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I see that there is a "Coquitlam Lake" on Google NE of Buntzen lake. I have tried to research it but I can't seem to find any real info on it.....just stuff on the Coquitlam river. Is this a watershed or can we fish it?

I believe it is a reservoir.

Coquitlam lake is a reservoir for drinking water etc, not fishable.

Thanks, mystery solved.

Thanks, sounds like a good area to explore when spring returns.

If coquitlam river has fish in there and I have heard of people catching coho's, pinks, steelheads and trout. There must be fish in the lake too. I don't know if your aloud to fish the river though. Any one out there know?

Which part of CLOSED do you not understand?

Good luck trying not to be arrested by fishing in a reservoir of drinking water.
Drift max

Seeing as he asked if the "river" is open to fishing, beak face you are wrong again. The river is most certainly open to fishing, and worth exploring. Beak, you are a beak. this is not the first time ive seen you claim High and mighty. You need to learn to read in gerneral, as well as read regulations. as in 'closed to retention" , and "closed to fishing salmon", u were wrong there remember? you come on to a beak website, and try to play top rod......your a beak.

Excuse me Beakman,

The forum is for finding out new things about fishing or newer things. If we can not come on here and ask some questions possibly not to get in trouble then where else can I go where I can speak to like minded people. You really need to chill out and learn how to communicate. Which means understanding what people write and if you do not understand what people write, clarify it before you make remarks like that.
sugar magnolia

Read the god dam regs,its clearly listed,coquitlam lake is a no go area.

'river' ???

Hmmm, I thought this might be a place to have some good discourse with like minded sportsmen (people). I've seen many trolls in my day, people that just do their level best to make conversation impossible, and if possible, make life miserable for those that like to be civil with each other.
It's interesting too that some people say things when they're behind their keyboard, that they might never say in person. In short, they're cowards, plain and simple. A rule of thumb I try to use is "don't type it, unless you'd be inclined to say the same thing in person". Sometimes blunt, tactless words are appropriate to a situation, but most times not. Usually the people that have hateful words leveled at them are hurt; understandable. Those hateful words are more a measure of him that says them, and not the recipient. Take the words for what they're worth - oftentimes nothing.
So, picture this scenario ... you're in a pub, sitting across the table from someone you've just met. He asks you, in a casual conversational way "So, what's the fishing like on Coquitlam Lake?". Not only is that question a nod to your obvious knowledge about the area, it's an attempt at friendly conversation, and a way to find common ground - an olive branch - a kindness. Your reply is "Read the god damned regs!". Well, you'd likely learn in a hurry that that's just not the way to treat people. Worst case, you'd wake up in the hospital; best case, you'd lose a potential friend who's already done you a kindness.
For those of you that don't understand this tenet, I hope this helps. For those of you that do, and are intent on the troll lifestyle, have a nice day.

To answer your question.
The river is a very small system and is in the regs. It's closed during the summer to fishing. The mouth does feed into the Fraser and can be a popular place to fish from shore and in a boat. Tidal license is required for that area.
As you have probably figured out, the lake is closed to fishing and I don't think you can even hike around it.

If you are in the area and want to fish a small lake that you must hike into (or have a great 4x4), try Cypress lake.

There's also the Alouette River in Maple Ridge. Be sure to read the regs. for this one which outlines specifically where you can and cannot fish.

What about buntzen lake? Can I fish there or it's also a reservoir. It's not on the government lower mainland chart thingy.

Please read the regulations:

Buntzun was stocked with 4,000 triploids in late April:

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