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well hit the river today and was awesome fishing in the morning. got there about 10 am and was good right from the start till about 1`ish. got 4 to shore and lost a biggy. it ran my line out the whole time it was on then headed right for the old docks and snapped me off. had my tension as tight as i could and didnt slow it at all. never did even see time no more trying to be cheep with 40 pound main line.
there was 4 of us there and i was the only one even getting bites. ...almost felt guilty...i was quite a bit further out than the others and longer leader i think helped me.
waters way up this week and real dirty of course. lots of crap coming down the river and new snags everywhere. i got lucky and only gear i lost was on the big guy that snapped the line..
its deffinatly picked up big time now for sturgeon...oh..most where about 4 footers. 1 was smaller and the big guy. ill see if i can dig out pics

buddy im not one of them..."i got a hot secret spot". id even come down and show you the holes to drop my hook into. i thought these forums were to get more out enjoying the sport and not about bragging im so good or have secrets. i think that stuff is a joke.
im on the mission side. where the fisheries red roof building is. theres an old big raised cement slab we fish from. and remember if your above the cpr you need a sturgeon tag but the tidal comes with the sturgeon so no extra tag is needed. kinda funny i can catch n release all day other fish with no tag for them but not for sturgeon and all are catch n release.
its a bit tricky in there with pillings and old broken down warfs to keep the fish out of but its doable

anyways if it dosent get to ugly n wet this morning ill be back down there if you want to come check it out. dosent look to nice out now but dosent realy call for much rain so i may hit it again.....need more oolichans first...and dont waste time with others baits right now..use ollies.

ok i had no pics but i got vids of a few i brought in the one i snapped off...ill appologize for some of the language....we all kinda went off at same time when it a min and ill load it to a host then here.

ill be out one day soon also to mill and give it a try. need new flips for the belly boat...dont get why something we use in water dosent float...stupid flippers. dropped one to the bottom of murphy lake last year...may try from shore till i replace them

well not sure this will work. only code i can grab is html
sharphooks moderator

good attitude re: secret spots G.A.
encouraging others to fish is what this forum should be about!

it should be the way we all are realy...hey lets get out n fish...but dont dare come near me..i own this share any tips..why be here then.

Yes good attitude about sharing spots and helping out newcomers. But unfortunately for me that is where it ends. I don't understand Sturgeon fishing in general, because they are basically endangered, yet people keep fishing them not for food, but merely for kicks. I can justify this when the fish is respected, handled gently and released.

Now I am not one of the "hall monitors" or bleeding hearts on this forum, but G.A., your handling of the fish shown in the video was simply deplorable. I am not going to get into the specifics because I am not "one of those guys" and it was all shown clearly in the video.

I will instead take this opportunity to ask that all anglers (and especially those that fish Sturgeon), educate themselves about this prehistoric and nearly endangered fish. A Sturgeon can live up to around 100 years, some over 150 years but the average is 40-60 years. The first fifth of this lifespan, they do not reproduce, this only starts at about year 20. Males can mature as fast as 15 years, females usually 25 years. Now if they are lucky enough to live long enough and are able to find a suitable environment, female Sturgeon only spawn once every 4-6 years. "This means only a small portion of the population spawns each year, making them vulnerable to disturbance from overfishing or habitat loss."

The best fisherman is not the guy that catches the biggest fish, it is the guy who respects nature, this resource and speaks up and takes action to ensure that this resource and asset is protected for future generations. "We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow if from our children." "The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth."

Please guys and gals, just give it some thought before you go "hammer that trophy"...

thier endangered? know the stats?. they are talking about opening it to a keep fisheries now. reports now of about 200 thousand in just lower fraser river. sory but ive fished sturgeon a long time and they are still trying to sell the public stats from the 70`s. all the taggers involved in the river counts say the abundance of them now with our conservation program weve done.
and its a catch n release only fisheries so how are we hurting the counts? and there is a 1% mortality on catch and release on these. they done fine to make it through an ice age and dinasour times till today so i dont think a small hook will harm them as most seem to think. they are gold fish that spook n die at a loud noises.

i went and read the goernments version of safe handling and the only thing i did was have it on shore. and is how all tagging is done..not under water. but that seems ok for the people saying not to. its ok for them and have it out for way way longer than the 20 seconds i did. i get the concern but some that dont fish this almost daily have just the governemnt info to fall back on. not to reliable compared to the guys out there everyday counting and seeing it first hand.
dean from one of the guides and the biggest contributor to the counters even agrees there are huge numbers now and is not an endagered species. check out the last vid and they talk about the possible reopening of this fishery

anyways...goin fishin...,im goin gonna risk the weather and heading out in about 15 min.

and chaka im not dissmising what you said totaly. there is a point of out of water that is a bit much like posing for pics with everyone and so on. i do make an effort to keep it to a minimum.
im surprised nobody in mission here has complained about the floating mc donalds going in right where its thier breeding grounds for years. havent seen 1 single issue brought up on that anywhere. that whole area will soon be a tourist attraction

ill agree on pulling them up to the top isnt the best and to be honest thats the only 1 i did that way and was small so i didnt feel it was to much strain on it to lift it. most times i release my bail again and work my line and run down to the launch area to bring them in.

like today with the 3 more i brought in and 1 lost. all again about 3 and 4 footers. and no gear lost

watched the news clip./ notice thats not the fraser river?. and they claim the dams are the biggest issue to them and is another we dont have here. then the guy interviewing claims there is no natural reproducing habitat. he obviously never heard of the fraser river

and heres the facts on our river.

G.A., thank you for taking my constructive criticism so well. That speaks volumes about who you are as a person. Please just keep it in the back of your head, even when you have a gaggle of buddies eggin you on. I C&R too, but I try to be as gentle as I can... Tight lines buddy.

it was civilized so i dont go off deffending what i do. you made me make the extra effort today to go around down below each time i had one, and each time i slipped in the mud by the water i thought of

was nice, had it all to myself all day.

ya goin fishin, we can hook up when your ready and ill help with what i can, well get you set up and show how tie tie on the bait and stuff. i can go pretty much anytime i want to so my schedule is kinda open for the most part.

buggers are going through the oolichans like candy right now. usualy i can keep the bait and reuse a couple times but right now they are aggressive feeding it seems and im left with barely pieces of the head left every single time, and more aggressive attacks to the rod. the bells been ringing constant.

ya ive heard some funny stories to on baits. some say as long as we use tough meat it works. tough being that it will stay on the hook once tied. i stick to ollichans always. and yes id agree seasonal for some baits like roe later in the year when fish are spawning, and some baits for certain areas. would depend whats in each hole for food. they stick to the holes they know. they dont realy travel up river like a salmon would to a common goal to lay the babies, that hole is home for them
i just went to bells here in mission and some bugger bought her last pack of ooli. she got on the phone to hubs to bring more in..or the guy she buys from but most times they bring it from abby shop. hit hubs, they should have the ooligans. dont waste the money on the eels...way way expensive and to me are no better than ooligans.
to be honest right now i wouldnt buy anything else cept olligans. they are hatching now in the river so its the bait of choice. right now fisheries is actualy scooping and counting the hatch up and down both sides of the fraser infront of us daily. millions have been counted so far....its on

bud, i dont know my schedule over the weekend but if im not working to much i can come down and id even let you try my gear out. get the feel for the bigger rods and see what might be a better choice for you. i have smaller gear to instead of my 12 footer rod. got some 9 and 11 footers to try diff size if you want. even bring one in o mine if you want to get a feel for the fish and what to expect.
or during the eveening even. ive gone at midnight and cought fish in the dark so time dont matter. kinda weird casting out into the dark not knowing if it was a good

heres an email to get a hole of me if you want and from there maybe we can co-ordinate better with phone numbers or something. turned out to be a decent day and id have gone again if bells hadnt sold out of bait today

well went down yesterday for a couple hours and not even a bite. went earlier this time about 8 am till 11. and im back down this morning for a couple hours.
see what we get today
Fish'n BC

Check out craigslist for sturgeon gear, you might find a set to fit your budget and save on the tax. I see them come up periodicaly at fairly good prices.
Fish'n BC

-Goin'Fishn'- I was going to mention the $120 rod combos as the 100 lb braid on them is worth more than $20 and no tax...both you would have to pay on top of the store prices, but I'm not familiar with the combo and if the lamiglass rod is intended for boat or shore sturgeon fishing and if the Pen 320 reel is good for casting. You would have to do some research on that and what it is worth new. Might also be able to talk him down some.

$90-$150 at Hubs isn't bad though and they will explain the good-better-best of what you are getting, just make sure you factor in the line and tax.
Fish'n BC

The Mission Canadian Tire has a section of rods that I haven't seen in other Canadian Tire stores. I remember looking at some big long bar rods that were priced very $40 or so, that may fit your budget.

well i went down with a buddy yesterday morning again and got skunked again. wasnt there very long and i broke some gear so next cast i spooled myself so time to re-spool reel now with proper line. wasnt a very productive day for
then 10 min later i got called in to
this week will be hit n miss for me to with working this week....oh and yes that red roof is right where i am. up maybe 100 foot towards the mill, there is old pilings in the river and a cement slab there we can drive out on and fish from. theres an old abandon boat launch right there to. its horne st. go straight to the river on horne and you would drive almost right into my rod

i was in bells in mission 3 times this week and i was going to look what they
Fish'n BC

A med-heavy action would work in the tidal portion of the fraser river, because you only need about 4-5 oz. of weight. Just not practical for Chilliwack and above where you would need three times that.

Its very still water so even 4 oz might work. Chilliwack area requires more because of the current

you wont be sitting in the water in mission with a 4 oz weight..we run up to 20 once the water is up. right now im pushing it with a 12oz...theres specific holes to shoot for so we dont want to kinda radomly cast and let it go where it may. i wan to aim for my hole and hope it rolls in it. i dont know anyone that fishes sturgeon using that small of weights around here. i havent tried that small but from what id think it would just keep pulling line and run down river to easy.

that rod might work. ive got one similar to that here and id use it if this bigger one broke on me. everyone else that goes to this spot all use about 9 foot and some even 6 foot. they do just as well as anyone else
Fish'n BC

G.A. are you using a pyramid weight or a flat bar weight?
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G.A. The video you posted shows you and the others using flat bar weights, which I understand are normaly used on the gravely/rocky bottoms found upriver. I read that on the sandy/muddy bottoms around Mission and the tidal Fraser: a flatbar weight easily drags across the bottom and requires more weight per current speed to stay in place.

A pyramid weight on the other hand is suposed to impale or dig itself into sandy/muddy bottoms, and as a result: requires less weight than a flat bar to stay in place.

I used a 4 oz pyramid below the Mission bridge with no problems, I would think an 8 oz pyramid where you are fishing above the railway bridge should be sufficient if a 12 oz flat bar works. Worth a try anyway.

i use flats but others there use pyramid and its the same thing., its not to do with the bottom. its to fast and carries it before it even hits the bottom. ive tried both styles and i find absolulty no diff in them. if its going to roll its going to roll. a flat wont roll near as easy as other. the pyramids wouldnt go into the bottom at all in my opinion. by time it hits the bottom it has no power to jam into the mud. would land like any other weight.
your a whole diff area below the bridge and is way way calmer. and across abby side is even calmer to. its not slow where we are...and drop offs and deep

id like to see someone hold their spot with a small weight where we go...i just dont see it happening myself

anybody been out trying sturgeon latly?

last couple time for me has been absolutly dead. just small bait fish nibbling on the bait.
heading to river for another try since we have some decent weather today.
think ill also have reel spooled with 130pound braid on the way....any suggestions on brands to look at., im not buying a roll, ill just have them spool it at belles...if the kid isnt doing guy of your just break to much stuff
Fish'n BC

I went to Bell's in Mission a few weeks ago to get mine spooled with 130 lb, but they had a newer bulk 150 lb that was thinner (same thickness as 30 lb mono) and same price, so got that instead. Haven't fished the Fraser lately-the water being as high as it is.
Oh ya, the older guy spooled the line just right.

well i went in and had them run 130 pound tuff line on it and label said 30 pound had 40 on it. so i went for it. then she says i can only get 100 yds on it. it off then. and got them to drop down to 80. oh well good enough. ive been running 20 and 40 pound mono for last 2 years and been fine if you use the tension proper.

anyways was a bussy day down at the river. and dam hot..was nice...was 5 rods in a small erea and again i was the only catching anything. got a decent one in then few hours later lost another. it was slow but they are bitting. i was also way way out past everyone in the water.
holly crap has the water come up a long way. already way higher than last years peek.

yes i know i shouldnt have had the fish out of the water..15 seconds i dont think was to harmfull. was in water for unhooking and a quick lift for the pic.
Fish'n BC

Nice sturgeon G.A., no problem with the 15 sec photo I got 220 yds of the 150 lb on my Daiwa "coffee grinder". I'll use it for springs too, so we will see how the line stands up.

ya this one is the coffee grinder style to. big reel but small diameter spool. lady at belles mentioned that to me...i said so why did you sell it to me last season then...kinda embarrased her i think.
my grinder almost came apart while i was fighting that one to. the screw holding the shaft for handle came loose and made the 2 pieces of the reel wiggle when i reeled it. was cracking and making some nasty noises. wasnt sure id get it in. the shaft from reel to rod handle is kinda long i feel so it doesnt realy have much leverage side to side with big fish on..thats the biggest fish on that rid so havent felt that till yesterday.

might head back down today and try it again..

forgot was going to share how hi the river is..our platform is almost at river level now

was down fishing again all day yesterday. lost a nice one. had the new line on and still broke 80 pound braided this time. they seemed more active yesterday with nasty head shakes and that was end of them. could feel their heads jerk side to side on the line and gone everytime...dam oh well was a nice fight for a while. then finaly near end of my day i got a baby one in..wasnt even 2 foot.
ad dam was it absolutly roasted., doesnt feel to good
spent most the day listening to workers starting on new dyke at the dock we use. apperently alrms sounded over night and they made a last second call to make a dyke there.
there are guys with rigs that park down there and they were getting towed being to close and on wrong side of dyke. but the city was actualy nice...they called in rigs to haul the pups to new spot and moved any cars over and didnt impound them..and ate the bill....had 4 cars/suv, and 3 pup trailers to move...wasnt cheep

and that was the most work i think ive seen a crew of city officials work in my life..we had eveyone down there chattin..dept of environment. bc fish. dfo..list went on and on of guys coming down to do their officiuaql..."yup its rising..better do something"
Fish'n BC

When you are changing over to braid, you also need to change the knots you are using. The knots you use on mono line isn't suited for use on braided line, because the line is less resistant to abrasion and doesn't hold a knot as well.
When tying braided line onto a swivel or weight; first you fold the line back on itself about 6" to double it up. Then run the end of the doubled line through the eye of the swivel or weight and finish with an "overhand knot"... but before tightening: slide the loop of the running end (that was formed when you doubled up the line) over the swivel/weight, then sinch it up and trim the excess.
Hope that helps.

i tie all my line like that always anyways. wasnt the actual knot that broke. was few ml`s above the knot. ive had more mono come undone than any other line. to stiff to tie any other way i fond other than the loop through the eye style. using 80 and up standard line is next ti impossible to tie any other way. i just dont bother with the last step as ive yet to break a know there. it only breaks for me on main lines or the leader. not at knots or knots coming undone. i see alot say the last step keeps the break strength but ive yet to have an issue. to me those are the ones running to small of line to begin with...or tension is to tight...1 out of 50 thats breaks is still good odds id say
would have been nice to at least see it surface.
Fish'n BC

Perhaps a heavy snubber on the leader would help. Braid doesn't stretch like mono, so doesnt have any shock absorbancy and the rod (and their mouths) has to take full force of the head shakes. I use small snubbers on the leader for Kokanee, so the hook doesn't tair out of their soft mouths when they hit the lure. Likewise a heavy snubber made out of surgical tubing over the sturgeon leader line would absorb some of the shock exerted on the line, rod and sturgeons mouth. I haven't tried it yet, but it might be worth a try.
Fish'n BC

I think maybe that scotty trolling snubber that they use between the downrigger cable and cannon ball might work, if you put it between the weight and sturgeon leader.

Checked out that snubber yesterday and it isn't realy a snubber at all, just a rubber bungee thing without a retaining line. No good for fishing, you'd have to make one up yourself if you were to try it.

was my fault mostly havin tension to tight, ive been fine with way worse action under the water. cost to much as it is for gear for a catch and release fish to me. ive been to cheep to even buy sliders for the leader till recently, still havent seen/felt a difference using them either

you are cheap if you dont buy proper gear for sturgeon. Should use heavier line than 40.

he agreed he was being cheep and switched to 80 lb braid. no need to make your negative comments .
the moderator.

what do you expect from a troll with no personality. he cant read well either to see i run 80 braid. and its not called cheep mrs..its called being on dissability and cant always afford to drop money at will. why dont you buy me

well went to see what was up down at the river last night and got to watch a bit of a sturgeon fight. who says you cant catch big stuff from
Fish'n BC

Man...would have like to have seen that one. Probably a couple hundred bucks of line that he lost there.

You might want to look up the Fraser sturgeon guidelines, 80 is a little lite 100 with a 96 lb leader is more suitable. When fishing from shore you want to use a longer rod its a heck of a lot easier on the body.

GA just wondering if your on disability isnt sturgeon fishing the worst thing to do?

that is a rather thoughtless comment. people with disability are able to do many activities, largely depending on the type of the disability. g.a. do not waste your time responding.
the moderator

ya well guidelines are made by salesman. i ran 20 pound for a whole season and lost 1 from being cheep. thats what the drag is made for.
i had 130 on it and could only get 100 yds so is a waste of time. and im not about to buy a whole new real when this has been god for 2 years already. so i ran 80 for more legnth to use the drag as it was intended to do. never did get those that tighten it and use brute force just because a fish is larger.

not sure what any activity has to do with being termialy ill. its good fo rme. not everyone on dissability is a hurt person or feels sorry for themselves and poor me in bed all day., im doing as much as i can while i can. hope it doesnt offend you to much

sorry mod., kept it clean. i get that all the time as i dont realy seem to be dying by what my activities. to me those that judge have the dissability. just in denial of thier mental illness

hit it again today..and guess what...didnt break my 80 pound 2 in. i was the only one that got any today

so my 12 foot rod isnt long enough?...its more than double anyone elses down at this

soon as todays vid loads ill post it up, see if i can be judged for my catch n release

well said g.a. and well done today at the river !
the moderator

Hey GA the rod info was for the people who were asking about rods! I was just asking about the disability thing no need to be so bloody rude! Oh and for your info the guidelines were made the Fraser river sturgeon conservation society , give them a call 604 582 5200 you might learn something.
Fish'n BC

Ofd; the new guidelines call for 130 lb main line, not 100 lb. Maybe you should give them a call, you might learn something.

80lb is generaly accepted as the minimum suitable line.

Hey Chris how many times have you been out with a guide? The guidelines have made some changes, so be it its now 130 which i have on all 4 of my rods.the faster you bring it in the less harm done so why would you use 80?
Fish'n BC

I don't use 80, if you read the previous posts you'd see I use 150 lb...which is more than you use. Have never needed a guide thanks, catch just as many on my own (as does G.A. I beleive).
Even though a higher stregnth is desireable: many use 80 lb, because most people don't have dedicated sturgeon gear that will take more. The guidelines are just that: guidelines, not law.

You was a general term! So if your using 80lb and its not your dedicated gear does that mean your 80lb to fish for everything else? You watch in a few years they will close it because of stuff like this. Oh it will happen the natives already have the ball rolling.
Fish'n BC

Yes, 80 lb is a good line for springs too. OK to use for chum and sockeye also, especialy since there is a fair chance to hook into a spring while fishing for them.
Don't worry, if fisheries was concerned about sturgeon gear: they'd put it in the regs.

you know dam well it was an inteded insult about being lazzy on dissability or being a fake. i get you guys almost daily since being ill. dont think it was rude. my health didnt concern you to even ask to be honest. has nothing to do with the topic.
and the sturgeon guys are a sort of salesman also. the whole sport is about salesman. ill use what works for me, not what some so called pro said to use. we see guys using flies on reg rods to. just cause its not how you do it or how they RECOMEND to doesnt make it wrong. dont realy need to call them, been fishing many many years and done fine without them. also learned alot working for fisheries to not need them and thier crap advice.
and as others posted you cant even get your own attack right....ahhhh...i see...a guode...and hes also not a salesman?>?...holly dood, you new to this?

how doers 130 or 80 make a diff on how fast i ca reel a fish in..if its big it isnt coming no matter what

all i know is i seem to outfish everyone down there every single time im there. maybe its the lighter gear?
maybe some are just better skilled to use light gear?...who knows.

why would natives care,...they use nets not lines. im assuming your native to know this did they also tell you next year may be open to keep them?....from white guys hard work bringing them back?

Could give a rats ass about your disabilty and it was not intended an insult but seems you have some anger issues over it though?

There is no chance in hell that they will ever open it again to retention, dont know where you got your info but its crap! Its takes a sturg 20 years to hit spawning age so take out a few fish and your right back to square one

excuse me but it was you who made an issue of g.a.'s disability. it was uncalled for and rude. g.a. 's response was quite reasonable considering what was said. enough said, now get back to fishing. feel free to argue/debate the sturgeon issue but keep it civil (all of you)!
the moderator
Fish'n BC

The retention info may or may not be crap, would like to know where it came from myself. The sturgeon retention wasn't closed due to low numbers, it was closed because they realised they didn't have enouph information about sturgeon to properly determine conservation measures and regulations...and they got scared when a number of large sturgeon turned up dead around the lower mainland.
I can see a retention opening coming, but with heavy restrictions on; size, location, season and limits.

Like i said it was not intended to be an insult, it comes from experience i suffered a broken neck and was in such a hurry to get back to fishing that one good sturg jolt set me back a few months!

Hey mod maybe you should have a private message button instead of going into people posts?Oh there is a diff between being disabled and being on disability just so ya know.

how bout we just leave my personal life out of this. realy has nothing to do with anyone here. move on.

so on another note. this is what you can do from shore with 80 pound line. my biggest yet, actualy my biggest fish of any type ever. lost one in the morning about the same size.

well been back down a few evening and its been slow for sturg. bumps and bites and the odd one on.
went down today and it was good, all afternoon was getting action and got 2 in. ran out of bait so had to come home.
waters going down pretty fast.

hope this was an abandon boat, had no motor and looked quite ratty....

tryin to post more pics and keep getting runtime errors
Fish'n BC

We were on the otherside today, trying to find some chinook. Lots of stuff hanging up in our lines, but saw a few sturgeon flopping on the water just below the railway bridge. Also saw a seal below the hwy bridge, pretty good indicator of salmon around.

so you saw our resident seal..hangs there everyday, comes up n feeds by the old mill on mission side to. yesterday was hot for hits and fish in water. went back down for night fish and was same again. just couldnt get them to take it all in and set hooks.
see if i can get the pics up today, seems alot of sites are havin issues across the net last little while

there we go...workin now

cept was wrong

well went out again today and didnt even get sat down and open my coffee and had the bell going hard. ended up[ getting 4 while i was there. right near the end i saw sts on far side hook something big. fought it for a while then it must have came close to boat or surfaced cause we could all here them across other side whoo hoo like it was canada day fire works. ended up dragging them across to marina and back to middle again then down under and past to lower side of bridges. lost site after that.

That's a real nice way to handle a sturgeon. Ever think of wearing some waders or even some gum boots so you can stand in the water and release it properly. Your pics are a good example of what NOT to do when handling fish that are to be released. Your lack of knowledge or caring for fish is shining bright in this thread dude.

ever think of getting a life and stop the trolling asshole. your punk mouth is a great way to show what not to end up like as a fisherman.
you obviously dont have a clue here with how slippery and dangerous it is to step in here and risk human life dummy. these fish can handle the few seconds out of water idiot.
and its your lack of knowledge...again idiot. i study them alot and we have a 1% loss many fish eggs did you kill last trip to the vedder hypocrite. does it make that ok for you when you come and slam others? so its ok for you to knowingly kill them?..well your to stupid to know obvioulsy

duh...look at me in a spawn bed..i will be so swift and light footed ill step over every eggs that i cant even see under the gravel...idiot troll

by the way the ego pic of the champ fisherman pic...thought so...little high on yourself

Trolling asshole....punk mouth....dummy...idiot...idiot....stupid....idiot.....

Wow...this is exactly the reason for many people leaving/not joining, etc, etc.....GA....I am not taking any sides here but everyone is entitled to an opinion and it is quite obvious by the many posts here and on other sites that what one deems as acceptable practice of release...others will always think/feel different.......absolutely no reason for the incredible amount of childishness in your old are we here????...yes it may piss one off to be questioned/accused for ones release practices but why not just reply amicably without starting up with the "fightin" words!.....just my thoughts though but is also part of the reason for my lack of posting.

this had nothing to do with fishing at all. he purposly came to be an idiot. couldnt control his immature side from the other thread, guess he got over my comments on the millions of fish they trample each time they go to the vedder. bottom bouncing doesnt kill fish. idiot poachers do...sorta the same as the gun fight argument and guns dont kill stupid people kill.
just gets old having the same attackers time after time after the same people that are on here..we all heard it enough times. they know dam well it starts shit..always does. so why not prevent the instigators instead of us being attacked.

Something that one may think is right many others may not see it that way......Just as something that one may think is wrong others may see it otherwise as well......just a fact of life.... definitely does not call for the foulness above.....lucky to be on here still after a rant like that in my opinion....most if not all other sites would not condone that kinda bullshit childishness ever and for many reasons.

Just saying that really there is no need for it and especially if one wants to make this place what it has the potential to be....

That's okay fellas, people who get called out for bad fish handling always come back with childish comments like this.

If it's so unsafe to fish there GA you should maybe be in a boat or just not fish there. Is it more important for you to catch a fish than it is to be able to properly land and release the fish ?

Your really on the egg trampling thing, why ?? Do you think everyone who has a set of waders and is river fishing is killing all the redds ? And your calling me an idiot, wow !!

The "Champ Picture" was a fun derby between my wife and I, we have one against each other every year. Funny how you read it other than just a picture, so immature on your part.

Too bad I hurt your little feelings there GA, but it is what it is, poor fishing practice, just take it as constructive criticism and leave it at that. No need for the foul kiddy language, it just shows people how thin skinned you are.

lol...mzmann, youve obviously never owned a forum then. most wotn tollerate the repeated attacks to us by ssame gys over and over...all they do is repeat the same shit every time like a parrot knowing it sets some poff and causes a disturbance on any site. its called being a troll. they arent here daily like we are trying to help the site but come in now n then and throw a pile of shit in our faces then leave again cause it always turns this way...the issue shouldnt be the ones deffending how they fish, its the ass that starts the insults. ya i went off...for being childishly attacked.
he is 100% wrong on the handling here. just watched one of the sturgeon consrvation guys have his out of water for pics and tag it and measure it...was close to 5 min out of water while he talked...and the vid was called proper safe hand;ling of sturgeon...go learn before trying to flame or stir shit.

i will appologize to the reg guys on here for my mouth trying to deffend against an troll. funny how they are alloowed to start the shit but its just fine. funny how some dont see through that....oh well

nah bent...its trolls that are wrong and think they know it all about safe handling. you just shooting your mouth of to cause shit here. a blind man can see many times you gonna say your leaving and just cant...the trolling has got hold of you?
man you dont have a clue hey...waters 5 inches deep. boats cant go in that mud. id sip and slide right down the dock and drown clown. dont worry bout my fishing till i do something illegal or harm fish
lol...immature cause i had a laugh at some clown in a boat and had a silly kids caption below?...nah..just thought it was funny. you werent giving he;lping info at all...was all insults. not once did you drop your so called right method...just insulted ours. thats not constructive criticism...thats called being a troll

this is constructive criticism....this is the right way to C/R sturgeon....even says its cool to lift for a pic,....Hu...funny how he does same as me and he works for conservation and i dont but im wrong...hilarious.

and no i dont drag ,mine up the bank. they stay right at the water and lift the odd one for a pic. most are back in water within 10 seconds. deffinatly not any harm to them.

Say what you want beak, looks to me like you don't want to get dirty, as for the fish, well...........

BTW, I've been a member on here a hell of a lot longer than you buckwheat.

Troll you say ?? Give it up clown, just try and handle the fish a little better and quit acting like a scorned baby for christ sake.

well aqain spouting nothing you have a clue about. if you were there youd see i got all muddy from this. pics dont tell the whole story,m no wonder we dont want to share pics with clown like you insulting everything you see.
what does being an ass have to do with time on the site?...time allows for being a goof? and making a mess of this?
stop assuming you know what was going on from a simple pic, you even contradict the pones that are in charge of the conserving of this you just like to argue it seems no matter what....even when a vid of the facts is posted you still deny it. thats trolling

i see again you back my thoughts of the go by saying how long you been here...who cares. doesnt give anyone a right to attack post after post. we got your opinion days ago...move on. your opinion means nothing to me unless i or others break a law on fishing.and no law was broke here

I should have known better, my fault for even trying.

alot of tutu's being worn here rather than waders ;-P

G.A., your sturgeon handling habits are a joke. Here's something for you to read on proper handling of sturgeon.


Guidelines for Angling White Sturgeon in BC

Most white sturgeon populations in British Columbia are protected under the federal Species at Risk Act and are closed to recreational angling. The lower and middle Fraser River populations are designated as endangered, but are considered healthy enough to support a catch and release sport fishery. Catch and release angling can be low impact if extra care is taken to ensure sturgeon health and survival. To sustain this treasured fishery, the following angling practices are necessary:

1. Use only single barbless hooks and appropriate tackle

Only single barbless hooks are permitted while sturgeon angling. Use heavy rod and reels, with at least 130 lb. manufacture rated test line.

2. Play sturgeon quickly

Play and release sturgeon as quickly as possible. Sturgeon played too long may not recover. If you hook a large sturgeon (by definition large sturgeon are 1.5 meters and greater in length) when boat fishing, release the anchor and play the fish to a pre-determined landing location. This will significantly reduce stress on the sturgeon by reducing time played and by not fighting the river current.

3. Choose your fishing location carefully - Keep sturgeon in the water

Never lift a large sturgeon out of the water. Fish suffocate out of water. Large sturgeon are at risk of internal injuries due to their own weight. Ropes, tailers, nooses or other devices must not be used to hold or land sturgeon.

From shore: Your fishing location must be suitable for landing sturgeon. Elevated docks are not suitable. Do not drag sturgeon out of the water onto the shore or dock. Release smaller sturgeon at the side of the dock. Be prepared to get wet when releasing sturgeon.

From boat: Do not lift or drag a large sturgeon into a boat. Land and release large sturgeon at the side of the boat. Never tow a large sturgeon by the tail to shore. Towing by the tail is damaging and can be lethal.

Release small sturgeon (by definition small sturgeon are less than 1.5 meters in length) at the side of the boat. If you lift a small sturgeon into a boat then cradle it with two gloved hands – one placed behind the front fins or on the mouth and the other hand placed just forward of the tail. Once in the boat use as many people as necessary to support the sturgeon. Never pull a sturgeon into a boat by using a rope or by the sturgeon’s gill plates, pectoral fins, or by its mouth or tail only.

4. Remove hooks quickly but gently

Remove deeply embedded hooks with long needle-nose pliers or a hook remover. Grab the bend on the hook and twist. Be quick, but gentle. Sturgeon that are deeply hooked, hooked on or near the gills, or bleeding heavily have lower survival rates. Improve survival by cutting the leader and releasing the sturgeon with the hook left in.

5. Handle and recover sturgeon with care – Be prepared to take photos quickly

Never squeeze or hug sturgeon. Keep your fingers away from the gills and out of the gill plates. If you want photographs, always leave large sturgeon in the water. Have your camera ready and be quick. Recover sturgeon by pointing nose-first upstream into the current and letting go when it struggles to swim.

Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association, Recreational Sturgeon Anglers of BC, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, and Province of BC supported the development, and encourage the practice of, these Guidelines.
For more information on white sturgeon recreational fisheries management please contact:
Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations, 2nd Floor, 10470 – 152nd Street Surrey BC V3R 0Y3
Metro Vancouver Phone: 604-582-5200, Toll –Free Phone: 1-800-663-7867
As far as moderators getting rid of asshats on this site you get my vote for being #1.

thanks for posting the guidelines cutfisher. very clear and informative.
g.a., i have expressed my appreciation of your many posts and your willing ness to offer assistance HOWEVER you have to quit the fighting. you are a lousy fighter !
you also must learn to accept criticism , especially when you are guilty !! you have been criticised several times for your handling of sturgeon and do not seem to care. i am sorry but your behaviour is going to have to change. i asked you a while back to leave the fighting to others. this issue did not warrant a fight but rather a good headshake and pledge to try and do better. instead you foolishly try to fight bentley or anyone else who rightly stepped in on his behalf. NO MORE PLEASE.
the moderator

if you cant sere the asshole attacked this intentionaly to stir his bullshit then your as blind and dumb as he is..fuk this place...7 more in today.
to many opinions on how i should handle fish. i do it the same as the dam guys tagging and recording shit. just cause you dont agree with mine or his way doesnt make it wrong.

fuck it im done with the tree hugging stupid site anyways. knew it would come again with salmon season. more criers than fisherman on these sites. funny dfo has stood right by me while i brought one that...was impressed to..couldnt be to harmfull what im doing then id say
anyways im done., enjoy the wanna be fish police

long stressfull day, wanna appologize to the others for going off. all i have to say anymore, wont be posting so i can avoid this crap more

now that you have had your say , you singled yourself out, not bentley. you mishandled a fish and defended yourself by sending a barrage of verbal garbage, which members told you was offensive, then you defended that. g.a., it is no secret that your posts trying to help other members are always welcomed and enjoyed by myself and others. but sometimes you go overboard on defending the fact that you floss salmon. it is legal so forget it. don't say others are rotten because they use 400 foot leaders or whatever or that anyone who does not agree with it is rotten. then after spreading your defence over and over, you cry when someone "calls" you on it. you suggested i read the posts again. i did read every word . you should too . now just learn from this episode and get back to being a valuable member of this site. instead of fighting old bentley with senseless comments, learn from him. ask questions. hopefully he is back here to stay and you can learn to respect what each has to will certainly not out debate him in this media so do not try.
now get back to talking fishing. and please do not let anyone provoke you. i will not "defend' you or anyone else when i come home to a full fledged was of words. if you do not respond i can and do stop the flow of garbage.
the moderator

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