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Hey guys!
I've just moved here (Abbotsford) from Vancouver Island and am starting to get into fishing. I have a few questions, if thats alright.
1.) I was wondering where were some great lake spots to fish in my area. (It is ok if I have to hike there.)?
2.) What are some good times to hit the fraser river for salmon (months and breeds)?
3.) can I fish near the mission bridge for salmon and other sorts of fish?

If anyone would like to go out sometime I would be thrilled to go. Right now YouTube is my fishing teacher. Thanks guys!

Fish'n BC

Hi James, welcome to the site.

- You have Mill Lake in the middle of Abbotsford which is stocked and is about the only lake in the Abbotsford area. However there are alot of good lakes across the bridge and up by Harrison, check the "Fishing Spots" feature on this site.

-There won't be any Fraser river salmon openings 'til mid July, then unless DFO makes any changes: you will be able to fish for Chinook (spring) salmon. In Aug there may be an opening for sockeye salmon, but it doesn't look good right now (this is a low return year for sockeye). There is no Pink salmon this year as they only run in odd number years. In October: Chum and Coho salmon will be open and running up the Fraser River.

-Right now you could try for sturgeon down by the Mission bridge, later you can bar-fish or cast spoons for Chinook starting mid July, then either spin cast or bar-fish for chum and Coho in the fall.

I often fish down near the Mission bridge.

I live in Abbotsford as well. Another lake is albert dyck lake by the airport. It is not stocked like mill lake but apparently full of easy to catch bass. Might be too early since bass like warm water but I'm looking forward to trying it soon.

During pink salmon season (sept-oct not this year but the next) you can definitely go under the mission bridge for easy pink fishing. Many people there too so you can learn from them. Directly under the bridge it's considered tidal water but you can hike the trail towards the east for non-tidal and more private fishing spots. I'm not sure about chum fishing under the bridge but I want to try it this year. It might work well if you cast roe from the shore during the fall. You can drive north to mission for easy chums in the stave river. They have a lot of lakes too like rolley and stave.

For sockeye fishing you will need to travel to chilliwack (for example peg leg bar) and hope since to catch them from shore you need to cast into fast moving water.. Under the mission bridge it's almost like a lake. Not sure about boat fishing though since I'm fairly new.

For coho and springs you'll need to hit the vedder river for good action.

Thanks guys!

I'm not limited to just Abbotsford. mission, chilliwack and harrison are within my "area." I am just curious to what lakes are the best of the best in these areas?
Ron M

Hey Man,
Welcome to the Valley. Mill lake is good, but crowded on the weekends. Do you have a tube? I like to go to the Harrison area, small 'bows, but plenty of 'em. If you ahve a float tube let me knoew, we can hit Weaver some time...I'm fairly new to fly fishing too.

unfortunately, no tube. Looking to build a 8' boat though.

I also don't fly. starting spinning. Literally have never fished before and I'm 23

never too late. not all of us were so lucky as to have fished since in diapers . enjoy the experience !
Ron M

If you don' mind fishing with an old man (36), we can hit Sasquatch or Weaver maybe next weekend....I have a 10 ft fibreglass, with an electric motor....I have a few fly rods, if you wanna try one out for trolling, but I spincast a fair bit as well, as I am much better with a spinner than a fly rod...anyway let me know if you wanna go, and I'll ask my wife if I'm allowed, lol

Hey Ron! I would love to go out with ya sometime! I'm away most weekends untill mid july though I'll also ask my wife if I'm allowed. She'll say yes though!

Hey James, welcome to Vancouver, i can suggest Garibaldi lake if you are fit and up for a 12km hike up hill. It is past squamish so i do not know if it is in your driving range, but it has the best trout fishing that i have ever expirienced. The fish are so hungry at the lake, and they will almost bite any trout spinner or lure like a rooster tail. They will LITERALLY eat anything, i threw a small stick like half and inch, and a trout came up and ate it. I was shocked. And when i went home with my 4 trout, i gutted one of the trout and i found the small stick in its stomach. LOL If you want more info on this lake just message me. Also, like everyone says, sockeye is in august, and chinook, chum and coho are all in fall.

YZ this lake sounds amazing! Let me know some more details. I am not sure how to message you on here.

sorry, there is no message system.
the moderator

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