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Ok, as some of you I am sure will be aware, this was indeed hijacked from another forum but just thought I would share it here as well as it is quite an entertaining read, lol....Enjoy peoples.

T’was the night before fishing

T’was the night before fishing and all through the house
The smell of my waders had peeved off my spouse
Leaders where tied some rigged and some bare
In hopes that sunrise soon would be there

Like the child I am I was snuggled in bed
I was starting to dream of adventures ahead
My consciousness lost to the quiet of night
As usual my wife had to turn out the light

When out on the corner there arouse such a clatter
I sat straight up in bed thinking what was the matter
I dashed to window caught a toe on a chair
The pain was so ugly I started to swear

When I got to the window what should appear
But Dennis’ Dodge bogged down in first gear
I looked at my clock, my god I was late
Something taboo on a steelheader’s date

My driver was grumpy he thought I was lame
He called me some things not one was my name
He whistled and shouted damn near woke up the block
All I could do was blame that darn clock

“Grab your raincoat -your vest- your rod and your reel
Get your licence- your bait box your waders and creel”
From the top of the porch to the pick-up we tread
Hot coffee- hot coffee -hot coffee ahead

As two caffeine addicts with cravings to feed
It’s off to Tim Hortons two fishermen speed
With donuts and java and sugar and cream
My brother and I set a course for the wonderful stream

The ride takes an hour, we discuss all the news
We solve the world’s problems while exchanging our views
We arrive at the river and to my dismay
In our regular spot there sits a red sleigh

Down by the river just within sight
Eight tiny reindeer rest from the night
And just to the left of where they have bed
A round jolly angler stands clothed all in red

He’s dressed all in Gortex most likely the best
His outfit complete with a nice steelhead vest
He cradled a Silex attached to a Sage
Fully aware it was all part of the rage

Why would he choose to fish at this time?
For a man with a choice it seemed like a crime
I asked sincerely, upfront and direct
Why is it this day you consider select?

He swung round to comment, a gleam in his eye
And through his white whiskers I heard this reply
“Presents to fishermen each year I deliver
My purpose is simple- keep them at home and away from the river”

“Give me a chance to fulfill my own wish
By reducing the pressure on the day that I fish”
With these simple words he flung out some roe
Into the run and at just the right flow

Seconds had passed when down went the float
The rod pulled back hard by the man in the coat
He played the bright steelhead with the style of a pro
He beached it - unhooked it - and then let it go

With a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face
He returned to his ride at a leisurely pace
With animals harnessed he sat in his sleigh
Looked over his shoulder and shouted our way

“ Next year at this time when my work is all done
I’ll meet you again on this very same run
It seems when I’m here the fish always bite
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good fight”

Yep, I saw were ya stole that one it's a good one!

Fishing forum > T'was the night before fishing.


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