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There is some suggestion that, amongst other factors, air pressure has some effect on fish. I remember doing an experiment with a float in a sealed plastic bottle partly filled with water. Squeezing the bottle changed the position of the float. So I guess air pressure may be significant to fish.

So the theory is that there is a good and bad pressure for fishing. Rising pressure is good, falling is good for a time. Wondering if this holds out in fact, I have purchased a barometer, a cheap one.

good tool for your arsenal !!!
my experience certainly matches what it says to a large extent. there have been exceptions but for the most part i would go to most interior lakes when your toy says it is best, at least for wild rainbow trout.

On receiving the barometer, the instructions said to set it to your local pressure. This is easy, as it is on the weather channel and can be checked on local enthusiasts weather station data. For instance 101.42kPa is my current local pressure.

So I sat there and watched it to see if it would change, every hour and compared that to the weather channel, woke up early to go fishing and checked it again. No change?, I wonder if this thing is working.

We started out to our fishing spot some 5,300ft above sea level. Half way up and I checked the barometer, guess what, it had gone off the scale. Back to school, well it is obvious that pressure decreases at higher altitude, should have corrected for altitude before leaving, but how do you do this:

p = 101325 (1 - 2.25577 10-5 h)5.25588 

Yea, right, got my slide rule with me!

The best bet was to set it at the last known pressure and there was little change throughout the day so I can't confirm the theory.

There is another question I need to find the answer to and perhaps it is obvious. With sea fishing, you are at sea level, so the air pressure is normal, and as shown on the weather channel, is always corrected to sea level.

So what is a good/bad air pressure to fish at taking into account altitude. Do the fish normalise themselves to the altitude they are at, well I guess yes must be the answer, and do I look for change of pressure rather than actual pressure, and I am assuming yes again for this.

my thought would be yes, the changes are the big thing, or in some cases the lack of change. if the high pressure sticks around too long things tend to slow down, just as your toy says.

ive read that to...rising barometer is good, have i seen it work without a doubt...not a chance.
yes the fish can compensate for altitude with the inflatabe air sacks in them, its how they go down in the water with the pressures from that at a depth so they dont crush themselves or organs

Fishing forum > Fishing with a Barometer


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