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I have heard somewhere that bass have been introduced into some of our west coast waters and that they are danger to our trout lakes and streams. People are saying that if we come across them we should catch them and cull them.

What are your thoughts? I personally don't want a more superior species of fish entering our waters because man wants to sport fish a new fish.

I'm curious on peoples thoughts also. On one hand, a lot of people on this website are all about following the regulations. On the other hand, bass are evasive and have potential to do a lot of damage.
So, let's hear it, everyone agree w/ the regulations of keeping only 4 bass?

I caught 2 of them down the road from me, was very tempted to just kill. You ever seen the size of their mouths, if it can fit in there they will eat it so if they get into the lakes they would eventually eat any trout fry or juvie and we would be left with no wild stock in that lake. The two I caught I found to be very boring bringing in, no fight in them and they were probably about 2lbs. I believe they shouldn't be in our waters period and therefore should be no regs for them, catch them and kill them. My opinions hold the same for the carp that are showing up everywhere too.

I tend to believe similarly to you guys. But a couple differences. If these Bass were confined to limited bodies of water that were isolated (and would not allow migration), then fair enough, that could be a fishery that pretty much solely features Bass. But if they are getting into what is currently good Trout lakes then I think they should be considered a "rough" or INvasive fish and the limits should reflect that in an effort to control them. And more importantly to protect these Trout/Kokanee spots.

Then there is the Carp thing, yes they tend to be invasive and likely skew the ecosystem of the waters they are not native to. At the same time they are also scavengers, not predators (like Bass). So I do not see them as a direct threat to current sporting stock, although maybe an incidental one. I have also read that there are Walleye and Pike that have been introduced into some BC waters also. As much as I miss the excitement of Pike fishing, I would not support that either. As they would decimate Trout populations anywhere they don't belong.

Bottom line is that with few exceptions, any time "man" has intervened with nature, it has not gone well (or as intended). Billy-Bob Bassfisher can not possibly understand or anticipate the irreparable environmental damage he is causing when he totes a pickup truck full of buckets of Bass back to his favorite Bass-free fishing hole...

just look at okanagan lake for how man can screw things up. there was a huge population of kokanee. the trout were doing well as well with all the koks to dine on. mr billiant biologist says oh we should put shrimp in there for the kokanee to eat. after all, they have red flesh. the only problem is the shrimp eat the same plankton the baby koks do. the kokanee and trout numbers took a nose dive. they closed kokanee for years and the trout fishing was a waste of time for a few years . now they try and catch the shrimp to make dog food. brilliant !


I have no doubt it is, or it would not be so popular south of the border. Nor am I against Bass fishing and would try it given the opportunity. It's just a matter of whether we want to trade what's left of our native salmonids to pursue this synthetic fishery...

Can we be Bass fishing proponents without supporting their introduction into waters they do not belong in?

I do agree with Chaka and the rest.

You guys ever watch americans bass fishing on tv? Driving $100,000 plus boats and using 60 lb braid for 5lb fish that dont fight at all. Most being landed in 15 seconds. Thats crazy as hell Imo. Im glad up here in canada we fish for real species, Salmonoids.

I am no politician but i know how to have a good time and bass fishing is fun. there is nothing i can do about the bass that are here, in fact the less people that do fish bass the better it is for me. I don't agree with the transport of species but these guys are here and in the spring if any of you south okie's wanna go get some i would be more than happy to show you some great opportunities to fish for these little invasive bastards. Tight Lines!

i'd like to try bass fishing. however , as was mentioned, watching the tv shows makes you wonder. they just horse the poor fish in in seconds with their braided line. then they grab them and hold them for eternity taking pictures. where is beak 007 when we need him? there must be more to it, thus my desire to try .
if i were to catch one of the lunch bucket crew spreading them i would not be so gentle as the guys on tv jerking their fish n!

Yup your right...the stereo type is big exspensive boats and hauling the fish in, in seconds. But there is nothing saying you can't fish for bass your own way, they do put up one hell of a fight! pound for pound I'm not sure you'll find many stronger fish than a bass.

All of you may be right, they may be a good fish to fish, they may be a great fight, but why bring them into bc waters when they are causing harm to our local fish. If people want to fish them either go east or south.

Leave the bass where they belong.
Drift max

they are evasive, they are ugly, they fight poorly compared to any native salmonid. and they taste like mud. Fun for kids, as they are max easy to catch. My opinion only of course.

I can see from most of the post that most of you have never fished bass, or researched their history in BC. I have and do.

First they have been in select BC waters for at least 100 years.

Two they are great sport and as good a dry fly fish as rainbow; the take is exactly the same. If you fished trout the way the bass pros fish their bass there would be no fight to trout either.


7 or 8wt fly rod and size 8 to 4 flies on a producing lake and you will find some of the best dry fly fishing the bc lower mainland has to offer.

As for eating bass rock.

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