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Well done, congrats man! I was out there yesterday and I had one nice bite but I was sleeping and missed it.

I got my first one over the weekend, also.

Nice to see PETA is represented.

it has nothing to do with PETA there fetoid.....its called proper c&r and just bad/poor fishing ethics not to handle with care if its a wild or a fish you are not keeping.

It's hypocrisy.

I'm not saying you should take a fish and drop it in a blender; however, considering what fish go through, the least of their problems is being held down against sand.
If you guys are concerned about fish being held down or lifted up out of the water then you really need to think about where your priorities are. If you really cared about that, you would quit fishing today because of the trauma brought onto fish as they are hooked threw the mouth w/ a sharp hook, dragged against their well for quite a few seconds or minutes to the point of exhaustion just for your entertainment.

If you guys were consistent, you would either shut up about such small issues, or quit fishing today.

You can't have it both ways.

I still stand by my point and do not in any way think that what I said is a negative nor rude comment. All it is is my own belief (as well as many others im sure)that when C&R one should use the best fishing practices that one can. Yes these fish we catch go through the wringer quite a bit sometimes just in the landing of them but that still doesn't mean one has to intentionally and knowingly decrease the fishes chance of survival and being caught at a later time. Common sense to me really. JMO
stink finger

This forum is a way to educate those who need it.wild steelhead should not be dragged on the beach so u can get your pic simple fact get in the water quick pic and release it

Here's a good example of proper catch and release for you Fetoid, there's NO reason to pin the fish in the sand. Sand and gills don't mix! BTW you haven't posted a pic over on BCFR, I wonder why?????
sharphooks moderator

sorry guys for the delay in responding to beerdrinker_few's post. i do not think there has been anyone on this site who has been out of line in the least for several months. i have not been forced to delete more than a couple of childish posts. noone is in danger of being banned 1 free speech is encouraged as long as it is within "reason". i think the posts about fetoid's fish are very true. no offence fetoid but it seems to me you are a relative beginner. you catch a fish and all of a sudden you are an expert and anyone who wants to see a beautiful wild steelhead live to spawn is out of line. read the c+r posting by cagey. then google catch and release and read a few articles. there are some articles i have seen by fisheries based on survival after catch and release. your statement that the fish has been through far worse etc is absolutely not correct. what you are doing to the fish in that picture is disgusting in my opinion as well.
you were offered some constructive criticism. as beak 007 said youwere not being ripped to bits. accept the criticism and learn from it so you can teach that cute little son of yours the proper modern fishing methods, not those of the dark ages.
as moderator i do not want to cut off debate but unless someone has something enlightening to add let's not bash this fish further!!!
and getting back to beerdrinker_Few, if in the last few months you feel there have been members constantly out of line please bring some examples to my attention. i read every post that comes on here and i have been very pleased by the lack of any nastiness by any of our members since became moderator, not claiming any credit for it. we have a great group of members who are fairly active and ready to offer assistance to those who ask or need it. let's keep up the great work everyone . now back to fishing.

ps part of the time away was throwing a hook in the vedder for a few hours. i did not enjoy the opportunity to release one unfortunately !

Nice fish boys congratulations
> Moderator , I think if "fishinforlife" called you an idiot you might find that a little "nasty" or "out of line" NO ?

I have no problem w/ a spirited discussion. However, you lose the debate when you make personal attacks (calling people idiot or other names) or you are a hypocrite.

Considering what this fish went through the 45 seconds leading up to this photo, holding him down (yes, against the sand) was the least of its worries.

The same people who talk about “proper c&r procedure” have no comment on what a fish goes through when it is hooked and dragged against its well to the point of exhaustion.
Sand and gills don’t mix??? Hey guess what: Hooks and mouths don’t mix!

Mzmann: The first photo on your profile page: You and your brother demonstrating proper c&r method and what size fish to keep?
Beak007: That photo on your profile: You kept that dark thing instead of letting him swim upstream and do his thing? Or did you wade out into the water and pick him up?
Cutfisher: Thanks for the video; I’ve learned that holding the fish out of the water for ~10 seconds is proper c&r method! Also, since you educated everyone on how sand and gills mix, remind me how much gills love fresh air? BTW, the fish is really enjoying himself the first 30 seconds and I’m sure proper c&r method makes up for all the pain he went through.

I tell you what; if you are a vegan who doesn’t fish for moral reasons, then I apologize to you for the way the fish was handled in the photo and I’ll try to do better next time. The rest of you are hypocrites.

Once again, I’m not saying that you should torture a fish; however, everyone needs to gain some perspective.
Fish'n BC

I second Spooners post.

Fetoid: Plain and simply your "perspectives" are completely out of whack! Firstly your comment about my profile pic....well if you read the post associated with the pic then you would have read that when my younger brother is out in the bush at all he chooses a very minimalist approach, builds his own shelter half the time and survives as much from the land as he can......nothing wrong with keeping something small when its purpose is to fill your belly.

2nd. You should really read and do your research b4 you post as it just makes you sound very uneducated otherwise.
You state that what the fish went through in the 45sec before was much worse than being gill pinned in the sand?....READ....heck even the Moderator suggested this as well as politely let you know that what you said was incorrect.

The only thing we are trying to do here is educated the uneducated on proper handling, fishing techniques, methods, etc, etc...a big part of the reason this site is here really!

You call us all hypocrites for a reason that makes no sense at all..........yes it stresses the fish while being reeled in etc, etc but all of us as true fishermen and ambassadors to the sport and our young ones, we should be teaching them and others that if we all want to continue to have the opportunities to catch fish/steelhead then one should use as much thought and care as one can while catching/releasing.

All else aside though and I think I can speak for most true fishermen out there when I say that plain and simply put that it was very UNNECESSARY to handle the wild steely the way you did in that there is never any good reason to gill pin a fish you are not keeping in the sand!!

How about instead of attacking others/trying to find whatever fault you can with others who are simply trying to help you and offer you proper advice on proper C&R that you just take the advice/critisisim with a grain of salt and just realize that this is to help hypocritical was it of you to post and try and find /pick apart faults with others rather than just accepting your own?

And yes, I as well think that calling one an idiot does not really help things any either and is indeed a little nasty or out of line as spooner mentioned.

Yes its a nice fish, no it was not handled properly. Yes you know have enough info to0 better c&r next time. No it doesn't sound to me like you are going to take any of the posted constructive criticism and put it to use......Hopefully im wrong on that last part.

Tight lines all.
sharphooks moderator

no calling a person an idiot is not a nice thing to do. hardly serious enough to ban anyone for. i am sure if i deleted his comment i would offend a lot more people who do not want to see everything deleted. yes, there is no need to call anyone names. some people seem to think the wild stealhead stocks are extrememly vital and get a little excited when they see someone killing one. probably he thought he was being lenient in only calling him an idiot. i am sure a lot of people thought so.

as stinky finger said the purpose of this site is to educate people. if someone does not know what they are doing then i can accept that. when they refuse to listen i have a bit of a problem. fetoid has defended himself (or tried to , an impossible task in my opinion)by trying to show others are "lower" than him. just accept the advice and move on.

ps good to see you are still around stinky finger. i look forward to seeing more posts from you. your imput is always of value.

how can anyone defend yourself for such gross handling of a wild steelhead. i do not resort to namecalling and have had lots to say in the last year or so about fishinforlife however i can only suggest you accept the criticism and learn from it .

If I were a fish (or a person, for that matter), I would much rather have a lip piercing then have someone shove sand into my breathing apparatus.

jus sayin

Sorry about the posting topic to STS, it was supposed to be here.
Anyway fishhunter, lets not call being dragged around by yor eye,head or lip a piercing!!....
Maybe we should relax on a first Steely ,we've all hopefully been there and I can say I was a little excited on mine.
I'm thinking Fetoid wasnt trying to hurt the fish,just trying to make sure he had a trophy shot of his first Steelhead, lesson learned lots move on ......
I feel sorry for "fishinforlife" how does one think it's OK to call someone an idiot for making a mistake? May be thats how you were raised ....NO RESPECT !!!!
Try that anywhere else but on the other end of a computer screen )
sharphooks moderator

that is enough fishinforlife. you have caused more than your share of trouble on this site. please refrain from calling people names or threatening anyone. it is totally unacceptable.
i do not make a practice of deleting posts however any future posts by yourself that are in anyway unacceptable will be deleted. do not waste your time posting such comments. i am leaving the above posting to show everyone what you said. please members, his posts do not warrant any further comments. previous posts have adequately , i hope, covered the issue with fishinforlife very accurately. calling people names is a total lack of respect. threatening to say it to your face is getting towards criminal behaviour. enough said .

So how's about them Steelhead...?

If you guys have the stories and pics, keep 'em coming because I am not getting the chance to fish and have to live vicariously through someone...

yes, hurry up spring. i am sick and tired of seeing my nearby lake covered in ice and snow. i am anxious to hit it the day the ice comes off ! and it is nice to see pictures of beautiful steelhead etc but please make sure the fish was handled properly if it was to be released !

Oh my god, bitchingforlife just go buy a huge 4x4 and penile prosthetic and be done with it...

Nobody cares about anything you have had to "contribute" to date. Get over yourself and speak to a mental health professional. You were told enough was enough a while ago. Nobody is threatening anyone or breaking any laws here...get over it. You just have to understand that nobody wants to engage in a pissing match with opponents that sit down.

Ok i had to post on this one. I been fishing for years and always get my fish when it cimes to salmon. Steelhead on the other hand is something im still very new on. I have caught the odd one here and there. I went out one day a few weeks ago and got one in a spot on a river i have been wanting to try for years. This was a hatchery fish and i was very excited to get a picture, but my main point of this post is, i was not going to sacrific the well being of a fish for a good picture. The picture as you can see is crappy. Thats just way it played out and i never took her out of the water. The picture of the steelie in the sand is discusting in my eyes.


looks like your fish is in the sand too lol

For about 10 secs as i pulled the peach wool out. Rolled her, revived and released. Most wouks have killed it being hatchery.

Some might say dragging it on the beach is no different

All hatchery fish should be smacked. Thats what they are there for. Dont think you did something special by releasing it

Releasing a hatch doesn't make you any better or worse than someone that decides to keep one.They are produced to take.

Oh here we go again...

come on guys. there is no reason one has to keep a hatchery fish if they wish to release it. yes, it was pulled up to shore but it was not held down into the sand. from his report he did his best to release it safely although by wading in a few feet and landing it, one can avoid all the negative comments. some places this is not possible however the sandy shore suggests to me that the drop off was very gradual. let's all pay attention to what is shown in these photos and do our best to do better ! enough said i hope !

Fishing forum > My first steelhead!!!!


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