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Author Topic: Anyone fished the Similkameen river?

Hey all,

I'm heading up to Princeton/Keremeos region to do some camping for the long weekend. I'm thinking of casting my fly line into the river for the very first time. I understand that the water levels will be high due to flooding, and it may effect the level of fishing bigtime. But I'm just wondering if anyone has fished the beautiful river before? I hear there are rainbows and whitefish. I watched my friend fly fish the Ashanola river close by, he was catching little pinner trout like crazy. Still fun but nothing over 12 inches. Does anyone know if you can catch a healthy sized rainbow in the Similkameen? Anyways would love to hear any Similkameen fishing experiences from fellow fishermen.


Went to the Ashnola campgrounds but the river was so high, decided to go back to Hedley and camp at the Stemwinder campgrounds instead. Similkameen was also very high, and the first two nights of fly fishing were very slow. Then finally lastnight I got some action on the line. I hooked a small rainbow that I did'nt know was on my line. I kept losing flies on the rocks so I figured I had fallen victem to the damn boulder again. It was a fish and it got off of my line. Anyways I eventually caught 2 nice but smaller rainbows. One about 8 inches and the other around 10. No fly was really working that well until I tried the leetches. Leetches seemed to work the best for me in the Similkameen river. Overall a pretty slow long weekend for fishing wise, but I am just happy that I caught a damn fish.

hey setthehook,next time if ur havin problems with hi n fast runnin similkameen or ashnola try yellow lake towards penticton u wont regret it i stopped by this long weekend on my way back from oyama lake and i couldnt keep em off my fly line sure made my longweekend

Thanks for the tip fishgutz. I've seen that lake but I've never stopped to test it out before. I will try a line in there next time I head up that way.

The wifey and I visited a lake 40kms away from Princeton called Osprey lake. I could'nt find a decent spot to walk in, and I did'nt want to leave the pregnant wife hanging so I did'nt get to try it out. There are 3 lakes close by and it looks like fishing heaven. The lake was recommended by my campground host. He said they hit it up the night before, and he was getting a trout every second cast with micro leetches.

Has anyone fished Osprey lake?

Avoid the weekends and Osprey, Chain and Link are good to be out on. Osprey access is towards the east end and easy to miss (top blue flag on map).

Although I did'nt fish it, Osprey lake looked very busy packed with boats on the long weekend. Osprey like said above, should best be avoided on the long weekends for your enjoyment.

I went on by these lakes further up the Summerland road. A lot of nice camping spots up in those hills. Came up to a nice river that looked wicked for flyfishing called trout river. I tried for about 10 minutes. Could'nt stay though, wifey is pregnent and she sat in the car. I felt bad leaving her in the first place. I brought my gold pan and their is gold in that river.

Anyways has anyone fished trout river?

I was up at Osprey this past weekend, fishing was amazing !!!!
Biggest was a 18" 3lbs or so..... Got around 12-14 fish per day. Talked to some guys at Chain on our way back from another lake up 5a and he said it was fishing well too.
Those Pennask Rainbows really scrap!!!Felt good to have the new fly rod bent over as the fish head for bottom (after some awesome aerials)
Oh yeah, Trout river . Saw a guy fishing on the outflow of the damn from Thirsk. Man the water is moving but he had a little back eddy there, didn't hang around long enough to see if it was working out........
Pics to follow

Is there any spot to do on shore fly fishing on Osprey lake?

Setthehook--- Yeah there are a few places to fly fish from shore.

DT did you see the guy with the dock with the motor putting aroud !!?? Can't say I've seen that before either LOL (A full swimming dock with a motor on it ) JACKASS!!!!

Thats a guy you can thank for the new $50 boaters card.

Was one of the best fishing weekends I've had up there,if you weren't catching on flatfish you should have switched up ,Flies ,Cronies and my son and nephew nailed a bunch on wedding bands (no Gang troll,but they only liked a certian color) guess he knows what he's doing . I've taught him well!!!

I've fished the similkameen many times and as recent as just last last year when the water level was lower. There is a spot just 5 minutes east of Stemwinder Campground that I landed over 8 fish in a couple of hours before it just got too dark. The best method by far is using a scented rubber worm on a hook with a fairly small/medium weight in order to not snagged on the rocks. Fishing there is a lot of fun and although some fish were 10" or so, I did have a few that were 12-14" as well. Caught both rainbows and whitefish and had fishing nibbling on almost every cast. I believe it was late September when I was last there.

Fishing forum > Anyone fished the Similkameen river?


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