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hey guys. brand new to flyfishing. so far i absolutely love it and havent found greater peace doing anything else. i havnt caught shit yet though... heh. i really wanna get my first fish on a fly.

can you guys recommend a good place for me to go where the fishing is relatively easy? around mission area.

ps. im armed with wadders at the moment... i can use my friends belly boat but access is limited. thanks alot!
sharphooks moderator

check out the thread from the fellow in maple ridge.
rolley lk is well stocked with trout. also, the lakes near harrison such as deer and hicks get good reports. check under fishing reports. there are lots of places to get that illusive first trout.

ps welcome to fly fishing ! next thing you know you will be addicted and tieing your own flies !

HAH! i got the tying kit before the rod! i love that flyfishing is more in-depth style of fishing. like studying the hatch cycles and what not. im told "chronomids and leaches right now!" so ive tied an ass load of of them! also went and got some of the famous pumpkin heads from hubs. im addicted already and havnt even found my first fish! haha. i love it.

i went to rolly the other day but didnt have any luck. im fishing from shore in my wadders with a floating line. didnt really know how far to set my depth on my strike indicator though so i doubt i was even retrieving past any trout. still trying to learn tricks to find out that kind of stuff. someone told me to try mill pond off of dewdney trunk.

if im fishing with a leech pattern.. whats a safe depth send it to? say i was at rolley...

don't mean to be as funny as fetoid and chaka but it depends how deep the water is . you want your fly to get down near the bottom.
the moderator

Yes I also suggest trying Rolley or WHONNOCK ...both decent belly boat lakes .!

i just went for a walk around mill pond off of dewdney. saw a bit of surface action in one particular spot. i can walk in and maybe cast to it. assuming theres a hole there. might go check it out later today around 4 ish. ill let you know how it is. its a nice little pond by the looks of it. looks good for beginners
Fish'n BC

Always wondered about that pond, pass by it often. I think I heard once that it was stocked by the Mission rod and gun club, but haven't verified that. I'd be interested in knowing how you made out, I'm pretty new to flyfishing too.

Nielson park at Hatzic lake and the Dewdney boat launch might also be decent local practice spots. I'm still looking for something between waders and a 12' boat myself.

im using floating line with 9' weight forward. on a 6wt fenwick signature series (eagle streamer). i have sinking line on another reel as well

well i just spent a couple hours at mill pond and caught 4 cutthroat!!! just little guys bout 8-10 inches was the biggest. still had a great time and finally hooked something on a fly besides a bush!!!! WOOT.

great little pond for beginners or bringing your kids out for fun.

i got 3 on an olive micro leech (ooo shiny)
one on an egg leech.

you can see cutties rising all day today. very fun for a beginner.

Good to hear you caught your first fish. I am on the same boat. Today I finally hooked my first trout with my fly rod but I quickly lost it in mill lake.. Where is this pond you're talking about? I'm looking for easy fishing spots as well and I live in abbotsford close to mission. I might try albert dyck for easy bass but it may be too early still. We have no pinks this year as well

mill pond. off dewdney trunk. google map it.

-go up cedar, turn left on dewdney trunk till it turns into keystone. dont keep going down keystone, turn right when prompted to continue down dewdney trunk (watch for the turn on your right). follow dewdney trunk down a few km till you see a little gravel parking lot and a small lake. thats the spot. you can wade out from shore and from the other end. tricky casting oin the opposite side due to obstructions.

peacfull little pond. even with the massive explosions going on from the quarry.. good luck

i placed a marker on google maps for you. copy and paste that link into your browser bar,-122.322609&ll=49.200572,-122.322046&spn=0.005994,0.016512&num=1&t=m&z=17
Fish'n BC

It's right across the road from the Mission and District Rod and Gun Club. Sometimes they use the parking lot for overflow during events. Nice hiking trails, but they don't go all the way around the pond. I live nearby in Mission, so I'm heading over to give it a try myself.

ha..learned a new one. didnt know that was called mill pond. thought was mixing up mill lake in abby some how..
might have to go play one day there myself

welcome to da fly side once you cross over theres no turning of luck to ya'

Good job of luck to ya!

so anyone else got any other suggestions for fly fishing spots without a float/boat?!
Fish'n BC

Mouth of the Stave river is good for cutthroat. There is a recent spincasting report for that area by jaredthefisher.

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