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Thought it might be cool to discuss some etiquette tips for those of us fishing lakes from boats.

Anybody have any tips that could keep us all a little saner out there this summer? I have a few lurking in the back of my head but I'm curious to see whether proper etiquette is an issue for other folks too.

To start off I guess: Show consideration for others preferred fishing methods and respect those that were there before you.

Often there are many different fishing methods being used at the lakes I frequent: fly casting, shore fishing, trolling etc and I regularly see conflicts arise due to lack of consideration for those differing methods. I've seen fly fisherman drive their boats right into the little bay I'm trolling circles in, drop anchor and block off the area I was trolling in. On the other side of the coin, I've seen trollers run right into an area that a fly fisherman or shore fisherman has been working first. Drives me nuts either way!

Good topic.I have three pet peaves on the lakes.#1-people that use gas motors on tiny,little lakes.If you are able to drag your 40 yr old two stroke to the lake, you are able to row.IMO it's a more successful method anyway.#2-Un- necessary crowding.Unless I have the kids,I like to set up and cast instead of trolling.It's a drag when you're are set up on a shoal with lots of good water around and someone decides to work the same fish.#3-Obnoxious loudmouths.People always forget how sound travels on lakes.We are all there to enjoy and I don't expect everyone to be church mice,but some folks have no tact.I was on a lake a few weeks back with my son(3) and my niece(6) and had to listen to a group guys in there 20s play there gansta rap with b****h this and f***g n****r that.They seemed like OK guys just there to have fun but I don't want the kids to hear that.I think they were just oblivious to others around them.
Fish'n BC

Fortunately I haven't experienced any problems with others fishing from boats (knock on wood), my issue is with pleasure boaters. They have the whole lake to play with their toys, but they seem to gravitate towards us to apperantly show off how big a wake they can make or how loud the music is coming out of their boomboxes or something.
Like we were succesfuly fishing Allouette the other day until the hords of party boats and toys swarmed out in the afternoon: then the fish wouldn't bite at any depth. Oh well, guess there's not anything you can do except have a sence of humour. I think that is key to fishing around newbies: they often don't know better, so you need tolerance and a sence of humour when they do something that tries your patience.
The crowding issue I find the most humorous wether fishing from a boat or on shore: every time I pull in a fish everyone else seems to move a bit closer, then when I leave everyone seems to pounce on the spot as if it was the majic fishing hole. Doesn't bother me at all and we get a good laugh out of it.

ill add one i went through this weekend on a lake fishin...wake up and watch where your going. had same guy seemed to think he was the only one on the lake sporting his scary speedo shorts. kept running me way out to center of lake before i could turn. he refused to let me get to the ledge to troll. and i was travelling the stright line and had right of way the way i saw it. he had to turn so id think that puts him in the wrong..wasnt a big deal, got me n buddy all tangled was all. just the blank look on his face like he didnt know what day he was doing got

another is dogs running wild in camp. not what i want is a slobering dog on me while i try and eat dinner. i love dogs but controll them.
i think the party noise would be the most common complaint across the board
Sons of Angling

Its called the bent rod syndrome... people see the bent rod and move in closer and closer and closer..aether they fishing or not its human nature thing you know ur getting ready to fire a flare in there face...I've always wanted to bring my paintball gun.. but that would just fuel the fire... remember peoples, if there weren't f'ing morons on this world who would we compare ourselves too lmao...tight line brotheres

Nice postings guys Bent rod syndrome will probably be the new catch phrase on our boat this summer lol. Another tip I have is....."Park your vehicle away from the boat launch when you are done launching". Have had a few occasions where someone launches their boat and simply locks up their vehicle, making it near impossible for any other boat to launch. Not sure whether this is due to the excitment to get out fishing (which I could at least understand lol) or a complete lack of consideration for other people.....

I can't stand when people don't use proper boat launch etiquette. Launch your boat, tie it to the dock, pull your vehicle out of the way so others can launch. The line up of 5 or more vehicles doesn't want to watch you rummage through your truck looking for a bag of chips you fat turd. I have seen this exact scenario time and time again.......... Complete idiocy.
sharphooks moderator

great topic. if i may add my pet pieve. i enjoy fishing for salmon on the thompson river . i usually fish from shore. it amazes me that boats going up and down river, with the whole river available to them, have to hug the shore line with all of us fishing. either everyone reals in fast or they run over your lines. like where do they get their brains.
keep posting your "complaints". maybe someone will see themselves and correct their thoughtless mistakes !

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