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Author Topic: (please no flaming topic) Why are we not allowed to keep Vedder Wild Coho in Oct 2011?

I've been on the river 4 times now in the last few weeks and every time Ive seen 8 to 10 wild Coho to every ONE hatchery Coho caught. Sometimes the ratio is even bigger. Some of wild fish also have been freakin tired since they have likely been caught and released half a dozen times before getting to their spot. Near dead actually.

I'd like to see some proof that keeping a wild fish or two now (specifically THIS season on the VEDDER since it's ridiculously strong imo). Otherwise it seems like there will be just a lot of dead wild spawned out coho going to waste next few weeks.

So why again aren't we allowed to keep at least one if there are so many? Is it because the "DFO" says so? The same idiots who mismanaged our waterways for decades.

(ps..and please no flaming...I'm serious about wanting to understand "why" as opposed to mindless obedience to outdated DFO rules).
Failure to Launch...

Due to the low numbers in ALL OF OUR WILD STOCKS being over fished. If we were allowed to keep wild coho in ten years there wouldnt be any to fish for. Just because this year seems to be doing well doesnt mean that next year will. Hopefully with the large amount of wile fish coming up this year in 3-4 years we'll have some amazing fishing opportunities for coho on the vedder. I would rather be able to go out and enjoy fishing and release so i can do the same thing in ten years with my son. As soon as they allow any retention on wild stocks it starts to wipe them out. Then all we will have is a hatchery population. I would rather hook 10 wild coho and let them all go and buy some fish at the supermarket if i want some to eat. Rather then go fishing in ten years from now and catch nothing.

If you need fish that bad go buy one. Poachers have attitudes like yours.Sounds like your tempted to bonk a wild one?

smokin, those pics show a lot of wild fish in your profile.

and you are changing the topic like all floosers do - I was asking about the logic of not allowing wild coho to be kept when they are in massive abundance.

Hell, the DFO just opened wild chum to be kept yet they are really in danger.

Why don'y you open your mind and dare to question instead of being a little robot.
Failure to Launch...

puka - "massive abundance"??????

Wow, I'm getting accused of everything from breaking the rules to the collapse of all salmon stocks.

Quote from the above poster: "Its the opinions from ppl like this that kill our stocks, keep over their limit, don't tag there springs or steel, and pull the bonk.."

So much for "no flaming". So much for an talk about wild fish like chum being open by the DFO but not wild coho when the numbers are huge.

Can you all not read? Can you not keep a dialogue without personal attacks.

Your approach to this topic with crazy accusations (like failure's to launch) only proves the point that you cannot fix ignorance.

And if anyone was considering having an open honest forum about controversial topics, the personal attacks on me only reinforce to the poachers of the world NOT to talk to the self righteous judgmental types on the fishing sites.

you cant keep the wild one because the process of natural selection> survival of the fittest. hatchery fish are less likley to return in the maner of wild fish as they are dumber than the wild ones being raised in tanks as yung they are conditioned that food is brought to them and they have no predators. so when the hatchery fish go out in the wild most of them get eaten up quickly and wont make it back to spawn. but when they do make it back and spawn there yung are asentualy wild (having an adopsil fin intact) there young will still learn some natual instinks but not be near as smart as there true wild counter parts. i could say alot more about this topic, but im not going to bother as its verry contrevrsal and i dont want to get in to it

the dfo is too slow on the draw to react to high or low numbers in a timely manner. every once in a while they try, such as closing chum then repoening them a week later........just shows they do not know what they are doing.
the wild stocks are important to protect but in reality, what is wild and what are hatchery. do they really cut all of the adipose fins off? not a chance. as abe said, a hatchery fish will spawn in the wild creating "wild " fish (except they are not really wild ).
over the years i have often discussed the topic of hatchery fish with the guys who started the kingfisher hatchery on the shuswap river above enderby. they worry that the dfo hatchery at lumby will produce too many fish increasing the chance of disease which they fear would attack the wild stock (similar to the problem with the fish farms).
hopefully puka, the returns next year and years after stay healthy then they might open up the wild fish again.

Fishing forum > (please no flaming topic) Why are we not allowed to keep Vedder Wild Coho in Oct 2011?


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