local band}was hatchery coho.

All summer run steelhead and wild coho were to be released. The percentage of wild coho and summer run steelhead that were "bonked" {no pun intended}was probably next to nil, but still, they should be doing this dip net fishery with more due care and attention.

Where do you think the hatchery fish come from Bonker ? If it wasn't for the wild fish we wouldn't have all the hatchery coho we have today. This is why there are no retention for "wild" fish anywhere in rivers and streams. That includes trout too. You or I don't "own" these fish, we only have the right to catch them, as do the natives, but they have more rights in regard to the annual food and ceremonial fish too. { I don't want to argue about that though, we'd be here all bloody night, LOLLOL}.

I imagine the elders will be talking to some of the young bucks after they see the Youtube video, but the elders are the ones to blame IMHO, they would have had a band council meeting before this fishery took place and the elders should have had stewards with experience, respect for the river, and dignity, showing the younger generation that it's about taking fish from the river but not being an asshat while conducting the fishery.

The younger generation is what your seeing here and it is a disgrace to the first nation people, but there is nothing so illegal that anything would become of it.

People have to get out of the small frame and look into the big picture before they shoot their mouth off about this type of thing, cause usually it comes back to bite them in the ass if they haven't thought the whole thing through before coming to their conclusion on the matter.

Oh and BTW, the amount of fish being taken in that video is ----all, a lousy set by a seiner will get more fish than was taken today. To me it's all about saving the wild coho and summer run steelhead, I just wish this would have been done with a little more respect and class.

There is also the matter of The Cleavland Dam.

EB you might want to change that every native and quit being a damn racist.

yes, lets not get into racist talk. labelling people by their race is not right. i have many native friends who would be as disgusted as anyone on this site. read bentley's very informative post above. as he said this is not a large amount of fish and it was a planned fishery. it is a shame the individuals have not learned to respect the fishery.
the moderator

link does not work.

What is in the video? it doesnt work

My bad guys i thought the video was about the natives in north vancouver using the under water shopping buggy tunnel on the capilano to catch all the fish.


Bonker, the shopping buggy's your talking about are make shift weirs, along with the hand made rock walls.

This is the way they did it eons ago, but back then they used wood like this one. This weir was done on the Cowichan River, I used to watch them when I was a little kid.

They also used the dip nets, just like they did the other day on the Capilano.

This FN man was in the Fraser River canyon, they used to build out crops made of wood that overlooked back eddies where the fish would congregate in the shallows, then dip the nets.

I don't have a picture to show, but aboriginal men also used to stand knee deep in some of the Island rivers with long spears, it was amazing to watch, and the skill level was incredible to see.

So Bonker, any more hiccups in your FN fish philosophy we should know about, or is that it ?

Just razzin ya , go catch a fish.

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