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Having been a little disappointed with the slow fishing on Yellow Lake in the past few weeks and noticing that the fish were really down low I decided to try some Lead Core fishing line distributed by Northern Sport.

The water temperature was 10C rising 3 weeks ago to 14C yesterday. I did get many bites on my regular fly line and did catch a couple. Loads of small fish if you fished by the shore line but nothing of any real size near the surface.

I loaded the Lead Core line on a spare fly reel (mistake 1) and a tapered leader with a fly (mistake 2) to attract the fish. The line itself was color coded so you know how much was out. It sank very quickly, as you would expect, and set itself at quite an angle while trolling. I tried several length settings but was afraid of snagging something near the bottom of the lake but no luck at all. I was also hampered by the drag being insufficient to hold the line. My regular fly line remained reasonable active.

So what is going on and how should I use the line to be effective. I am assuming that there is little or no action on the bait and should use a flat fish or something that will produce some action. I also assume that the fish finder is telling the truth about the depth of the fish. The lake maximum depth of 120 ft and I see fish on the bottom from 70-80 depth down to 120 ft. And I know I should use a different reel.
Ron M

Mr. Jeff,
I use lead core to troll, and have it on an old cheap fly reel. I don't rely on the reels drag, I just hold the line against the rod with my finger. For a leader, I just use maxima ultra green mono...and I troll wet flies
Fish'n BC

This is only my second year of using a fishfinder in salt and fresh water, so I'm far from an authority on the topic.
But: I'm finding that nearly all the freshwater fish that are indicated "as fish" on the fishfinder are relatively stationary coarse and/or alien fish, that are mainly on the bottom or near structure. The main exception to this may be kokanee that seem to be suspended in schools.
Game fish are generaly more active and seem to show up more as squiggles and streaks on the finder, while baitfish show up as clouds.
So, I have to question if the fish you are seeing on the finder are really brook and rainbow trout on the bottom.
I use my finder mainly as a depth/temperature indicator and to find structure, baitfish and kokanee schools.
Louis Vuitton

Try using different lengths of T line.

For example, when fishing kelp beds for coho I use a fast sinking line but a slower sinking tip so the fly actually 'dives down' upon retrieval. I usually use T8 or so since it is slower sinking.
When getting down and dirty I will use T20.
Try using a regular floating or sink tip line, or even a slow sinking type 1 or 2 line and running a length of T8 or so since it will get down deep but upon moving/rowing/trolling not go down as far as to snag...

Yes, it is good to know that others use this type of line and I will persist and experiment with different leaders.

I was fishing with two lines and concentrating on the fly line which may have added to my lack of success.

Yellow Lake is Brook and Rainbow stocked, I did think that one fish I had a couple of years back may have been a Kokanee, lack of stripes and spots is the best I can describe it.

Has anyone tried a flatfish or other lure on this line?
Ron M

I have only used leech patterns.....I use this set up at chain lake, and it works like a charm...only needed the one rod with the lead line

with lead core you want a long leader almost 20 feet should do you well, flys do work well but if you have any small spoons (dick nite size) you'll find they go with lead core well.

tight lines

Thanks for all your help. I tried again with the same set up on Yellow Lake and it started working. Changed to a home made dragonfly and it was magic.

I know it is too early for dragonflies, but if it works, than why not. Other folk on the Lake were finding things a bit slow so I was happy I found something to make the day.

I then met a guy as I was leaving, about 4pm, who said he never had a problem fishing with chironomids.

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