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Author Topic: what is the best technique or techniques to catching steelhead on the chilliwack/vedder river in chilliwack,bc


Going out and fishing for them. ;p........pretty similar techniques you would use to fish for the other salmonoids in there......drift fishing, hitting the seams, working the water, tailouts, etc, etc......roe, artificial eggs in singles or clusters (optional is a bit of wool added to it as well) artificial worms, spinners, spoons.

There is no BEST way.....steelheading is most times trial and error fishing but most importantly its about reading the water correctly and being able to identify where the fish may be holding/travelling and then having the right presentation at that time as well as right depth (maybe a foot or 2 off bottom)

Btw....I have never even fished for them as of yet but this is what i've learned so far from a lil something called research!! Pretty confident in my fishing abilities that when I do get the chance and time to head out for the fabled steelies that I will have no problems.....and even if I dont catch any bottom line is that im still out fishing and really thats all that matters to me!
Failure to Launch...

Been fishing this river for years now and the best advice i can give is this...

Walk... Walk... Walk... and walk some more, cover the section of water your fishing with a few different presentations and then move. Do not stay still, when you walk up approach the water slow and start fishing right at shore standing 15-20' back. I can't even count how many times i've walked into a run and hit fish within 3' from shore while standing 15' back. Cover the inside seam with a smaller presentation and then work your way out casting every few feet and drifting the entire area until you have reached the opposite shoreline. Move down 30' and repeat process. Instead of staying back from shore this time, drift your presentation into shore below you on each cast, this way as you walk down you cover the entire system.

Look for anything that may create a break in the water or a riffle, calm spot, boulders, sunken logs. I have a few spots where it looks like open water but hidden is a nice boulder thats slightly bigger then the regular bottom where i always pull a fish out of. Once you hit a fish somewhere, right away remember where that float went down and then after go back and look at the structure and water where you got it. This will definetly improve your hook up ratio as you will soon learn what to look for, and always when out again go back to that spot where your previously hit a fish. Good chance there will be another one.

IMO i start small with presentations and then work up to a larger item after i've covered the area. Switch it up and if nothing move on, steelhead are aggresive and the problem isnt getting them to bite its finding them. I like to fish 3-5' of water and tail outs, side seams, small riffles and most important structure, nice even flow of water is my preference, but don't pass up any section of water, hit it and hit it hard then move on. If you see a spot and think no way a fish would be there, take a cast. Last year i caught several out of a small side channel i know that is 4' wide and 2' deep. Can literally step over this small stream breaking off from the main current.

Hope some of this helps.


I'm hitting the Vedder on Sunday. Thanks for the topic and thanks for the tips. Its going to be my first time fishing for steelhead.

I still haven't caught a steelhead. ??
Serpentine slayer

Bring lots of different baits try everithing

Yes not catching a steelhead in one month is very common. Expecially if you arae just learning. I know people that went 2 years without catching one and they were there once a week and have fished for salmon for many years before that.

For me I methodically work my way over water, cast close to shore first, then 3-4ft further out, and again, untill you cover that section of water, walk down about 5 to 10 steps and do it over again. I keep doing this all day, even fishing spots you don't expect a fish to be, I have caught lots in the water people tend to walk right past. I usually end up with a good walk back to the car at the end of the day.

I use jigs and spinners only and prefer jigs. I only use these two as they are no mess and easy to change, and i make both items myself.

Just like everyone says...cover water effectively and efficiently. When someone near you hooks one focus on the type of water they were fishing and less on the presentation they were using. When you know the water they move through or sit in make some conclusions and draw similarities in runs you you are familiar with.Good luck this season!I hope to see you post a picture with a beauty!

Excellent tips. One more thing I like to add for those new to steelheading is if possible and or affordable, do one or more trips with more experienced fisher or better hire a guide. It makes your experience much better and speeds up the learning process. Good luck out there!

Fishing forum > what is the best technique or techniques to catching steelhead on the chilliwack/vedder river in chilliwack,bc


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