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sharphooks moderator

Unfortunately this thread was trashed by a troll. I have restarted it here and quoted what came before the attacks in the body here. Feel free to continue the thread as normal.



Posted: 8/12/2012 1:15:12 PM
I just wanted to thank the young man who spoke up today when a bunch of angrey older white males were yelling at us because we were at "their spot" before they were. You left soon after and I wasn't able to express my thanks for your act of curtosy. Thank you very much and I hope and pray all of you people don't act in a racist way when you are out fishing. This is a great country for all to enjoy. There is enough salmon for every one.

Thank you once again young man.


Posted: 8/12/2012 1:39:10 PM
If yu don't mind me asking were where yu fishing on the Fraser?


Posted: 8/12/2012 2:07:45 PM
We drove all the way out to Langley. Me, my brother, my wife, my son and his son. Every one is always nice. But from time to time you come acros a couple of evil people. We are retiered now and i want to fish all the time as much as i can. if you know any greAT spots please let me know.


Posted: 8/12/2012 2:50:44 PM
I'm glad that young man spoke up, as I would in a case like that! Good for him!


Posted: 8/12/2012 3:05:48 PM
Racism is not tolerated here and Fraser or not, it can be found almost everywhere, practiced by every shade of person. Unfortunately a small minority of several ethnic groups, mess it up for many when they "fish-rape" and disregard rules, limits etc. Then the less intelligent person concludes that every member of that ethnicity must act the same. Keep on getting out there and being a responsible fisherman and you will help overshadow such presumptions and stereotypes. You do also have to know that fistfights and other irrational acts of aggression are rampant during the annual Fraser Salmon Gong-show. The running of the salmon brings all kinds of rejects out of the woodwork, those that are bad examples and only harvest during this run. These are not the type of angler that you will find (as a regular member) on a site devoted to all aspects of fishing. They are also not likely fishing at any time but during this snag-fest. Feel free to stick around and see what real fisher"people" are like...
Red Wool

As this is a touchy subject, I commend the young person for sticking up for these people who were trying to enjoy a family day of fishing. My advice though, would be to bring your family to a less populated area so you don't run into some of these bozo's on the river.

That being said, I mainly fish the Vedder, and intolerance happens at both levels. I believe that many people fishing on the river know the etiquette of the river. For instance, you don't take someone's spot. You don't bud in. You don't play the "No Speaky Engrish" card, and everyone helps everyone else out. I am sorry to say, but most people I have called DFO on are from the Oriental persuasion. Whether it's been killing more than one Spring a day. You learn your species of salmon, and don't hang onto a Vedder Sockeye by the back of the net with fingers through the gills.

I think, (and not to stereotype because I know there's a lot of white wannabe rednecks out there who are idiots using 80lb braided line, while bottom bouncing to snag a Spring or Coho), that most orientals on the river do get a bad wrap. However, when you see the actions of many, it can ruin the experience for all. I am not racist, and have many oriental friends, including one who fishes with me often, but even he (of chinese decent), can't handle fishing by most other orientals on the river because as to him, most either refuse to learn or fail to understand the rules.

Racism shouldn't be tolerated anywhere, at anytime, especially during a family outing. Hell I love bringing my family to the river for a day and I want to see both my daughters and my fiance have the best of times. However, for some, not all, but for some, maybe the issue isn't their race or colour, but their lack of respect for the rules that gets them into hot water with the "White" people.

Yeah, I don't think any ethnicity holds exclusivity on being poachers or bad examples of responsible angling. We could have this discussion with numerous ethnicities so I don't think race or colour even needs mention here. I have seen eastern Europeans and those closer to the Mediterranean fish raping with the worst of them. I will concede that dragging your entire visible minority family (no matter the ethnicity) down to a red-neck shit-show is probably not the best idea if you are looking for fellowship and acceptance. Remember as I have already said, this river snag-fest is about as low as the lowest common denominator can get. That is not to say that anyone should not be welcome, just that if it looks like a tour bus offloading, you are going to draw attention (some of it negative). I judge a book by its content, not its cover, but some are not so enlightened.

If there was a like button, I would be clicking it. Just love to see non biassed views, live and let live, and good for anyone who publicly stands against such behavior.

Top marks young guy.

im Canadian-Korean and ive lived and fished in the Lower mainland my whole life.

Here is something that happened to me during the steelhead season:

It was around 10:30 and after an unsuccessful month of trying to hook a steelie on the fly I changed to my gear rod and caught my first steelhead! I was so excited and there was so much adrenaline in my veins. My friend and I landed her and I decided to retain this hatchery doe.
After taking a couple photos and taking a breather on a log. I recalled that I wasn't allowed to fish anymore for steelhead! The day just began and my friend didn't hook one. So I was wondering if it was still ok to still fish for cutties or bull trout with my 6wt single hander.

I noticed a centerpinner making his way downstream and I decided to ask him to make sure about fishing my 6wt singe hander.
I went up to him and said "Excuse me, I was wondering if I -"
Him: "your'e done."
Me: "what?"
Him: "I said your'e done."
Me: "Oh, yea I was just trying to make sure because I just caught my first steelhead. "
Him: "Yea, I saw that, you think I'm f**kin blind?"
Me: "Oh ok, just making sure"
Him: "your'e f**kin done alright?! Next time do your f**kin homework before coming out here."
Me: "okay,"

I walked away in shock as to what just happened and he proceeded to fish. Ended up watching my friend for a bit and left the river.
I just think the hostility wasn't necessary.

I know violence is not (always, lol) the answer but I think if I had witnessed that or been the person whom he decided to "vent" out on I think I would have had a very hard time not punching him in the mouth....however I would have first made sure he swung first of course ;-)

There are ignorant people everywhere and this is a difficult subject. I guess it just comes down to the good guys having to shoulder the blame for the bad actions of a few somebodies that looks similar. It sucks but I think that those of every single ethnicity deal with some of this crap. I know where mzmann is coming from, but violence is not the answer (as tempting as it may be). That just brings you down to the same level as the ignorant offensive party. Keep choosing the "high road" and make a new example. Remember that you should only assign importance to what people say if they rank importance in your life. Let Bubba be a biggot and wallow in his ignorance...
Fish'n BC

Not sure if that was recialy motivated...I hear centerpinners on the vedder are often like I don't mean to be steriotyping them...just what I've heard.

Well put Chaka

I can be a prick to anyone, if I wish to do so, but the type of reel I use doesn't make the prickish behavior happen. I use every type of reel there is, but I can be a jerk anytime, even without a rod and reel in my hand, LOLLOL.

I could stereotype the guy who uses a Crappy Tire $50 combo, but I don't.

There's legends in their own mind everywhere you go, and the rivers have their fair share, that's for sure.

If that guy did that to me I'd tell him to beat it or he'll be chewing cherry chicklets for his next meal, simple as that.
Red Wool

No offense, but I have to agree with ChrisS about Centre-Pin Guy. Most often, I have found Centre-Pin guy to be rude on the river, and has no problem drifting his line from 50 feet up into a honey hole that us regular level wind fishermen are fishing. Just mine and my fishing buddies personal experiences. We have a running statement that you don't want to be centre-pin guy on the river. Mostly out of humour but I do believe there is a hint of truth to that. And centre-pin guy always talks about the 12lb hatchery Ho that they were nailing up river before they came down river to fish, yet never have anything to show for it.

Of course anyone can be a douchebag on the river. Especially those who are in a life and death situation so much so that if they don't catch a fish, they may be hogtied and whipped when they arrive home empty handed. (Please note the sarcasm)....

I find that anglers that can't or haven't fished with a centrepin reel will often have something negative to say about them or the person using it.

More often than not, a centrepin fisherman has spent quite a bit of time on the river and fishes with more etiquette than the casual angler that fishes when he has time to get out and escape the ol' wifeepoo.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is "always" the case but there's not many centrepin guys out there that are jerks. Most of the time it's the in experienced angler that low holes a guy etc etc, and this happens usually because the guy/gal hasn't learned the river rules so to speak for the simple reason of not having spent enough time on the river to know the difference.

There's guys out there with spinning reels the size of hubcaps everyday that think every guy with a centrepin is a stuck up azzhole only because he can't use one himself cause he's too "NEW".

I fish about half and half centrepin/baitcaster when I go. Does that make me a prick half the time ? No it doesn't !!

And if I see or hear a guy acting out towards me because of the reel I'm using, F--K HIM, he's the clown, not me.

^^^ Agreed a lot of the guys on the river using ceter pins are actually really experienced and have a lot to offer to other people on the river. Those are the people i always try amd pick their brain becuase they are usually nice and very knowledgable because they have put time in. And I have yet to be low holed by a center pin fisherman.

Anyone can be a douche on the river no matter what they use just depends who that person is, not by the equipment that they use. Oh and i use a level wind, and onve i get more experience i will be going over to centerpin myself, for a new style and challenge.

Ssypark, you were actually done fishing for the rest of that day in that river. Page 23 of the freshwater regulations states "Steelhead fishing in the Lower Mainland Region: Your basic licence must be validated with a Conservation Surcharge Stamp if you intend to fish for steelhead anywhere in B.C. Please see page 7 for details.
When you have caught and retained your daily quota of hatchery steelhead from any water, you must stop fishing that water for the remainder of that day."
He could have told you without being so ignorant, however it is your responsibility to know what the regulations are. It doesn't hurt to have a quick look at them before going out or download the freshwater APP to your phone and have them with you all the time.

Just curious as to why he would say do your f-ing homework.

Are you sure you didn't make another cast or two after bonking your fish?? Are you being completely honest with us ??

As buddy said, you have to stop fishing that water system immediately after retaining a steelhead.

Seems fishy {no pun intented}, but if you stopped fishing right away he didn't have to say anything, hmmmmm????

Just asking, not accusing

Maybe the other guy was just a typical centre-pinner Bently.


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