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i will be going to mexico and want to fish from shore i was told to bring spinners with me.any suggestions on what type or color or any other kind of lure would be greatly appreciated thanks

thanks for the warning but its just like any country it has its good spots and bad spots thats like saying dont go to californa cause its full of neighbourhoods of gang bangers doing drive byes i go once a year my parents travel in a camper there for 5 months out of the year not one problem.and thanks for the lure suggestions

i"ll be fishing hi surf

i hope you catch more fish in mexico than u do here


Actually to say that it is like anywhere else and has its good parts and bad parts is pretty naive. There is a drug war in progress right now and tourists have been killed. If all you want to do is stay in a resort, why even could just sit in a warehouse full of palm trees and sand with the heat on high? For everyone who is talking about visiting Mexico, I keep suggesting Cuba. The price is similar, the place is safe and you can actually leave the resort and mingle with the locals. Which is a big part of traveling for me. In resorts, all you meet are other tourists much like yourself, I want to see and experience local culture. My g/f and I are saving in hopes of spending Christmas there next year, so this is not just idle conjecture. My parents visit Cuba about once a year and have been about 6 times or so, they are my source for what to do and go when there. Honestly we will be staying in a resort for our 1st trip, but once I get a feel for the place, we will stay in a casa particulares (Bed & Breakfast). They are cheap, luxurious and run by local's in their own antique homes. I checked and there are fishing excursions, but with so many other things to do and see, I don't see myself fishing while I am there.

Fishing in Mexico is pretty lackluster anyhow. I went with my dad when I was a kid and we caught scores of fish, but they were all little bony things that were laughable to a couple of seasoned salmon fisherman. Sure you can pay some big bucks and go after some big game fish, but you can do that anywhere (Queen Charlottes, Carribean, Alaska etc etc). If you do go to Mexico, be safe, but I don't know why you would want to bother...

first of all ive never stayed in a resort when in mexico i stay in a little village called melaque about 5 hours south of puerta vallerta about ten thousand people no big resorts very very real mexico second i fish 1-2 times a week here year round so fishing there not a big deal just thought it be nice to stand on a beach in 80 degree weather rather than on a river in -10 weather my persnel opinion is that people live in to much fear and go by whats on the news all i wanted was a couple suggestions on sizes coulour and what type of lures to bring with me

Over the last 3 years I have been to 4 different ares in Mexico. The best area I found was Huatulco our second trip. We were introduced to a Caoptain/owner of a boat who took us out for a half day of fishing. It was great, caught two dorados both over 20 kilos. There were two little towns a ten minute cab ride away. But yes Mexico is getting a little dangerous. Just do some research and use common sense.

I hope the Original Poster does not take our concern the wrong way. If you have done your research and feel safe, then fly at it. I myself, was just throwing another amazing option on the table. Be safe and enjoy...bring us back pictures.

yes everybody is entitled to there opinion and common sense goes along way these days and no i didn't take it the wrong way in saying that i feel that people these days get to much of what they think they know off the internet and news my parents travel all over mexico for 5 months out of the year in a truck and camper and the only problem they had was a guy from california pulled a gun on them because they cut him off by accident on the hiway and he had his wife and kid in the car

I'm also headed to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) in 2 days and considered fishing from shore. Can anyone get back to the original topic and offer suggestions on lure type/size/colour?

I agree with the OP, Mexico is no better or worse than anywhere else, it's just higher profile right now.

Thanks for any fishing tips you can offer.


Yep, definitely just a conspiracy to drive vacation prices down...

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