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Fish'n BC

I was just wondering if the moderator moderates the "fishing reports" section. For example; I think the person who wrote the recent report for Idleback lake was smoking something he shouldn't have when he did the
Also, I'm pretty sure when he did his report for Hicks lake that the only kokanee he was catching along with his 40 trout was the beer kind...of which he may have had too many when he did that report.

While they may be humorous to some people; I don't think keeping bogus reports in the "fishing reports" section is very constructive, do you?

Why do you think the Hicks report is phony? Hicks has kokanee....and 40 trout isn't that unrealistic if the fish are biting, especially over a weekend.....

I agree that phony reports like the Idleback one should be removed though.

Just vote them as low as you can. That attaches value or credibility. By the same token, reward those that have published good reports that were descriptive, thorough and helpful.
Fish'n BC

His lack of credibility and knowledge of conditions; along with his inability to string a sentence together, made me question that particular report as well. I think you will find inconsistancies in a number of his his trolling for sockeye salmon in Lafarge lake...

Not saying it isn't possible, but I haven't heard any reports of catching kokanee on the fly in Hicks (let alone several). If someone has, I'd be interested in hearing it.

Trolling for sockeye in lafarge lake ? Lol
Fish'n BC

Yeah...caught he said.

Or how about the 19 stealhead he allegedly caught trolling in Wood lake?

619 reports...since 2003? Find it a little hard to beleive, something just doesn't sit right.
sharphooks moderator

i have noticed a few reports from anonymous that were strange. smart me never thought it was the same guy until now when i clicked in his profile. i was not impressed with some of his photos , especially one with a sturgeon right up on shore.
i agree some of his reports are rediculous. i don't believe i have the power to edit reports or not. i will have to see ! i do not have the time to read them all. i do read quite a few.
i would assume our member, anonymous, follows the forum but has not posted anything in recent years.
all i can suggest is when you see something rediculous you expose it by posting something. if the person continues i can ip ban them but that does not do much good as we have seen. let's keep an eye on this sort of thing , and this member. thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention.

The person that reported that just discredits all of his past or future reports, only hurts himself on this forum.

Every village needs an idiot, I guess.

Fishing forum > Moderation of fishing reports


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