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A friend and I went fishing last wenday at the stave river have a great day catching coho..Next thing we know we are getting a fine for too many coho one over 35cm and two small jacks so i was fine $200.00 ok so fine go as $100.00 + $50.00 + $50.00 i was over by two fish by them. so by right its only $150.00 fine not $200.00 ok 4 days later i get a phone call from DFO saying that i was in the right

You were in the right, it should have been $150 fine? Or you were in the right, there should have been no fine?

I've had a hard time finding the correct current limit's for the Stave from any place.

I called 3 different local fishing stores on Tuesday and each store told me different limits... frist store told me 4 coho for the stave, next told me 1 coho for the stave, and last store told me 2. I was very clear about the Stave river.

DFO are no help with there website... Only found fraser info etc.. This is crazy! I don't want a fine. Local DFO's will not pick up the phone, or return my messages. If you have a link to the Stave's Current Limits please post it.. Thank you.

One more thing to note: One store told me that the Stave is *NOT* Tidal Waters, other two store told me it was Tidal Waters. Which is it? thanks!

heres a link to dfo freshwater salmon supplement. Hydro dam to the railway bridge is non-tidal.

Ok I've found the Stave listed under B.C. Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis.

But with old info...

Note: Provincial freshwater regulations apply
above these boundaries and Federal tidal
regulations apply below these boundaries:

Stave R.: CPR Bridge
???? CPR is that at the mouth/fraser area?

So it is not tidal above area I guess.

I think I'm going to have a beer now.

The management of salmon fisheries in B.C., in both tidal and fresh waters, is the
responsibility of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). The regulations for salmon fishing
in fresh water are not included in this Synopsis, but are available from any DFO Office or
through the on-line Freshwater Salmon Supplement at DFO’s website (www.pac.dfo-mpo.

DFO's site:

Stave River

downstream of B.C. Hydro Dam to the CPR railway Bridge except for portion described below


Apr 01 - Mar 31, 4 per day only 2 over 35 cm.

!!!!!! That doesn't help, date wise !!!!!!!!!
(or is that from year to year?)

Looked at Updates: Openings & Closures I could not find the Stave listed in the postings.

The 2011-2013 Sport Fishing ... Skip to ...

i was told not to go by the sport fishing and hunting stores in what they say in the limit of fishs you can keep you have to phone DFO or go on to there website to see what the limit is o have fun in phoning lol ok why can't they post it on a tree around the river were ppl fish would make it alot easyer in the long run...i watch a guy catch a foul hooked wild coho then cut the adipose fin off i did tell him it was wild and wrong but all he said was f***k off have fun fishing

Fishing forum > got nail for too many coho


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