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Author Topic: Question About Salmon Colour and Taste (Chum Especially)

So I'm new to fishing this year for chum, and everything else except sockeye and wanting to know.. should I only keep chrome fish and not keep any dark fish at all like heavily coloured green chum (but not rotting white.. maybe some white on fins) from the stave? Does green chum meat taste mushy and watery and gross?

I see people keeping green chum from the stave all the time so I figured that is the normal thing to do. Last year, if I remember correctly, a reddish sockeye tasted the same or similar to chrome sockeye. Here's a good article I read

In the article, the second picture is what I see people keeping. Thanks.

IMO Chum are not a good fish to eat whether or not it is silver or green, just not one of my favorite salmon. When the chum are turning green they are starting to rot thus the meat does tend to be a bit more mushy than normal. I do believe that most people who keep chum throw them on the smoker which can make any flavorless fish taste great. Some fish taste great on their own and others need to have lots of flavor added to make it taste good. Nothing better IMO than a nice piece of fresh sockeye sashimi.

Chum have a different flavor; not bad, different. For the table yes you want a chrome one. For the smoker (in my opinion chum make the best smoked salmon) you want chum that are in good shape. look at the belly under the gills; and repeat this rhyme "white is right, light gray is okay, but if it's black put it back.

If you are looking for chum to eat,a nice buck will have better meat than the does.The hard part is finding one.On average,girls look nicer than boys.This late in the year,even the nicer ones are deteriating onthe inside.We got our nicest chum of the year on Friday with barely a mark and sealice.All her eggs were loose and the belly flesh was paper thin.Try lower in the river you choose and if you can,play the tides.

Thanks. I tried a Bbqed green chum and it was mushy and bad. Think the belly was whitish. The odd part wad good. Next time i wont release a nice chrome to keep a slightly bigger green chum.
fisher 696

Once they start to turn into "Toxic Tigers" there's no point in keeping them.......

Fishing forum > Question About Salmon Colour and Taste (Chum Especially)


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