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Let us take a moment to respect the First Nations Fishing Rights. No member here is required to state their ethnicity and sometimes I wonder if some posts on this site are from First Nations People. It would help, sometimes, if such rights were stated.

I do not want to stir here, just to clarify. Those who are not First Nations people are sometimes poor upholders of the fishing regulations and should be accountable for their actions but where a member claims to have caught fish apparently against the regulations they should state their rights so as not to cause unnecessary response.

Members from all ethnic groups should be encouraged to join and share their experiences and the membership should in no way discourage any other member.

Let us face it, very few members have learned how to write good english even how to spell, but we all know how to fish, right?

Sorry Mr Jeff, my pole is only 7', so I'm not touching that one. But I think we are a pretty tolerant forum here. I mean look we still tolerate you... j/k

speak for yourself. Theres not a chance in hell Ill ever respect indians so called "rights" to rape our rivers of dwindling salmonoid stocks for "food and cerimonial purposes" How many thousnds of sockeyes and springs can one person eat?

I'm new to the area, so I am not familiar w/ First Nations rights and laws.
That being said, last fall in Pitt Meadows they were selling sockeye out of a wheel barrow and back of a truck for $10/fish. I saw their boats w/ nets going in and out of the Fraser and the fresh fish being wheel barrowed up to the truck and being sold the "the public". I didn't see any receipts being offered.
Is this legal? Is this an issue? If this is legal and no receipts are needed because they don't get taxed, then I understand. Am I asking stupid questions? Thanks.

My understanding is that they are not supposed to be reselling fish like that. But like many things with First Nation's rights, it is a bit of a grey area. So basically they can fish whenever, wherever, and as much as they like and without a license. But my understanding is that it was to be for personal use. Bartering would be fair, but cash sales are not quite what this right was intended for (in my opinion). That being said, enforcement is pretty much impossible. Contrary to Mr Jeff's [Edited: previously said "Mr. Grey, erroneously. What can I say, it was early in the morning and I was just starting my coffee.] speculation, I doubt there are very many First Nations status members on this board. Because of their access to fish, I don't think many pursue this as a sport as much as a harvest. They mostly use nets, so discussion on locations and tackle is not really applicable to the way that most First Nations people fish.

DOH! And I said I was gonna dodge this topic. Damn you guys!

chaka, don't blame mr grey1 for this thread. it was mt jeff !
i was also going to avoid this but.......
natives are allowed to fish for food purposes. they are allowed to use methods used by their forefathers. this includes using nets and spears. it does not included snagging ( a native friend whom i have fished with for years explained it to me when some natives got busted by their band for snagging springs on the shuswap river). despite chaka's comment, many do fish by whiteman's rules.
it is simply against the law for natives fishing for food to sell fish as described by fetoid but it is, as most of us know, a very common practice. they do not give receipts because it is illegal and they do not pay taxes on this for obvious reasons.
i agree with chaka that there are not likely too many natives on this site. we had some pretending to be natives, claiming to snag fish on the vedder etc but i really doubt they were natives, just some white jerk causing trouble.
i very much doubt the member who claims he was fishing surrey lk is a native (i got the impression from mr jeff's post that he was thinking this guy might be native....was that what you meant?
the native people have every right to catch fish for food purposes but it seems that the food fishery often goes far overboard with selling the fish etc. most do follow the "seasons" set by dfo, fishing only when allowed for native fisheries but of course there are some, just like too many white people , who totally disrespect the laws.
i agree with mr jeff that the natives rights must be respected but it is too bad the bands did not do more work in policing thier band members so that the illegal activities were done away with..........doubt it will happen anytime soon with most of the bands.
i hope i have adequately summarized this subject and we can get back to fishing...........PLEASE !!!

ya not sure what part of personal use includes trading bartering or selling. 100% illegal but from exp in the fisheries and forestry services its all about race card. pour gov is scared to get blamed for the race shit.

few years ago i was working out of boston bar at a fire camp and we cought the native kids we hired going nto firefighters tents and our supply trailer stealing new chain saws by the barrel load and guys gear from tents. we followed them into the bush to the stash and busted thier asses. had guys from victoia come in and the chief from that band as we usualy rented native land from them and hired a few to make us look good. well once busted and in our meeting the chief even said to fire thier lazzy asses. but our chicken shit government said its a wash... still had a tax free job of 15 bucks an hour and nothing came of the thefts....asbolute bullshit

and if its about fishing the way the old timers did many years ago...didnt now they used to hunt whales with 50 cal guns...dint think they had guns back in cowboy injun days...thought it was arrows and so on?...

ive got a few pics some guy posted last year of the pink slaughter in my profile pics. tote after tote of pinks and dead all over the banks of is half a million fish for personal use?
i blame our chicken shit government. enough of the rights for this or right for that. we are all on same dam planet and all human and all have same needs. why do cry babies get more rights?

and does it matter if its a native in surrey lake?..closed is closed is it not...for lakes? even if skin is green and red pockadots?

Sorry if I was misinterpreted. I was not really saying anything disparaging or negative about the First Nation's fishery. I was just explaining it as I was aware of it for the member that was unfamiliar. I just feel that cash sale of fish is probably not to the letter of the law and that such transactions should require a commercial license of some sort. We have many people on this board just like we do in our lives, and their race shouldn't factor into who they are. Nor is it an issue here. I should have just remembered that my pole was not 10' and stayed out of this controversial thread. I hope I cleared things up. Fishing time soon...c'mon weekend!

I'm tired of supportng the Natives. Get a job and pay your own way!! The government keeps handing millions of our hard earned dollars to them and gives them what ever they want. I don't doubt they we wronged 200 years ago but enough is enough. It's a new world and they need to adapt to it just like everyone else born here in Canada. Are we not native Canadians if we were born here.
I didn't want to respond to this topic but it just gets my blood boiling!!
Mr Jeff I hope you know you may have started here.

Well I suppose I am not surprised at some of the comments ans I don't think this should go much further before the whole topic is deleted. Chakaraka is very diplomatic and I think he understands better than most (and he tolerates me so I reciprocate), and cagey is right in his brief summary of the posed question.

But suppose we took the position of a First Nations fisherman who is out on his boat and meets someone like smokin or Nickers. If they were man enough to express their views, I think, if it was me, I would catch and kill as many fish as I could and throw them at him. Just because I could.

Please, respect all others rights, you all uphold the law don't you, like you all read and understand the Forum Rules.

I hate to say this, but I get the last word on my topic, even if it means deleting it, and I don't mind showing my face.

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