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sharphooks moderator

nothinbutsturgeon was formerly a moderator on this site and i beleieve still has the powers of a moderator.
he was a co-moderator with mr jeff. during their time as moderators a number of mebers were harrassed to the point they left sharphooks. i personally was about to abandon this site but instead decided to try my luck as moderator. mr jeff, by the way was not the problem he got blamed for things his co-moderator did. he lost control because of his helper, not because of himself. the proof is that mr jeff continues to be a very valuable member. the same cannot be said for nothinbutsturgeon.
during my tenure i have tried to listen to what the members wanted.
i tried not to delete anything but that was not what the members wanted. some of the more prominemt members , chris in particular, elocquently told me they did not consider insults acceptable. i agreed and tried to crack down. i have tried to ban 3 members who appear to have accepted my ban. nothinbutsturgeon refuses to accept my request to accept my decision that it his imput is not acceptable. his issue was the fact abe had posted a photo of a fish that was illegal for the area he was fishing. i do not condone abe making this mistake but we are human and make mistakes. when abe first posted the photo it was pointed out to him very clearly he had made an unnacceptable mistake . if the threads were still available, you would see he was thouroughly chastized for his mistake. recently he posted the same picture and nothinbutsturgeon , who never posts anything on this site made a post which ithought was nothing more than a renewed, personal attack on abe. i did not think this needed to be rehashed and told the meber it was not acceptable. he does not agree.
by way of history, as some mebers will recall tried to run this site. he banned a number of membes simply because he did not agree. mr jeff, mistakenly was blamed for the actions of his co-moderator.
i do not believe there is any room for nothinbutsturgeon as a member of this site with his intention to cause trouble . ne does not contribute anythin positive.
the reason for this post is a vote of confidence. what do you as members want. i will continue to delete anything posted by nothinbutsturgeon, beak007,sugarmagnolia and the other meber whose name i do not recall. what i want is vote of confidence that you do not want these people to post their hatred etc or do we keep fighting them off and enjoy a fishing website where we are all comfortable talking about fishing. do not get me wrong, i do not support breaking the law and will point it out if i notice anyone doing so but i do not believe dragging through the dirt is necesary for making a mistake.......practice some "catch and release" by clearly pointing out the law and be gone with it. we do not need anyone to be driven away because of a mistake.
do i have your support as moderator. i have been doing this job for 6 months . should i continue to try and control this site as i believe it shout, even though i have to be a dictator (which i do not like but......). do you want the nothinbutsturgeons to run this site or do the rst of the mebers control it. i have tried my best to do what the majority want and really think this site has been much better under my control. i do not say this as a pat on the back. i have not done this job for that.
i just wanted the best possible site that i could spend time exchanging thoughts and ideas with my fellow fishermen where i was not afraid to say something.
do you as members want me to continue the way i have been trying for the last 6 months . may i please have your comments. if positive, i will continue to fight those i feel are a detriment to a great fishing site.

Keep on rollin' Mod. Many of us here understand the (thankless) work and dedication it takes to play "babysitter" here. That mod wannabe needs to go find a bigger rock to crawl under and stay there. No matter how bad it has been, the positive has always outweighed the negative and will continue to do so...

It's like being a ref or an umpire.You will never please everyone.Some people like to stir it just for fun and there will ALWAYS be those people.Don't let them get to you.Thanks for your efforts.

to me i dont care whos job was what back in the past, for me i see the site going in a way better direction since the foot came down somewhat., i was always leary to post anything due to the fish handling cops on here.
the mentality seems to continue with some if they dont see that the comment to report was just trolling for more problems. why would any grown adult need to ask a site if they should report something. do they need their hand held to do so?...just do it if the issue bother them so much. the post was nothing more than to stir more drama.
then again in here, instead of talking about it i see more pouty, poor me stuff. how mature is it to expose a mod name or the last comment made...whats the purpose there...stirring shit is what i see still.

and i realy dont understand why you as a mod are being told by another they wont axcept the banning...its not up to them. its like me walking in to buy a new rod and dont like the price so i pay what i want to. whos in charge of the bus...

and the last comment of just going to lurk so they can report anyone is childish, shows there is no effort to make it better here...

to me it realy dosent sound like a hard helpfull posts. lots of drama and we want have my vote
sharphooks moderator

thanks for your support g.a, prunehead and chaka.
nothinbutsturgeon, feel free to lurk , just do not post your garbage. feel free to report anyone to dfo if you want to. it shows your mentality.
by the way, kelso is off riding his motorcycle. he is not the moderator. and i do believe you underestimate the damage you caused. it was more than bentley we lost. unlike yourself, bentley was a very valuable member. his return to this site would be met with open arms. you have said i do not like the truth. you are very wrong. the fact that i would welcome bentley who was always ready to tell anyone and everyone what he thought. i did not always agree with him but i certainly respected his opinions. i just do not like trouble makers who hide behind what they say is the "truth"
other than any comments from other members as to whether my direction with this site is what they want, i think any discussion from yourself is no longer acceptable.
you have shown that banning you does not work but deleting any posts will continue unless the membership says they want you. please accept my ruling and not cause any further problems.
Fish'n BC

You are doing the right thing Mod, this site is suposed to be about educating not chastising. The forum is to talk about sport fishing in an open and "friendly" manner. It's ok to point out an error to someone in a friendly way, that's educating. It's not ok to attack, degrade, insult or harrass someone over it, thats a contravention of the forum rules. The forum is now moving in the right direction, you have my support.

keep deleting mr mod.
we do not need him to point out mistakes made by members. there are lots of "police" as mebers who are quick to point out mistakes. some of us actually try and teach the proper methods of c+r and are quick to make sure members check and understand the regs.our purpose here should be to help others to enjoy fishing while practicing proper methods. we do not need the type of posts nothinbutsturgeon takes pride in. he posts nothing except attacks.
freedom of speach is important but not at the expense of personal vendettas such as nbs has against abe and mr grey1. i personally find these two membes have contributed a great deal to this site. i find it easy to accept any mistakes they have made. i do not find it easy at all to put up with nbs.
enough said, i am going fishing!

is there not a way to make anything he posts moderated before viewable.. whoever has control over server should just remove him so he cant disrupt the forum as it seems he still has the mod stick. go right to the server and pull the rug out from under him. if he still has mod power you;ll go insane trying to keep up with someone like that

as you will note below he says he no longer has mod power. that was something i was concerned about for obvious reasons. there is no setup to review posts before everyone can see them. that would take a full time person, 24 hours per day as a lot of members post late at night. i am not as computor literate as yourself so do not understand all the things you talk about. . keep track of your ideas for improvement to the site and possibly we can try and put together a suggestion list (like mr jeff tried last year) and get it to the owner. when i communicated with the owner to become moderator i understood he is interested in doing some updating on the site in the not too distant future so put together some ideas and we will start a suggestion list. maybe someone can find the one started last year ! the one change i would want is the ability to actually ban them. as has been shown it only takes minutes to get back on . anyway, g.a., thanks for your support and imput.
the moderator

My only recommendation is to stop explaining why you deleted a post in the post and signing it "the moderator". If it's against the sites policy just nuke it and leave it blank no explanation needed. Also stop engaging in debates and arguments with members as "the moderator" do so with a normal profile and keep "the moderator" out of it. my 2 cents

Wow, what a bitch fest, BTW I went out fishing all day and had a blast, hooked a few fish and had some fun with a bunch of buds, found a lake I've never been to before. Now I'm home checking out Sharphooks and posting the fishing pics on Facebook. But back to the original question: What do members want?
I just want a site that I can go check on, not get into the drama crap, and maybe meet up with some like minded fishers. I just ignore the B.S. and take what I want from the site.
In my personal opinion any forum is going to have its trolls, the more you feed them the longer they stay.

holy sh#t y'all sound like a bunch of surrey girls on their rags and in heat. oh n by the way yellow lake is on every cast its fish on .fly fishin is the way to go at that lake rite now.

i think nothinbutsturgeon is going to show enough class to leave us alone lets end this thread and all get back to fishing.

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