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sharphooks moderator

i have had it with some of the "members" who continue to harrass this site. we have many great members who continually contribute to useful conversation. others sole purpose is to harrass everyone with their garbage. i did not want to get into deleting however this method has not worked. as of today, sugar magnolia and beak 007 are banned untilo such time as they apologize to the members and agree to abide by the rules.
one member recently wanted his profile deleted. this is not possible as far as i know. the reason seems unclear as he has not been on this ste for a long time. i think it was just another ignorant post to cause trouble.......not going to succeed! as i said, we have some great members here who will run this site, not the trouble makers.
members, if you find something offensive, say so but do so in a positive manner without stooping to their levels. i think if all of us stand up to these morons, we can overcome them. i will try and refrain from using the delete button but.........i hope all the real members agree. i have had a lot of help from mebers who refuse to accept the morons. thanks to chaka, mzmann, chris, spooner and others........and of course i must mention mr grey1. keep posting but please leave the morons to me as you are too ready to fight. as i said the other day you are the mvp of this site! wear that title with honour!

why let them back. im not much of a reg guy here but seems to me as a semi outsider its the same ones time after time. and year after year., seems to me they dont know how to cha nge. or dont want to. some people are just that way. and im not pointing at the 2 mentioned here...just in general ive seen a few booted and allowed back and not 1 bit changed with them. why would this be any offence but an ass is an ass. dont expect a forum to make them change who they are...and im not trying to say how to run the show here. i own a few forums ad its no diff from topic to topic and ive yet to see 1 member on any of my forums grow up or make any effort to make change if i let them back, thats juts the way the interwebby works.
or they just come back under diff name and start all over again...till the ip is blocked

sure you can delete that guys info. but why bother. more work than its worth to find the file in the server and remove it. just let them walk away. removing it wont change anything. all the posts would be here still if they did anyways. removing an acct wont remove posts. separate files.
anyways just my 1.5 cents...back to fishin

just wondering couldnt one just change his name and rejoin the forum?

It is almost that easy, but actually they would have their IP blocked. So until they change their IP, they cannot log in. IP's are almost as easy to change as names unfortunately.

We got blocked on a web site once and I tweaked a few settings and voila, unblocked. if it's not about the ip address then It's about the mac address. Every piece of hardware that connects to the web has one. You can also call your service provider and ask for a new ip address easily enough. Even when one considers sites like Netflix USA. They block Canadians from getting that content as they have Netflix Canada. I found a way around that and now enjoy Netflix USA and I live in BC. If you know a little bit about computers and settings anything can be done. About the only thing one cannot do is change a web sites blocks such as blocking user names so one cannot log in under that name but one could make a similar user name suck as beak 07 or baek 007 and announce I AM BACK. On a side note, I caught a nice 4 lb rainbow at Adams lake last week trolling a black fly with a brass ball head. Couldn't tell you the name of the fly, just the description.

Yes, lets get back to fishing, I have been a member of this forum for a number of years, and post occasionally, and I have seen many bitch fests that are designed just to cause a stir, I'm not into that crap, I just want to know who's having fun where, and what works for who. My kudos to the mod for taking on this baby sitting job. Less BS and more fishin' fun!

Fishing forum > changes have to take place


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