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Father's day is coming up and I am not yet a fly fisherman (although I think I've caught the bug...but that is for another post, another time). So as such, I do not know what are the absolute just "Can't Live Without" it accessories. I am interested in the lower priced items, not big ticket items.

My dad has not yet retired (or slowed down quite enough) but my mom and I know that he dreams of fly fishing soon. She has bought him a pretty decent 9' #6 2-pc Fenwick (Streamer? I think...) about two years ago, still unused. Last year I got him a couple different fly boxes, stomach pump, retractor and I believe forceps or snip tool on retractor. Because I have been looking at gear myself lately (or at least the early research stages) I know more about lines, leaders etc. As far as I know, he has some flies also so I am more interested in the essential accessories. I am not sure he will be tying his own, and if so not anytime soon. Maybe even a good book suggestion among the accessory suggestions?

Headed to Kenkraft tomorrow and hoping arrive with some idea of what I am after, as opposed to hoping something will jump out at me...

You've already suggested a few of the good ones.One to add might be polarized glasses,they dont cost a fortune like they used to.More gear than accessories but,tippet,shot,indicators, fly floatant and line dressing are some.As far as book suggestions;The Gilley,Fly Fish the Trout Lakes with Jack Shaw,Stillwater Patterns by Phil Rowley(more about tying but still some good info),and Morris and Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes are some that come to mind.

Thanks prunehands. I'm pretty sure he has polarized glasses. I was looking at tippet, indicators and even a shrink-tube loop for the end of the line (I'm guessing to make it easy to change leaders). I was unsure what sizes of what as far as tippet. Similarly for indicators, was not sure what was appropriate (not having used them) for small lakes and streams with that weight of line. He doesn't have a boat yet, so I did not see him needing sinking line yet. But if I did go that way I was going to see if the reel he has has spare spools available.

I will also refer back to this for future gifts, his birthday is in August, so a book is coming sooner or later.

Leave the obvious aside, learn to tie knots, you will be changing your fly often and you don't want to use up your leader and start tying on tippet. A good nail knot for the line to leader is essential for good casting if your knot passes the eyes in the rod. The improved clinch knot is what I have been taught to use for the hook.

A good selection of leech, woolly buggers, and chironomids to start and if you tie your own:

I have started to use a fly fishing vest and find it is much handier to use than a tackle box. If anything then this is my must have.

Have floating line, sinking line of different rates handy, and remember that the reel is only there to hold the line it is nothing special, so two or three spools or complete reels is useful.

My rod, cheapie from WM, but Trout Waters in Kelowna is a great place for advice and they will teach you how to cast if you go dry fly, still good to know how to cast anyway.

Troll or retrieve, know your speed and learn how to give action and present your fly.

I had better leave it there unless you have more specifics, because I am really only a beginner.

Oh, whoops, not for you, it is your dad, then a fly fishing vest.

kenkraft will guide you through spending your money. some really great suggestions already. the reel you used here takes different spools. great way to go and a lot cheeper and less bulky than all different reels. the books suggested are great. i use rowleys book to tie but each section tells how to fish the different flies. great book but as said earlier , it is more for tieing. for leaders just go 9 ft. he can add a tippet .
have fun spending $ !

Oh I agree Cagey, Kenkraft has never had a problem with getting me to part with money... :S
Ron M

a nail knot tool is a lifesaver, makes it so much easier, and they are like 5 jeff is right, a vest is way better than a box...a quality trout net is also a good idea for a gift, hope that's what I get, anyway.

Trout Waters is a great place to go to with your questions. Just grab one of the guys and ask what you wish. Any books from them or Chapters are great. Backroad mapbooks are always on my xmas lists too. Rod tubes are great too for protection of your rod/reel. You could sign up together for casting lessons via TW as well. The earlier post about knowing your knots would be a great course to take as well, you may not even need to pay for that too.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, however some will have to wait for future gifts, as my list way outweighed my funds. I did learn a lot about reels too though. I ended up getting a fly line dressing kit that comes with little felt filled guided box, it was a little pricey but looked effective. I also got some leaders in 9' 7lb and 9' 8lb sinking. I also got a good roll of fluoro tippet in 6 or 7lb, I forget which test, as well as an assortment of strike indicators. I was considering a reel but that will have to wait, as apparently my inexperienced eyes still outweigh my wallet. Although they did show me a very good value Ross Flyrise (corrected from "Smith") reel that was just under $70 and has the action of something that costs about 6 times that price. It was large arbour too, which I like the idea of.

Thanks everyone for your help and the thread need not end here because I would love to see it go on so others have suggestions of what they "Can't Live Without". I think it will be next season for me, but I am really interested in learning more.

good idea chaka to keep this thread going. my xmas wish list is very handy now !
the moderator

Good point mod.

Well you must start here:

Nothing much has changed, really!

Okay, Mr Jeff, nice link (although I imagine there's some tongue-in-cheek going on here). That being said, this thread will go on.

I just remembered that my dad has a vest that he got as a prize at a business fishing retreat. But I saw some nice bags that Kenkraft has on for about $50 that sling over your neck and are worn on your lower chest/side. Looked like a nice alternative to the vest. Reminded me of the old creels that you see in old time fly fishing footage. Does anyone fish with one of these? Benefits/liabilites vs a vest?

On another note, has anyone ever fished a Ross Fly Flyrise reel (Made in US)? I was totally sold on the action, especially for the price-point. Conical, redundant disk, self lubricating drag, open spool (for palming), large arbour and good materials and finish and all at a price I would pay for an average Spinning Reel. It also feature push-button spool release and spare spool availability. Would love some feedback, or if this is new to you, get one in your hand and tell me that it is not really good value. Now, the daunting task...figuring out the rod I want.

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