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Copy and pasted from Fraser Valley Salmon Society website.

Greg Clark Memorial Fishing Derby

The Greg Clark Memorial Family Fishing Derby is sanctioned by the BC Family Fishing Weekend. 2012's derby will take place on Saturday June 16th.

NO FISHING LICENCE IS REQUIRED to participate in this event but all other applicable rules and regulations are still in effect. VIOLATIONS OF GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP MAY LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION. You must have your own fishing tackle!


Derby start time: Day break
Derby end time: 1:00pm
Weigh-in: 11:00am - 1:00pm

Memorial trophy will be awarded for the largest junior pikeminnow.
Prizes available in both adult and junior categories.
Adult and junior ticket holders will be eligible for raffle draw prizes.
All prizes must be claimed immediately or forfeited.
Ticket stubs must be in your possession to claim prizes.
100+ specially tagged fish are worth $100 each.
All other tagged fish are $25 each.
A harvest fee of $2 per pikeminnow will be paid up to 100 fish per angler however an angler may enter more than 100 fish to possibly win the most fish caught category. Any angler entering 25 or more pikeminnows will be asked to sign a form verifying that the fish were caught under derby rules.


Tickets are available on event day at the Derby only and the following locations one month prior to the event until later afternoon the day before the event:

In Chilliwack:
Chilliwack Dart and Tackle
Fred's Custom Tackle

In Rosedale:
Rosedale Mini Mart

In Agassiz:
Kent Outdoors

In Cultus Lake:
Cultus Lake Golf Club – Legends Bistro or Pro Shop

Ticket prices are:

ADULT (16 and over) - $5.00 each
JUNIOR (15 and under) - $2.00 each

The entire raffle draw prizes will be drawn for tickets purchased prior to Derby Day. Tickets can be purchased at Chilliwack Dart and Tackle, Kent Outdoors, Fred's Custom Tackle, Rosedale Mini Mart, and Cultus Lake Golf Course. These prizes are in our prize tent and can be picked up after 11am and before 2 pm.

Just check your ticket numbers against the numbers written on our 4' x 8' Prize Board outside the prize tent. To claim your prizes please come in before 2 pm to the prize tent with your ticket stub and you can claim your prize. If not claimed by 2 pm or if you do not have your ticket the prize will be forfeited.

We can never say in advance how many prizes are in the raffle draw but in 2011 it was around 200 prizes.

The 16 major prizes will be awarded after the fish weigh in.

In 2007 we had 292 participants and caught 300 pikeminnows
In 2008 we had 579 participants and caught 600 pikeminnows
In 2009 we had somewhere between 1000 and 1100 participants and caught 473 pikeminnows
In 2010 somewhere between 1200 and 1400 participants and caught 897 pikeminnows
In 2011 somewhere between 1000 participants and caught 888 Pikeminnows with the largest one being 1.66 kg caught by an adult.

In 2011 we paid almost $2500 in cash prizes for Pikeminnows caught, which was over and above the prizes for the 17 fish categories for which we awarded some pretty awesome prizes for both adults and youth, also we had about 200 raffle draw prizes.

The major prizes will be drawn after the fish weigh in and awarded at that time.

The FVSS operates a concession stand at Cultus Lake Main Beach on derby day.

All pictures taken the day of the derby by the FVSS can be used for advertising purposes without consent.


For more information, please contact Evelyn Kwak at 604-799-3466.

Went out today, and there are lots of fish biting.

Fish'n BC

Thanks jeep'n'fish; wish they had something like that for carp and northern pikeminnow in Hatzic lake as well. Good event for family and kids and benifits our salmon/char/trout stocks.

Is that eggs hanging out of that pike minnow??

most of the fish I caught today were full of eggs. All fish were bonked and gutted then sent back, with exception to a few I left floating for the eagles to get, got a great video of a bald eagle swooping down and grabbing one of my leftovers
Fish'n BC

The few I get; I usualy cut up for crab bait or do the same as you. Do you know what they do with all the derby fish?

Good sturgeon bait too

Fertilizer? Not really sure.

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