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as the title says, please be safe when fishing on the fraser because once you get in over your head, it might be too late

the reason im saying this is because i made a big mistake today. fishing alone, i went to farmer bar out just before deroche, i waded in about 10 feet from shore and the water was quite high, but probably just over my knees. But after i had snagged my line and broken it i was about to head back to shore, but my feet had sunken a good 2 feet in heavy heavy mud.

i was struggling quite a bit trying to get out and i was very close to losing my balance, and falling in.

i know it doesnt sound like a terrible situation to be in, but im just saying it to you guys, i mean i was kind of an idiot today, left home at 6 am, didnt tell anyone where i was going and im just a young guy (22), so i have learned my lesson and will be more careful from now on.

Fish'n BC

I was there when the water was low, it's all mud and packed full of snags. It's more of a bar fishing bar, but personaly I don't think I'd even do that there.

Good advise fishforthought! People drown every year fishing the fraser. Pfds should be worn, the inflatable kinds look good and are quite comfortable. Fishing with a buddy is always a good idea.

i went there because my local fishing shop owner said its full of springs lol
Big Dan

Good to see you made it out safely..

I was wading through knee high water to get close to the nice water in the upper fraser below scal. It was early in the spring season and the fraser as always was high. I was using a stick ti test the water depth ahead oh me. I felt it suddenly get deep and started to cast. What i didnt relize was that the ground was the edge and it suddenly gave way. I went in but was able to grab a small tree before my wadders totally filled.

I went back months later to find that the spot i was standing on was now 6 ft higher then the water down below and it was fast flowing.

Im glad you were ok bro, we all make mistakes.

Accidents can happen to anyone. We cant stop them, only learn from them and take preventative messures.

This is an excellent post that puts things in perspective.No fish is worth a life or putting family through the possible aftermath

I totally agree Prunehands. Good on you guys for looking honestly at these risks. Water kills too many 20-somethings every year. Part of that is probably urban dwellers playing part-time in the wild. Fish safe everyone.

It can be deadly, This person almost found that out

I am amazed that you can be careful and still be unaware of the dangers, and sometimes not obvious. Good to know other folk's experiences.

Good article. Now I am curious if there are warning signs around that area (likely) and whether this person ignored such warnings, or was just attracted to playing in the mud? :S

Fishing forum > plz practice safety


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