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Alright guys, Ive had a fly rod since 2-3 years ago, and ive only used it 3 times. im really interested in fly fishing still water this year for trout and so forth. i never understood how to use it, i THINK i have an idea of casting, but i know its not right it cant be that bad, because i did manage to catch 3 trout or something at quatze creek. any pointers??

The best way to learn to fly cast is take a course,that way you don't start off with bad habits.


I was in a similar situation that you are in now. My girlfriend (now my wife) had bought me a rod/reel combo (a #7 rod) that I didn't use for some time. I saw a sale in Vancouver (not sure where you're from but) at Berry's Bait and Tackle that worked out to a free casting lesson if I bought over $100 at their annual sale (it might have been that you had to buy a rod/reel combo). This was pretty cool because I wanted a lighter rod for the lakes and a cassette reel system so that I quick-change the line I had on the rod. Anyway, Berry's has a fly-casting range out back that accommodates like 20-30 student in a big long line. But, I was planning on buying a whole bunch of stuff that year anyway ... so for me it was added bonus to get a free hour lesson out of the deal. If you live in the GVA, you should find out if they are offering the free lessons again during their Annual Father's Day Sale (or perhaps similar deals in your local area).

Hope that helps,

When I first got my #6 Dragonfly rod I was using it for trolling flies at Shuswap Lake. In fact - I had a lot of success landing several over 50cm. At the same time my regular spinning rod didn't do much regardless of how many times I changed the lure.

The very next day I forgot to secure the rod and it went overboard when a big trout smashed the fly.

Since I still had three more days to spend on the lake, I went to the closest store to buy a replacement. Storeowner was really nice to give me a 30 min casting lesson right away. We taught me to cast against the heavy wind at the moment.

Isn't it amazing to see how a real professional manages the line?

Since then I watched several training videos and spend quite some time practicing casts on the water. Still much to learn though

If you have some space in the backyard to practice - that might be the key.

Your local library might have some training tapes in their collection ... then it's a matter of tying a bright piece of yarn on the end of your line(for safety reasons) and practicing.
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As Ozzy says, classes are a good. You learn things the right way first if you cant attend any then practice as Alex says in your backyard is it big enough or a park as long as there is no gravel or anything that will damage you flyline, after hooking my neighbors wife’s bra on their clothesline
I had to find more space.

Keep you arm and wrist straight while casting, don’t use your wrist only.

Start out with short casting, don’t try to reach the 100-foot cast, 30 to 40 feet and get that down.

Rhythm is the key, let out line on the strongest part of the whip. You can feel it.

Start out with a sink line not a floating line.
Wear glasses, last week when I was using a muddler minnow that fly must have been going 80 mph, the fly was light in color and I could see it whizzing by me, on came the glasses.

Good luck
The Yak

see my post in reply to your question listed under Cutthroat and dollies

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