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Is it allowed? I was only thinking about doing this with my boys like the below video.

But I should check regs first obviously.
Fish'n BC

In BC tidal waters you cannot leave a fishing line unattended, nor can you use more than one hook unless it is two hooks holding a single piece of bait.
In BC non tidal waters you can only use a set line for burbot in a couple northern areas of the province.

So, no you can't do that here.

Chris, I don't necessarily doubt what you are saying, but I don't recall reading anything that said that if you were running 2 hooks, they had to be in the same piece of bait. Do you remember where you go that take on it? Because I do remember the 2 hook limit, just not that it had to be in the configuration of a worm rig (for example). What about pickerel-rig style set-up's with 2 hooks on separate spreader bars? I was under the impression that they were legal, but now I want to confirm that...

Actually upon reading the regs, here is what I found:

Although angling is the most popular form of
sport fishing in British Columbia, there are
other methods that you can use to take fish.
Your basic fishing licence entitles you to:

angle … fish (with or without a rod) with
one fishing line to which only one hook,
one artificial lure OR one artificial fly is

So maybe you can't use 2 hooks in any scenario anymore? :S


Region 2 excerpt:

Single barbless hook: must be used in all
streams of Region 2, all year. See definition
of “angle” and “streams” on page 96.
From Page 96:
angle … see page 9.
(wow, they're sure making this easy...)
From Page 9:
("Angle" covered in the first quoted paragraph.)

Region 8 excerpt:

Single barbless hook: must be used in all
streams of Region 8, all year.

So it looks like unless you were referring to another region, we were both out of date on the hook limit regs. Oddly enough you can however use a barbless treble in Okanagan Lake now.
Fish'n BC

Chaka I was refering to two sets of regs;

Under the tidal regs;
"It is illegal to: angle with a fishing line to which more than one hook, artificial lure or artificial fly is attached except:
- In the tidal portion of the fraser river (you are alowed two)
- In tidal waters any number of hooks attached to a fishing line if the hooks are used in combination to hold a single piece of bait.
- in tidal waters when fishing for herring, northern anchovy, pacific sand lance or squid you may use any number of hooks on a fishing line."

I should have mentioned the tidal fraser exception. Longline fishing had nothing to do with herring, squid etc. I think you quoted the non tidal (freshwater) regs, so I don't need to. Yes, also in freshwater you are only alowed one hook per fishing line. Set lines are alowed in region 6 and zone A lakes of region 7.

Ah, I see. I'm a little too far inland to consider tidal regs. Good to know though.

so what if you had 50 hooks but only 1 in the doesnt say about
Fish'n BC

I wasn't sure where he was intending to fish, so I quoted what I thought he needed to know about the LongLine (set line) from both regs. The youtube clip looked like salt water, but who knows.

Now if he wanted to drop a crab or prawn trap and come back for it later, that is something he could do (within the regulations).
Fish'n BC

G.A. - It said all the hooks have to be used "in combination" to hold a single piece of bait. ie: all the hooks have to be in the bait.

i was just messing around.

thanks guys you were very clear and I was thinking of fishing in the lowermainland coast for rock fish with my young boys from a kayak.

Looks like I wont be using that fishing method.

i went out and dropped a crab trap instead with them. Caught a few crabs so my sons were happy.
Fish'n BC

Great! Sometimes you get other things in the traps that I'm sure would interest them, like starfish/sunstars/sea urchons etc. There's no openings for rockfish in the lower mainland anyway. Glad you had a succesful trip with your boys.

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