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Do you know is there any Bait Ban except for Coho on tidal Fraser region?

According to Fisheries and Oceans web page

there is a bait ban only for Coho but not for the other salmon species. Am I missing something?

Fish'n BC

Bait bans are listed under "location and managment measures"; these are total bans in those locations and not specific to species. In the Fraser the ban is a managment measure to help protect a certain coho run from mortalities via "accidental" catches.

It's illegal to fish for coho by any means during those periods.

It also takes effect in the non-tidal fraser but with different dates.
Tidal fraser bait ban starts today. Lower non-tidal starts on the 6th and upper non-tidal starts on the 8th (listed under gear/limits).

"Tidal fraser bait ban starts today, lower non-tidal starts on the 6th and upper non-tidal starts on the 8th."


That doesn't make sense, how can the lower be non-tidal ???

Everything west {DOWN river} of Mission is considered Tidal.

Sure glad I don't follow your take on the regs.
Fish'n BC

Bently: I said the lower non-tidal (mission to hope)starts on the 6th, and upper non-tidal (Hope to sawmill creek) starts on the 8th.

Not sure what part of that you don't understand.

I also said the tidal portion starts today (the 4th), I'm well awair where the tidal boundary is.

Thank you ChrisS!

I just want to clear out that Bait Ban is only for Coho in tidal Fraser starting from today. Other salmon species can be caught using bait. Am I right?

Bait ban is for Freshwater Region 2 Fraser river from Mission bridge upstream according to this webpage:

I cannot find any webpage on Fisheries and Oceans that says that bait ban applies on other salmon species except Coho on tidal Fraser (bellow Mission) (Region 29)

You edited your post, hehe , You had the 4th {today} and the 8th, but now you have the 6th in there too

Most Fraser fishermen consider the lower Fraser as down river from Mission aka tidal.{EDITED}

Up river of Mission is considered the UPPER REACHES of the lower Fraser, all the way up to where it is considered Upper Fraser.

But whatever man, why bother, you know everything, blah blah blah.

Just seems that every time you post something to do with rules and regulations it's wrong and has to be edited.
Fish'n BC

No Bently I didn't edit the post other than adding "listed under gear/limits" in brackets at the end.

I always had the 6th and 8th listed, they weren't added. (you even quoted the 6th and 8th it in the following post)

The fraser downriver from mission is aka TIDAL...not aka non-tidal.

(btw: unlike you I have never had to "edit" any of numerous posts about rules and regulations and only recall misquoting the regs once in the past...which is a far cry from your allegation of "every time")

Bently your "batting average" has been off lately, better do some homework before posting.

belo, bait ban means bait ban. period!

Now you got me all f---ed up too. I meant Tidal, gee I'm pulling one of your moves, LOLLOL

Tell you what, best to just leave the bait at home, you don't need it anyway.

Grab a spin-n-glow and go to the Chilliwack area and set up on a bar, there are lots of chinnook to be had right now without needing ANY bait.

Think I'm gonna go fishing.

From now on just be sure when posting stuff to do with the regs that you make it as dummy proof as possible, just like those "Books for Dummies", then nobody gets confused and frustrated with it.

I know people are going to ask questions about regulations instead of reading them, but sometimes an answer of simple YES or NO is better than trying to decipher them all to the person.

Hey ChrisS ,you've sure got thin skin for a guy who rips every chance he gets

"Bently your "batting average" has been off lately, better do some homework before posting."

Hey ChrisS,

What ever you have to say to me just gets filed under BS so save your breath.

I've forgotten more than you'll ever know when it comes to fishing, or anything related to it. Take that as a brag if you want to, I really don't care.

You need to "shut up and fish" and quit trying to be a know-it-all, cause you aint that good at information giving.

I think ChrisS description was perfect. But People who trust the regulations from reading a forum are wrong to begin with. Before fishing you should always make sure you read your regulations from the book, online source or see your local tackle shop for an explination.

Mission to HopeCoho Sep 06 - Oct 08 No fishing for coho, bait ban.

Oct 9 - Dec 31 2 hatchery marked fish per day.

Hope to Sawmill Creek Coho Sep 08 - Oct 13 No fishing for coho, bait ban.

Oct 14 - Dec 31 2 hatchery marked fish per day.

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