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So when do you guys think sockey will be open?
Fish'n BC

Well, if there is an opening (low numbers this year); you will probably get a week or so about mid Aug. I'm watching the fisheries fraser pannel, so can give you a heads up. As of the 30th there were no planned comercial or recreational sockeye fisheries.

You won't be fishing sockeye this year, numbers are too low.

I sure hope there is an opening. I just gave in finally and bought the Calcutta 400b, I guess there's always springs but I was looking forward to putting the fly rod down for a bit and make the drive down to get a little better at salmon fishing. Still haven't landed a sockeye in 3 attempts but hey, that's fishing. If only the fraser wasn't such a gong show. Is there other northern BC rivers that usually open up for socks?
Fish'n BC

Well, there will be chum and coho in the fall you could use the calcutta on. Both are normaly caught shortfloating with jigs, wool or roe; but spoons, spinners and bar fishing are also good.

They have even year pink runs on the upper Island and some northern rivers and yes sockeye was open on the Island as well, but most people fish for them in salt water.
sharphooks moderator

springs are open now in the shuswap river/mable lk.
they open on the south thompson aug 16th.
depends where you live but that reel could get a good workout in the north okanagan. best to wait a couple of weeks when the run will be full bore.

My guess is once the First nations get their numbers you'll see a short sockeye opening in the Fraser, probably late August.
Fish'n BC

Also, check out the string on "Osoyoos lake sockeye 2012". There is reportedly a big run in the lake.

Guides up there are charging $500 a day. Simple dowrigger style fishing with hoochies etc. etc.

OMG Bently resurfaced! How's it going man? Yeah I wish I had a bigger boat and downriggers, I fished that way with my Dad and uncle all through my childhood. Sometimes I miss the 'chuck.

Hey Chaka, things are good down here. Been out on the big pond a few times targeting feeder chinnook and the odd bigger one that cruises just above them. Looking forward to some relaxing bar fishing on the Fraser in the next little while.

Talked to a fella that bought a downrigger off me the other day and he told me that the sockeye his brother was getting there were taking multiple offerings. Hoochies, Hot Spots and even a few on small plugs too. I would imagine that your choices are somewhat unlimited with the abundance of fish in there right now. Try anything in the ol'box and give it a whirl, ya never know.

I'll be kickin around here from time to time so in the meantime, take it easy my friend.


Springs are open on the Shuswap you say Mr Mod? Hmmm...
Fish'n BC

The First nations only got about 30 fish out of 15K allocated to them while seineing and dip netting on the chilliwack/vedder, so they are giving them an opening to use gill nets above the hatchery and also two in the lake.
They have been drift netting on the fraser for some time now, but not getting a whole lot there either.

I think this is the run cycle that started the cohen hearings. I say after the First Nations gets their alotment for food social and cerimonial use: they should close the sockeye fishery this year to give the run a chance to recover to higher numbers for future runs.

100 % in agreement. there are only 500,000 late summer. we need another zero on the end before they should be opening them. as for the native fishery, it is going to happen so bitching does no good except make one look like a racist. just be sure you do not support illegal selling of salmon. everyone bitches about the native fishing but then buy them on the side of the road.
anyway lets not get into a racial discussion on this, right mr moderator !
Fish'n BC

As of the meeting of the fraser pannel on Aug. 3rd; there are no planned openings of comercial or recreational sockeye fisheries.

Further; the marine assessments of summer run fraser sockeye indicate that the run is either below the abundance forcast or the run is late. Next meeting is on Aug 6th
Fish'n BC

As of the meeting of the fraser pannel on Aug 7th; First Nation fisheries are open every where, there is still no planned comercial or recreational sockeye fisheries. The summer run estimates are consistant with pre-season forecasts of just 1,585,000 fish.

Late summer run estimates won't be available 'til mid Aug. Next meeting planned for Aug 10th.
Fish'n BC

Studies have shown that the short term (0-24hr) mortality of flossed and released fraser sockeye were quite low. However I also read that the fraser sockeye only have a 5% reserve energy for their migration run, and so 40% of the sockeye flossed and released don't make it to the spawning grounds.

If this is true: then if someone flossed and released 6 fraser sockeye as by-catch while flossing for springs, 2-3 of those sockeye now won't make it to spawn; resulting in potential losses of an enormous amount of eggs.

so has there been any word yet if there gonna have an opening for sockeye???
Fish'n BC

As I said in a previous post: There are no planned comercial or recreational sockeye fisheries. The next meeting is on the 10th, so should get an update soon after that.

You know, you guys obviously have a computer, USE IT and quit with the needless questions about openings. Go to the Fisheries and Oceans website and LOOK, it's really that friggin simple. It's like babysitting around here, still !!!

so are they open for sockey yet?


Sons of Angling

come to the okanagan the columbia river sockeye run has a huge huge return and they've opened it on osoyoos lake..two a day havnt made my way south yet..but checking out the other thread looks pretty sick another three weeks n she'll die down...pretty stoked on it all...I'm also sure ossoyoos lake is a gong show with local and tourist fishing their brains out..not to mention the doochebags in there super ski boats lol

Osoyoos Lake? no problem! boat in the water @ 530am, 1/2 hr to get to fishing spot(only an electric trolling motor) 1 to 2 hr to catch my 2 fish, back to the dock before the speedboat yahoos drink their 1st cappocino.

Ha ha haaa! Good point. You guys are lucky. If I was closer to there I would be all over that...

hey chris S did u find out anything regarding sockeye from the meeting today?

Bookmark it ??, way too difficult for em !!

Bently, wondering who ties their knots.
Fish'n BC

LOL...for those who don't want to search through the site: As of the meeting today: There are still no planned comercial or recreational sockeye fisheries.

The late run sockeye estimate is only 200,000 fish, the summer run estimate is unchanged at 1,585,000 fish (early summer run was 530,000). The First Nations have reported 290,000 sockeye caught to date.

Remember the average run is about 8,000,000, so with only a total estimated run this year of aproximately 2,515,000...
Last year the late run alone was 1,475,000 compared to only 200,000 this year...

Next meeting on the 14th

after the big run 2 years ago it is hard to imagine the adams only having 100,000 fish. let them make it !

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