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Cannot the moderator or site owner record the IP of the child posting the disgusting pics and then get hold of his Internet Service Provider and show them what he/she is posting and have their internet services cancelled?


We are doing all we can at the moment, I can't reveal any more sorry.

Good call Cutfisher, this is obviously the work of someone young or someone with a "young" mind at least. The members here are doing the right thing by ignoring and not encouraging. It will go away on its own, or it will be forced away similarly to what you describe. Just remember, it's almost back to school time. In two weeks mommy will limit the internet time and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy our forum again. Hopefully while this kid is doing community service...

I have not seen these pics and would surely be disgusted by them. Yes there would be an electronic trail but there are anonymizer web sites and browsers. All they do is help sick people hide behind a computer screen. The Police will launch an investigation but depending on the level of expertise of the perpetrators, finding them will be very easy or extremely difficult if not completely impossible. All we can do is make complaints to the police, Send them "SAVED" links so that defeats their "edit" button.

Good day! I hasten to inform you that this year the math competition was held between junior and senior students, which was interesting to watch. Strange as it may seem, the younger students were much more interested than the older ones. It's all about the right approach during your studies, where I can offer my help.

Fishing forum > New children lately


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