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no fishy for us today. tried for a couple hours then hit the fraser for sturgeon and nothing there either, sts was putting the squeeze on the dock with their

water didnt seen to high. but im semi new to the vedder and havent been this early before.


seems to crash alot for me trying to load pics. get a server error. i was the other day to. ive got more but ill try later. think its back to the river for night sturgeon

went there at 5:30 am today and it was busy. Saw 4 springs taken. It's hard fishing
Fish'n BC

Checked out the vedder today, but explored more than I fished lol.
Started at vedder crossing kurtains and Camp run, had the places pretty much to myself and a bear who followed me around. Decided to leave it to the bear and headed to Campground, was quite busy so headed to Brown rd and Bergman rd. Lots of walking and hardly anyone there, so I fished awhile without catching anything worth talking about. Went over to Lickman to check it out, quite nice but not a whole lot of fishable space. No one was catching anything in any of the places I visited until I went to Peach Road, lots of sockeye jumping constantly there.

Peach road was pretty busy, but front and center was a goup of several ethnic dudes showing everyone how it's done. I sat down and watched them for awhile, their bait of choice was a bare hook, float to weight distance was aproximately 10 feet. They would cast the hook out and let the weight bounce along the bottom and then make quick strong jerks on the rods, they seem to make a cast every 30-60 seconds or so. Must work because they brought in the only spring I saw today...

Also saw jetski's zooming around the river and a number of people floating down in inflatable pool chairs equiped with drinks...well actually that looked fun.

Oh well, that was my first experience of the Vedder and techniques used there...

Is it legal to floss with a bare hook? if not it should be, also they should ban flossing IMHO, does more damage than anything, just drives me crazy when I see people flossing for a fish they can't legally keep anyway.
Fish'n BC

I think there has to be something on the hook (like a piece of wool) to make it legal, but I could be wrong. Last year I went up Norrish creek (runs into the Nicomen slough) and ran into the same thing; another (or the same) group of dudes pulling dark coho out of a pool with bare hooks using the same technique. Once in a long while they would get one in the mouth and keep it, but most of the time they were hauling them in by the tail belly or dorsal fin.
Also see it on the Stave sometimes. Not sure if it is legal or not, at least they released the foul hooked fish.

bastards snagging. cant believe they did it right out in open there. yes has to be at least wool on it. thats bottom bouncing that so many hate cause it actualy catches fish and other methods dont as easily. just cause some of us bounce doesnt mean we do it to get non keepable fish. spring are keepable and is how i got mine today. and yes with right fish it may attack and bite it....coincidence the only big one on whole beach was on green? and actualy snapped my rod when it hit?. yes sock wont bite but not all are going for illegal fish in an illegal way
i can gaurantee the tv shows do more harm to fish for money than we bouncing.
for me i will only keep it also if the hook is in the mouth., not on outside of it as a snag would be or any art of body of course. cant keep those foul hooked. i see them do it all the time.

Bottom bouncing if done properly should have a minimal snag catch, unfortunately the people that seem to adopt bottom bouncing also seem to have developed a tic that makes them yank the crap out of the rod at the end of the bounce. Everyone will have a preference to how they fish, and what works for them, I just hope that if 9 out of 10 fish you catch is not in the mouth that you might want to think about a more productive way to fish. And if you are fishing next to me and snagging most of your fish, sure as hell I'm going to mention something, and if you keep a snagged fish then you really won't care for the # on my speed-dial #1-877-952-RAPP.

Tho I'm sure no one on this forum would purposely go out to snag a few fish.

well i dont know of a MORE PRODUCTIVE way. there are many less productive ways but not more...i agree the snap at end isnt needed as much as most yank it, if they had any brains they would know if it was sockeye they have soft mouth and rip hooks out to loose fish. i also see just as many do that with a float. no difference. most are bouncing anyways on the bedder but add a float to make it look better. i see the bounce to the gear. flaots face backwards and bobbs up n down...that bouncing with a nicer terminology on it is all. and not to mention the funneling them in a tiny tiny little chgannel...almost cheating to me. i personaly feel the whole vedder should be closed for good due to its the main breeding ground ad so many cry abut lost dead fish but yet its ok round em up in a t9ny pool and add a float and kill personal opinion is we should be protecting the vedder not raping it

br8ing it dood...try and be a hero rat, see what im realy like. to many think the are dam cops and is why people get in trouble out there. i already saiud how i keep them so why the threat dood. i dont like threats, if you dont like it dot fish at a bouncing bar. you seemed to have reading issues where i said how my catch has to be.
so tired of this year after year from the no fish gys

G.A. that was a general response to the thread, don't take it so personal, it was not directed at you.

fair enough. just right after my bouncing post so assumed was somewhat to me...and others. just tired of seeing the non bouncers attack us each year...kinda old. we get it. and i agree to do something to those realy abusing the system. but seriously think of all the fish those on the vedder kill just by walking in the water. so if we are going to compare who does more damage id say matter type of fish style. i mean why do we need to snag fish right in thier bed they make eggs in...i find that rediculous when we should be doing all we can to keep people out of that river portion...and all spawn beds

I know many people view these posts without posting to them, there are also many young people just starting to fish that read these posts, the whole point of my post was that if most of the fish that someone is catching are fouled, then the fishing method should be changed, and if everyone were to fish thinking that a D.F.O. officer is fishing next to them, maybe some bad behaviors would change too. It does not matter how someone fishes, whether bouncing, flossing, floating or fly fishing, sometimes snagging a fish does happen, but that should be the exception not the norm.

i get both sides of the argument. and ya agree to not keeping the fouled ones and if i did see it next to me i wouldnt bother callin it in as i already know they cat do anything about it unless they see it for themselves., always been like that. the ratt line is a joke. all it does is get list of where to look at from the count of reports at each place. your word, or others isnt good enough to bust anyone.
for me id just walk over and throw it back for the. theres an asian dood that does it all day long under mission bridge catchin pink. everyone jumps on the old dood. then he plays no english...but yet 5 min before he spoke quite well to be giving fishing tips to

myself id just walk over and cut the line. i know the ratt line does nothing to stop anything but i gaurantee dood next to me wont do it again if we stand up and say something. im not encouraging others to do this, just how i deal with clowns

1 rule change on the bouncing that may help is to have a length limit on leaders. for me im fine maxed at 9 to 10 foot. i see some run double me. but i dont see them do any better cept fouling them. and is funny how i camn go vbar fish with bare hook but to bouce bare is illegal...dont get the diff. do they seriously think that tin piece of wool helps push hook out of mouth?

Ga.Just to be clear.Are you saying it's OK to bottom bounce with 9-10' leader on the Vedder?

You guys are absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!

Any flossed fish is actually a foul hooked/snagged fish.

Fish that actually bite are the only fish that are NOT foul hooked/snagged fish.

When are you guys gonna figure that out???????

Whether you use green wool or a piece of shoe lace, the results will be the same when flossing fish.

Accept the fact that if you floss, your foul hooking fish.

Don't try and tell anybody that because the fish was hooked INSIDE the mouth when your fishing with a piece of red/green/whatever wool that it bit the bloody thing when your using a 9 foot plus leader. It's just that is where the hook ended up after the leader line went through the fishes mouth. I think it's funny when I hear people say they are releasing the fish that are hooked on the outside of the mouth when BBing. Who the hell are you trying to kid anyway ?

If your gonna floss, floss, but don't try and say that your doing it any better than the next guy. Whether your leader is 9 or 10 feet long or 15 to 20 feet long, it's all the same.

Foul hook harvest fishing is flossing fish, like it or not, that's all it is. Sure you get the guy that has a monster treble hook and is yanking it toi snag the fish but it's actually no different except the fact that it looks a lot worse than the flosser guy.

Tricking a fish to bite your offering is sport fishing, flossing a fish is only harvesting meat,your just using the same license to do it cause it's a legal but BS way of catching a fish

Rant over. Now I can leave again, see ya guys.

Haha,I started reading before I realized who was posting.Glad to see you still check in now and then Bentley
sharphooks moderator

eloquently stated Bentley.
glad to know you are still keeping an eye on things.
your opinions are welcome here any time. we may not all agree all the time but that is life!!! you are certainly bang on with respect to flossing in my opinion. it is legal but it stinks.
there are other ways to catch springs without flossing.

I have a look now and then.

Good to see there's not as much garbage being posted on here as before. Probably improved after I left, har har har!

Simply amazes me at what some people come up with when it comes to talking about flossing a salmon.

The best one I like so far is the one about how the green wool works better than the red wool. I gotta get out fishing with that guy, he can obviously put me on some fish.LOLLOL

Take care Pruner
G.A. we you clown get old on this every year.,..year after year.

i dont fish the vedder usualy to say what length. it is what i saw almost everytime i go though....just has a float on it to make them seem ok. till he steps 1 foot more and kills 10 thousand eggs in 1 step....i didnt say what i thought a length should be anywhere...i said that may be a reg to set in place. i think the vedder should be shut down completely. do we fish in a hatchery?...then why a natural one?.

read the info gtrumpy...its how i keep to the rules and somewhat of edicate to have the hook a certain way. it is the dam rules so why wouldnt
you are funny to say 9 foot is same as 20.;..go back to school and read a tape right and basic physics
since when do we need to fish to your way or bad. till its illegal move on. why do we need to hear the same crap every year form the same guys not getting fish?.
you do realize most of us here that bounce is only 1 of many ways we fish so get over it. im sure theirs lots we dont like about what you do but dont need to repeat it every chance we get...its old
in the end we keep out limit..should be end of story

why is it the same no life assholes do this all the wonder this site fails so much and looses many bitches on it

G.A. Look in the mirror and you will see this-
"why is it the same no life assholes do this all the wonder this site fails so much and looses many bitches on it" You're one of the worst on here. Oh BTW have you ever heard of spell check?
Bentley, that was an excellent post. I guess too many on here have no ETHICS, it's get a fish at any cost.

Thanks cutfisher,

I guess when you look like a little redneck out of the movie Deliverance you act like that, oh well. I didn't come on here to argue with anyone, just voice an opinion, nothing more.

all the old trolls show up every season same your spawning or something
most that point their finger are the ones trampling millions of eggs and gauranteeing death to millions of fish every year...but fort some reason dont see them doing anything wrong cause they have a
cant label all bottom bouncers are poachers that keep illegal cought fish. but i guess it makes them feel better about killing so many fish every year. no wonder were loosing so may spawning beds.

So you actually think that there's more guys float fishing with bait etc etc than there is bottom bouncers that are flossing ?? Man o man, I'd have to say you are a bit disturbed.

BTW, tell me something there bumbly, when you go bottom bouncing do you always stand on the bank and never go in the water, and why on earth do you think that float fishermen trample the redds and flossers don't. That does not make any sense at all. I don't know anyone that would trample redds on purpose ??????????? Where do you get that one from anyways. I think your a little misinformed sherlock. Strange, very very strange indeed.

Lets just agree to disagree, your obviously not accepting anything I said, but I didn't really expect you too either. I'll just insert the invisible bitch slap emoticon here and be done with ya.

Keep up the good work there Mr Moderator, say high to the old Grey One, ChakaRaka and Cagey for me.

Have a good second half.

no i said more kill fish in the vedder than any bouncer does. every step you take may kill many steps in a many fisherman adds up fast. you cant say bottom bouncers kill fish from this method. some may..most dont..i gaurantee your killing eggs walking in a spawning can you not.

learn where they spawn before trying to point fingers again...the fraser in tat portion isnt a spawn bed. way to fast of, why would they end in the vedder if they lay eggs in fraser you even know how spawning works?
your realy not getting this if you dont get where they spawn..and your walking on them as you go up and down the river bed when its about 1 foot deep and 2 foot across. kinda not hard to get fish isnt it that way. almost entrapment there its so small and narrow. not even a fair fight..
i think its you missinformed...i worked breeding in fisheries so dont try and feed the bs to me. it may be dilusional on your part to not see the damage you do in the vedder is about all. but i expect that of the trolling type always hacking on the bottom bouncers.

i totaly axceot what i do and i dont foul hook and keep fish and dont trample the spawn beds in delicate river systems like the vedder. and most other bouncers i see are on same page. not all are asshole poachers and dissrespect basic rules. some just need to stop stereotyping all in 1 group...many snag and keep fish in many ways of fishing. how else would you catch a sockeye in the vedder if it wasnt snagged., as they dont bite??. float or no float its snagged

how many times you say your leaving before you stick to what you say.

Keep on keeping on there bumbly, but try the spell check when your finished, lollol.

p.s. I might just hang around a while to pi$$ you off, har har har

new to spell check to i tells me i spell and wrong. and if i spell as a canadian on some it also says im wrong.,.racist american you obviously read fine to keep on trolling. thx for showing us the type of troll you are by admitting your doing nothing but pissin others off...what a stand up guy...not, always an ass clown on the net somewhere, usualy its kids though....some of us grew up...some didnt. im glad the mod here allows that...
Fish'n BC

Maaaaannnn....cut it out guys....enough already!

Your right Chris, sorry I stooped to this level.

I came back on here not to harass "HIM", just to point out the redundant BS that he was saying in regards to leader length while flossing and his spawning beds tantrum. It's obvious that I got caught up in the BS he was trying to throw my way and I apologize for that.

BTW, I fully know how, why, when, and where salmon spawn and FYI, the last time I was on the Vedder system was back in March. The way he put it, you'd think I was in the Vedder up to my chest trampling on redds. Funny !! And FYI, my friends tell me that there's more people flossing the Vedder right now than there are fishermen float fishing roe etc etc for Chinnooks, even though there's still a good number of float fishers actually fishing, the floss gang numbers rule the show.

have a good day.

Hey bently i fish the vedder and fraser everyday. I am an old timer and i live 5 mins from the rivers. Since my dad taught me how to fish, ive been fishing the fraser with a
67 1/4 foot leader and a 19 oz bouncing betty. Is that okay?

But joking aside why do you care how other people fish? Bottom bouncing is a method of fishing, you cant tell me different. Even if you call it flossing/snagging. If you think it's harvesting fish, go to the native reserves and the commercial fisherman that net the whole rivers and catch over thousands of fish at a time. One fisherman that caught one Chinook is not going to make a difference. Maybe he needs to feed his family because a Chinook salmon from the store is 40$+

I'd imagine you'd have a hard time casting that length of leader LOLLOLOL.

It's obvious I don't like flossing but I really don't care how anybody fishes as long as it's legal, which flossing obviously is. I was just trying to sink it into his head that even though your legally flossing fish , you have to know that when doing so your still foul hooking fish.

Green, red ,yellow, pokadotted wool , it's all the same. You could use a piece of shoe leather and catch just as many.
Fish'n BC

I think Bently was attacking terminology and false impretions more so than fishing methods. The Vedder flossing gang seems to stick more to easy access spots like Peach Rd. I've never flossed, but don't care how someone fishes as long as it's legal.

"I think Bently was attacking terminology and false impretions more so than fishing methods."

Precisely Chris , sorry if I'm causing sh!t, don't really mean to, just trying to get the facts straight.

i was away fishing so i did not see all of the above. g.a. you must read posts more closely befoe you fly off the handle. bentley was stating his opinion in a polite manner. he was quite correct. flossing is legal. you can do it. no problem. the fact i think it sucks to floss chinook or bentley thinks it sucks does not matter. bentley was just telling you that flossing is flossing. using a 9 ft leader does not make it any diferent. now chill out and go catch a sturgeon.
and a message to all members, leys not debate flossing to death again this year. PLEASE for everyone's sake !
the moderator

Guys we got to stop this agruement about bottom bouncing. If u want to bitch and point fingers? Then do something and fight to change the law. Until its changed, it is legal and there for a method of fishing.
Fish'n BC

I don't remember there ever being an argument about bottom bouncing (used in lakes, rivers and ocean). Are you refering to past arguments about flossing?

Please don't confuse bottom bouncing with flossing, they are not the same thing.

Bently's topic of discussion was terminology and some fishing misconceptions.

No one here was pointing fingers or saying flossing wasn't legal and the Mod asked that the flossing debate not come up again with which I agree.

I dont want to sound like a jerk but i dont think i even have to answer that question chris.

Well there's 20 minutes of my life that I will never get back. Thanks kids. I wish there was a member filter on this site some days. Only redeeming feature to this thread was G.A.'s single line "...racist american software...". That was the 1 redeeming second of this drawn-out putrescent bitch session.

Hey now, didn't you read the part where I said to say hello to you, LOLLOL

Yes I did Bentley, hello to you and good to see you around. I guess it was just overshadowed by the juvenile bickering.

if you guys hate flossing so much how do u suggest i catch a sockeye

aka a fish that doesnt bite any kind of tackle?
Fish'n BC

Not saying I hate flossing, but sockeye bite lures very well. You can fish for sockeye right now in Osoyoos lake with flashers and hoochies or squirts, they are biting lures there like crazy. You can use the same set up near the mouth of the fraser if there is a saltwater opening.

Also, the sockeye bite in all clearwater rivers like the columbia, harrison and many more. You can either bar fish with #4 spin n glos baited with cured prawn or drift fish with cured prawn or shrimp; both produce bites quite well. Some have reported they follow and bite flys and they are also trolling for them in some larger rivers.

I have a freezer full of land locked sockeye (Kokanee) I caught this year using a small dodger and pink wedding band tipped with white shoepeg corn.

So fishforthought you have manny productive options for catching sockeye on tackle such as lures and bait.

sry i should have specified better, i fish the non tidal fraser
Fish'n BC

You can catch sockeye with tackle near the tip of Islands where they hold in the non-tidal fraser, kenai and russian rivers when sockeye numbers are thick enough to bite; but flossing is primarily used in those muddy water areas when sockeye are open.

I have some theories and I'm working on legal alternative method/s that may also be productive in the tidal fraser.

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