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I prefer not to post now but these vids by g.a. really piss me off and the worst part is some people just refuse to take advice.

848 feet of garbage in the Fraser. I'm sure that sturgeon is living happily ever after.

beak 007 if you are going to post you must abide by the rules. no personal attacks and remember, you are not the saviour . any violations will result in you being banned. and by the way, g.a. had his handling of the sturgeon brought to his attention very clearly at the time it was posted. obviously your "policing' is not required. keep to posting details of your fishing adventures, something i have never once seen you post. follow the rules and you are free to post.i trust this is clear to you and you will become a usefull and valuable member to this site. surprise everyone!
the moderator

Didn't need the vids to tell he was challenged. This is just more proof.

If you listen hard enough you can hear him lurking from his tin foil dungeon, LOLLOL
Fish'n BC

Well it apears the first video has suddenly been removed and the second video has suddenly been blocked by the user, so I supose that supports Bently's theory that a certain someone is lurking here.

Hey nice to hear from you Beak007, looking forward to seeing some good fishing posts from you.

no prob. the first vid just shows the guy cutting his line with a knife after he cant turn the big sturgy, so that fish is now swimmin with 800ft+ of line in the Fraser.

mod. i do abide the rules, the post was not a personal attack i just dont like to see fish being abused and will call them out when i see it being done so others will not make the same mistakes

i agree beak 007. i was just reminding you that not long ago you were banned. as for g.a. lurking, i am sure he follows the site just as most of the other "banned " members.he is welcome back if he agrees to follow the rules. i am glad you have resurfaced beak 007. i want everyone to be able to state their opinions in an adult manner without personal attacks etc. in the past you have waged a relentless war against mr grey1. it would be best in my opinion if you stayed away from any comments about him for anything you disagreed with in the past otherwise we will have to disagree again. i'd rather not get into that. as i have said many times, lets see some positive imput and not always your war against what you consider wrong doings. you become a broken record. i do suspect you fish . let's hear from you with some helpful posts for some of our new fishermen or reports of your experiences. when someone screws up by all means let him know but try to do it in a positive, adult manner , just as you did in this post. the only thing i see wrong about it is it was dealt with previously. i recall both chaka rakka and bently telling g.a. what they thought of his fishing methods. their comments were quite strong and clear.
by the way i accidentally deleted the ending of your post above. my apologies.
now let's talk fishing . agreed ?
the moderator

I don't get it, you ban someone and then a week or two down the road you say that if they can act responsibly or whatever that their welcome back ??

Banned means Banned, no exceptions IMO. That's what makes this site, how to I say it politely, "rookie-ish" compared to others. Stick to your guns and quick the "only if your gonna be nice now" attitude. Kinda pussy-ish if ya ask me.

BTW, I was banned by an overzealous part time mod for a week, he told me so, so I'm exempt LOLLOL.

i like to try and be reasonable and give someone a second chance. mind you my leeway will be a lot less with someone who has refused to act responsibly in the past. i am hoping a cooling off period will help. there are several formerly banned members , including yourself, chaka and others, who are active members. some were banned for wrong reasons or because they had a bad day ! no need to condemm them for life. besides they can come back anytime under a diferent name and noone will know.
i prefer to not have to bann anyone or delte anything. most of our members are responsible enough that they do not need to be policed even when things get a bit heated. unfortunately not everyone wants to abide and there is a need for me !
as for you, bently, your valuable imput helps to increase the legitimacy of this site just as that of several of our other "senior" members does. (not to forget several of our younger members who contribute a great deal). you will not find your right to state your opinion blocked by me as long as you do so in your usual respectful manner ! (could we say semi-respectful?? lol)
the moderator

Other forums give verbal warnings, then suspensions and as a last resort BANNED and that would be for life. Maybe the mods ought to look into doing the same here.

I agree. I am going to be strait up and honest here right now. I visit other forums (non fishing forums of all kinds) and I can tell that this fighting is scaring people off. When someone screws around this much they need to be removed to save the forums. These aren't popular forums here. Last thing we need is fighting in them. I'm not point fingers or naming names either. I am talking about the future. I like this site and community and would hate to see it ruined by such meaningless drama. - Aaron

Let's get back on topic! I caught a huge peamouth the other day. It was a fun catch for sure, had a worm on a bar rig. Was about 15 inchs 2 pounds :D
Fish'n BC

I agree with what Edzzed says with the warning-suspention(or cooling off period) and banning as a last resort. I believe it's more productive to encourage someone to do better then provoke/entise them to come back under another name and possibly wreck havock.
I'd have to also agree with the Mods' explanation and support the great work he is doing here.

Well if your not going to ban people outright then maybe the 3 strikes rule should be implemented.

Just like in California,

Example from this one dude, his offences.

1 rape- sentence = 8 yrs

2 armed robbery- sentence = 10 yrs

3 stole 2 AA batteries from 7-Eleven- sentence = 55 yrs

Same happened to another guy that had 2 previous similar convictions. He got out after the second stint, went to a Walmart and stole a pair of Levis Jeans, he got 80 yrs, LOLLOL

i have always fought with beak 007 BUT he deserves another chance just like anyone else. mr grey1, forget the past and all the crap he sent your way. you are a big man. i am sure the mod man has him on a short leash.
sharphooks moderator

indeed cagey, there are a few people on our radar right now. the choice is theirs, act reasonable or vanish. i hear what some of the members are saying, but some of our past troublemakers have decided to try a different approach and have gone on to be productive and helpful members. there are varying levels of "issues" so there are also varying levels of ways of dealing with it. for example, if you come here to attack the entire site, no questions asked you are gone. if you get in a fight with another member on the forum, you are warned (or are both warned) and given another chance. there are shades in between and just like we are all different, they are dealt with individually. some of you ask for change, well it has happened, just take a look at the banned list. each new member faces scrutiny and will land themselves on the hall of shame if they aren't on side.


sorry mr grey1 but i guess it comes down to how you respond. the moderator told him he had better lay off you. if you are going to let his mere presence on this site bother you that much then you best give your head a shake. you are a much bigger person than that. now , go fishing and tell us another good mr grey1 story !

ps sure was a nice cod on the other thread

Hey Mr G 1, 711!!?? Now your overreacting, keep the awesome pictures coming Bud

The Mod needs to grow a pair {sorry, my opinion}

I'm with Mr Grey 1 on this. It's becoming a joke, just like the Ban List {which to me, has obviously became redundant}.

If your going to give this guy a second chance, then you have to give everyone a second chance, that means the people on the Ban List too, post count or not!!!!!

What a F'ing merry go round

BTW cagey, the moose is down and in the freezer so all the testosterone is gone outta them raisins now old man, lollol ?? {JK}

Bently, those that are on the ban list are a very different case than the long-time "abrasive" member that gets a warning or two. The ones on the ban list are hiding behind a proxy and came here just to wreck the place. Guys like GA and Beak just forget to take their meds once in a while. I think you are being a little hard on those that volunteer their time to try to keep this place civil. If the mod was being paid and had the latest forum software at their disposal, then such criticism would be fair. Otherwise, unless you are about to offer to do this thankless job (I considered it), then maybe you just need to appreciate the small victories we are making here by working towards a common goal.

At the same time, I know where you are coming from. I think the mod has a hard time banishing those with mild infractions because it is usually an aggravated response. If the person's "pain-in-the-ass" factor overwhelms their usefulness, you will see me making requests and suggestions that that person be removed also (right alongside you). I too have a hard time seeing any merit in some of those that have been allowed to carry on here. But then again, I bet someone out there has thought the same about you or I...

at least my freezer is full bently.
if i recall correctly beak 007 got the boot because he would not quit attacking mr grey1 for his handling of fish and keeping live fish. if i recall correctly i think you had a few things to say to the old grey 1 at the time. the diference is you said it and forgot about it. beak would not quit. to my knowledge that is the extent of his crime .he and mr grey1 called each other a few names with mr grey1 dishing out more than his share. a cooling off period is a reasonable punishment with a warning to forget the past re: mr grey1.

ps i have been eating my moose already so my testerone count is very high. and man, it is good !

lol... what a circus even when i choose to ignore it lol... since mr grey is so angry and cant seem to have a personal problem with me, i'll just point out a few things.

i dont have a problem with this person, i don't know or care about him. what i do have a problem is his treatment on fish somtimes, and the way he insists not to change when being told off.

i dont use profanity in my posts, i dont need to attack to point out some1's wrong doing. mr grey on the other hand, has used name calling from time to time when he feels being challenged. its a defense mechanism by insecure people because they feel they can never make a mistake. i find it funny this board insists to support this behaviour and ignore fishery violations that need to be addressed, instead u choose to remove people who actually fish responsibly.

i dont post here by using phantom ip or whatever u want to call it btw. if i get blocked, i take my business elsewhere, i dont lose sleep. it still doesn't change the fact that wild cutthroat are dangled by the line before released, grabbing bull trout by the gill, salmon are beached before released, high grading with stringers.

the last time i got blocked, it was because i pointed out mr grey made a racist post in a thread. a few other people saw what happened and one person pointed it out i shouldnt have been blocked.

im also not being "unbanned" given second chance or whatever btw. i moved and got new ip so got my account access again lol

beak, you have had your chance to defend yourself. now forget mr grey1 and things you feel he has done in the past. if you get a clean slate so must he.
this site does not defend bad fishing practices. i , as moderator, did not find you as inocent as you make out and therefore you were banned. now let's forget it and get on with fishing. and remember, if you insist on just attacking past posts or actions you are not welcome here. if anyone posts something that violates proper fishing protocol then you are free to point it out in an adult manner but going on and on about the same thing is not acceptable. have your say and be done with it. and if you want any credibility in the eyes of many of the members do not restrict your posts to the people like the many useful members on this site do.
i hope this is the end of this discussion and we can all get on with fishing.
the moderator

Sorry, but I have to agree with Beak on the total lack of fish handling skills of mrgrey.
Fish'n BC

Beak007 I see nothing wrong with pointing out and discussing questionable fishing practices as you have done here and I agree with most of what you have said. Please just try to stay away from anything that might be construed as a personal attack ie: talking about things like "defense mechanisms".

btw- What exactly is "highgrading with stringers"?

Keeping all the fish you catch on a fish stringer {chain with snaps on it}hanging over the side of your boat. When your finished fishing for the day you keep the ones you want and let go the {half drowned } ones you don't.

Basically something outta the 70's that is frowned upon these days.
Fish'n BC

Thanks Bently!

Beak007 says "u choose to remove people who actually fish responsibly".

My response is, how would we know? Your complaints about fish handling are not falling on deaf ears, however if all you do is critique and nay-say others posts and never post anything original or worthwhile of your own, you are not contributing. That is just stirring the pot and causing negativity. I do not agree with all the practices of some (or maybe most) on here, that is part of what makes us individuals. But to keep living in the past and beating a dead horse, we would rather not. So how about this, post something positive: a fishing rod review, a debate about different materials for lures, a fishing trip, a special catch a good shore-lunch, fishing jokes or whatever. Anything but continuous calling out of members who do contribute such material. Because I can assure you, from this end you are not looking like the saviour of our fishery (or even someone who knows how to fish) from this side of the interwebs...
Unreel Luck

Hi Guys. I'm fairly new to this site and after reading many posts and seeing all the vitriol that is spewn about between members it makes me extremely hesitant to make any posts of my own. With the risk of getting torn a new one I have decided to just sit back a bit and read posts without contributing.

Hopefully when people learn how to be more civilzed I will be able to throw in my two cents and engage in some of the conversations. Until then, I'll keep my conversations about fishing spots and techniques between me and my real-world friends.
sharphooks moderator

Unreel Luck, please do not feel that way. we have had a bad stint here, probably mostly because of bored kids and summer vacation. with that coming to an end and much of the salmon-gongfest casual "fisherman" losing interest, things should look up. please post, that is our best means of changing the tone here and making it the place we all want it to be. although the mods and administrator cringe at the thought of "babysitting" it is part of the job. if someone "rips you a new one" for no good reason, they will be dealt with. do not let the minority ruin it for the majority. we have some new promising active members as well as some that we haven't seen in quite some time now returning. join that throng and ignore the few detractors.


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