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Where would be a good place to go for flys, or does anybody know someone who ties they're own that I can buy off of?

Depends where you live but CanTire and Wmart both do reasonable flies. You could also tie your own.

Also, what are some good flys to use in the local lakes during the summer months and into the fall?

Before you guys pose questions about regional tackle we need to know what region you are in. :S I will as always presume the lower mainland and just say that there are scores of tackle stores all them. If you were in the North Okanagan, I could give you specific stores. You are going to get an arbitrary answer from each person you talk to, but I keep hearing: Wooly Buggers, Egg Sucking Leeches and Doc Spratley's. Depends on when, where, with what etc etc etc. But if you were just starting out, those are some good ones to have.

u can buy flies i sell myn 80 cents a peice email me for photots at

Here's one I deal with as I don't tie dry flies, prices are good and they are an excellent quality flies.

Can anyone recommend any good fly fishing locations, I am new to fishing. I am near Kal and Swan lake but are there any good river with trout? what would your setup be and what flies would you use for a small creek stream?

If your in the lower mainland i would go to sea run fly and tackl or micheal and young stores. M&Y is a strictly fly store, great if that is all you are looking for. These are the only stores i will go to in the lower mainland for any of my fishing gear.
sharphooks moderator

I think you misunderstood the young fellow. he is from Vernon and is looking for places to fish.
in answer to the question, check your fishing regulations to see what rivers/creeks have fishing restrictions. most are catch and release from what I recall. correct me if I am wrong as I have not checked the regs for your area.
maybe one of the Vernon members can help you. I think the best answer is most of the fishing you will find is lake fishing unless you are fishing the Shuswap river which is catch and release. do you have transportation? a boat?

Mod is correct. Where as I have not really got into fly fishing much myself as of yet, the only rivers in the area would be the shuswap (C&R)and the Ok river (closed until nov 15 but see regs for further detail).

Other than those 2, you are looking at a ways out for anything else river/stream wise. Princeton, sicamous, kamloops, merritt areas have others that are in easy day trip drivable distances as well but just be sure to check the regs for each before going.

Fall lake fishing should be hot right now with fish doing their heavy feed before ice/winter arrives. I would imagine leech patterns would be one of the hot tickets but im sure the resident fly guys can probably help you out better with that than I, lol.


Well i was responding to the OP posting on where to get flies or if someone ties their own flies. Not the person that brought up a completely different question and hijacked the thread. If everyone asked questions that don't pertain the the thread or the main topic we might as well have one thread as a discussion, where everyone asks all sorts of questions and no one knows who is responding to what question.
Its common forum respect that you don't hijack someone else thread.
I haven't ranted here before , but its getting a little frustration when you want to see one topic and then the thread switches gears to a different topic half way through how helpful is that to the original OP
sharphooks moderator

my apologies. you are quite correct. he should have started his own thread.

No problem.

I always get my supplies to tie my stuff from those two places though OP, they treat you well and are knowledgeable. I have looked at both their selections and they are good however. Ones in surrey and one is in coquitlam, so either side of the bridge, for what ever works for you.

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