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Hi guys,i am going camping at the mamquam or squamish river and i am wondering what kinds of salmon are going to be there at the time and what kind of fish can i catch, and if not, when are they going to be there.

Instead of always asking what kind of fish you can catch or when they'll be there why don't you get a copy of the regulations and READ THEM. Freshwater regs and Salmon in freshwater regs are both available online so you don't have an excuse for not doing it. Looking at the regulations will tell you what you can catch when open, this will give you an idea when to hit the river. Don't rely on internet hearsay, it doesn't go over well with a CO or FO when you say you read it was legal on a fishing forum. HERE ARE BOTH SITES.
Freshwater regs.
Salmon in freshwater regs.

Louis Vuitton

This late in the season, most of the salmon are done. There are a few (very few) steelhead to be had in the Squamish system, and there are bulls to be had in all of them. Flesh flies and big sculpins would be the ticket (granted you are fly fishing).
Check the regs regarding closures and bait/lure rules.
Practice good catch and release and have fun!

Thanks alot for the information. Unlike cutfisher who was on his period the other day

Sorry not on my period, I gave you good advice. A lot of your posts are asking questions about regulations, when a where to fish. Since you can post on this site it shouldn't be too hard to to check the regulations online yourself. As the Moderator added to my post "EXCELLENT SUGGESTION , PLEASE FOLLOW THE ADVICE MEMBERS.THE MODERATOR". However,in your case I believe that there is a village somewhere being deprived of an idiot!

So your saying, that i should not ask for advice if i do not know how to catch a certain type of fish at a certain type of place? Why can i not ask that? Why is it so hard for you to type for example, "yea fishing during fall for chinook is great there, you can get them on roe or blades." Is it so hard? BUT NOOOOOO you have to make it difficult, and tell me to check the regs. I CHECK THE REGS DAILY, THE REGS DONT TELL YOU WHAT IS A GOOD TIME TO FISH AT A PLACE, WHAT ARE GOOD TIPS OR HOTSPOTS. Genius.
sharphooks moderator

calm down.noone minds you asking questions. that is what we are all here for. however, i suggest following the advice given before asking your question would be helpful to yourself and everyone else.
the problem with your question, as i see it, was you did not specify when you were going. that would help get a better answer. louis was able to give you some real good advice for this time of the year but are you going now/
a good thing to do in phrasing your question would be, as suggested, to check the regs to see what is open. if a certain type is open to fishing then why not phrase the question something like this:
"i am going to blank river next weekend. i notice coho are open? are there any coho actually running at this time? what is the best method to catch them"
this suggestion and the one from the member that you found offensive are meant to be helpful. try and think a bit before you ask your questions but do ask them.

when u get to squamish before going to river maybe just pop into their local tackle store and ask them folks they are very helpful.sorry i dont have address but u can google the info.good luck n post some pics if u can.

Thanks Alot guys! I am probably going within this or the next weekend depending on the rain since i am also going to be dirtbike riding there

there is a good winter chinook run there, not too many people know though. Use roe or power bait , indicator fishing big dries like hoppers works well first thing in the morning and last light. No retention so be sure to handle all fish with care as you release them. Good luck.


Fishing forum > Mamquam river, Squamish river Salmon fishing.


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