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I've heard that you need a key to unlock the gate to get up to Florence Lake, Morgan Lake, Sayre's Lake, etc. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks.

Not sure about florance and morgan,but sayers you do not need a key.Depending on your your wheels,you may have to walk the last few minutes

Alright, thank you. Do you need a 4x4? I have a 2WD truck.

Those lakes are very nice to look at and you won't get too much out of them. I would stick to the stocked lakes. Unless you like hearing gun shots in the background. In that case go to Sayers. Bang bang

Morgan is the better lake of the three.

Florance is a steep hike with tons of deadheads at the base. Makes it hard to get in.

2x4 truck will be fine. I've seen minivans past Florance Lake. Just take it easy. The road is rugged these days. I don't think they have ran a grader yet. Tons of little annoying pot holes.

I'll keep that in mind about the fishing and the shooting. Thanks for the info guys.

my buddy had his truck used as target practice up there. It's a long walk back.

my buddies had their jeeps used as target practice while they where driving them down the road. and yes we are a group of wheelers that drive and operate our vehicles responsibly not just a bunch of people ripping it up.

Fishing forum > Florence Lake Forest Service Road


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