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I REALLY HATE THAT I HOOKED THIS FISH IN THE LOWER VEDDER! I think is some sorta crappie or something...

Let me know. I've never seen non native fish in this system before.
Fish'n BC

A friend hooked one like it when we were fishing the Fraser near Mission last fall. I think some lowlife stocked Hatzic lake with them and now it is full of bass and crappie. I suspect they are now getting out of the lake and into the Fraser and nearby tributories like the Vedder. Perhaps a screen should be installed by fisheries in the Hatzic feeder creek, if this is the case. I don't think it would take long for them to overtake other systems and lakes given the chance.

Isn't that a bluegill?
Fish'n BC

Doesn't have the markings of a Bluegill, but definately a sunfish of some kind (as are crappie and bass). I'd say it is a "Redeared Sunfish". Native of the southeast and being introduced to the northwest. Likely also introduced to the Hatzic system. Doesn't belong here in any case, maybe it should be reported to fisheries.
sharphooks moderator

whatever it is , noone should be surprised . didn't kelso and some guys do some kind of a show on bass fishing out sturgeon slough. there is a direct and easy route to the vedder from there let alone hatzic . they are a real threat to our salmon and trout .
Sons of Angling

Pumpkinseed sunfish catch em all the time in the southern okanagan...supposed to be a tasty haven't been on this site in a few years gotta get some new pics haha(lame)...things are lookin nice...have to sneak on more often...tight lines all

are you allowed to kill them? i say kill em all
Fish'n BC

What...the bass, perch and sunfish...or the lowlife bastards that are illegaly moving and releasing them?
Fish'n BC

It seems manny of the smaller lower mainland lakes contain cesspools of invasive fish spiecies, that may now be spreading to other important water systems: both naturaly and through illegal moving and releasing. Perhaps it is time for someone to organise volunteers and make a proposal to remove all the invasive fish from the affected lakes and sloughs: before they destroy our native fish, and our trout/salmon/steelhead fisheries in particular.
A well thought out volunteer Rotenone and restocking program could be quite cost effective. Maybe something I will look into if no one else has the time. What do you think?

why all the big fuss them fish have been in the system for many years.the one y'all got to worry about are the northern snake head fish sold at your local T N T MARKET live and its been known that if one releases them live they will get good luck n good karma.

chris, the problem is the fish you want to get rid of are mixed in with our salmon and trout. to treat them you have to wipe out everything.

if you catch an invasive species, stab it before you throw it back

another thing about your plan chris, treating a small lake with retonone is very expensive. i heard it cost over $250000 to treat the lakes where i live. i am sure glad they did it though!

its a sun fish

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