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Anyone know how the water levels are?
Big Dan

I was there last weekend.The water level is still a bit high but safe to launch,I was near the museum.

it can be entertaining watching some of them try to launch and load their boats. on busy days at boat launches like kilby that are real busy they should have pros there to back up everyone's trailor. the launch could handle 50 % more boats that way !

The more you launch, the better you get I guess.

I actually had one fella ask our party if we could back down his truck and trailer for him as he had tried about 6 times and "just wasn't getting it", poor guy felt like a tool but we all reassured him that we were all like that at one point too and not to worry, it "will" get easier.
Hi Speed

if you position your hand on the botton of the steering wheel it seems to get easier than steering from the top of the wheel

" Drop the Tail gate so you can see... LOL "

aint that the truth lollol

My girlfriend has owned a 19' boat for a decade and still cannot back it in herself. Everything else boating related she can do, but backing eludes her. What I suggested to her is that we go down to the shopping mall or big-box store late at night and practice backing into stalls using lines. Then when she is doing well with that, backing into the loading bay, because short of water and a dock it is as close to a boat launch ramp as you will get. All good ideas, now we just have to get her to try.

I have been driving for nearly 25 years myself and in that time have driven pretty much everything on wheels (and tracks) so backing up for me is usually a non-issue. I just need to "adjust" to a new trailer or someone else's truck etc. It is an acquired skill to be sure, but I also think it comes easier to some.

I try to be patient at the launch too, but the other day a lightning storm blew in on OK Lake and everyone raced for the launch. I circled while my trailer was being retrieved by a buddy. When he backed down, I had 3 boats that cut in front of me in a scramble to get in (lest they get rain on their new financed toys). I just tied to the piling side of the dock and cupped my hands and announced that my trailer had arrived and was not moving until my boat was on it. After a 15 minute gong show including near collisions and another person holding a rope almost getting dragged in, I had a clear path to my trailer. It isn't the newbie behaviour that bothers me, it is the selfish stuff that gets me. This is a high traffic launch also and there was a poor guy trying to get his wife to back the truck and trailer down. Luckily it was a small trailer so every 10 feet when she jack-knifed it, he'd tell her to stop, grab the trailer and drag it straight again...

Great comedic relief when you are a bystander and not waiting to get in.

Biggest problem I see at the launch is over steering. People need to realize that you don't need to crank it over for the trailer to turn, a little bit goes a long way.

Fishing forum > kilby boat launch


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